20 of the Best Breaking Benjamin Songs of All Time

There are moments when all you want to do is rock out, but with a purpose. Breaking Benjamin is the band for you in those moments. Breaking Benjamin is an American alternative-metal,  post-grunge rock band that was first formed in 1998 under the name Plan 9. Since then, its name was changed (due to frontman, Benjamin Burnley’s tendency to accidentally break things). 

This band is known for being able to help you deal with the many ups and downs of life, as evidenced by their numerous albums and lyrics that speak to a wide range of people. But where do you begin if you’ve never heard of this band? You’re in luck because we’ve compiled a list of the top 20 Breaking Benjamin songs of all time for you.

1. Until the End

Breaking Benjamin - Until the End LyricsBreaking Benjamin – Until the End Lyrics

There are going to be days when your best isn’t good enough. Where you find that no matter how well you do, things still go wrong, and, despite this, you still need to get up and do it all the next day.

The song ‘Until the End’ displays this in the lyrics. With the main chorus going: “We’ve become desolate, It’s not enough, it never is. So I will go on until the end”.

You need to push through, regardless of the situation because time changes. Indeed, even for such a heavy topic as messing up on something, the song ends on a hopeful note – even if things are rough today, there is a ray of hope – that tomorrow can always be better.

2. Diary of Jane

Breaking Benjamin - The Diary of Jane (Official Video)Breaking Benjamin – The Diary of Jane (Official Video)

There are many songs about relationships by Breaking Benjamin, but one of their most famous has to do with not loving or hating the person, just apathy. This song is about the singer’s relationship with a young woman called Jane.

In the song, he states that “There’s a fine line, between love and hate and I don’t mind, just let me say that I like that, I like that” almost as though he knows that she does not love him or hate him, and he is okay with this saying he will “still try to find my place, in the diary of Jane”. 

The rough clipped sound complements the sentiment on display in this track. No note is allowed to ring for an extended amount of time because the guitarist employs briefly muted cords to convey the terrible reality of being in a relationship with someone who does not love you back. This song makes for an excellent addition to anyone’s discography of Breaking Benjamin.

3. Evil Angel

Breaking Benjamin- Evil Angel (with lyrics)Breaking Benjamin- Evil Angel (with lyrics)

The gunge genre is known for its depressing themes, and Breaking Benjamin is no exception. One of their greatest tracks is the song Evil Angel whereby the vocalist discusses difficulties people face when their mental health is deteriorating. If you have anxiety or depression, refrain from playing this one. 

The protagonist is contemplating suicide to end hardships but we all know that life is better when you accept the rough and the ugly and choose to focus on things that make you feel better. 

4. Breath

Breaking Benjamin - Breath OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEOBreaking Benjamin – Breath OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO

Breakups are messy, and many a song has been written about this heart-wrenching event in lyrical form. For Breaking Benjamin, this is shown in their song Breath. This is not a simple breakup song though – the lyrics imply that the protagonist is well aware that he was the bad guy in this relationship. 

You can hear the heartbreak as the singer realizes he was the one to blame in this relationship as he understands the inevitability of the relationship ending, no matter what he does now. 

It is this deeper meaning with the final lyric in the chorus that takes this song from the good to the great. When an artist takes a good long look at himself and knows that he doesn’t like what he sees, he puts his shortcoming on the table for the world to see. This introspection and accompanying honesty make for an excellent song that any hard rock fan will love.

5. Dance with the Devil

Breaking Benjamin - Dance with the devil lyricsBreaking Benjamin – Dance with the devil lyrics

Breaking Benjamin uses their song ‘Dance with the Devil’ to showcase a conversation between the singer and death. The song is not for everyone as it has some very morbid lyrics. 

The song may resonate with people who are struggling with this painful but inevitable reality – whether it is for themselves or for someone they care about. It could be about someone who is suffering from an addiction or is facing a terminal illness.

This song allows listeners to realize how difficult it is to accept our relationship with death. That it is an endless dance in which people have no idea what awaits them on the other side.

6. Dear Agony (Featuring Stacy Sturm)

Breaking Benjamin - Dear Agony (Aurora Version) ft. Lacey SturmBreaking Benjamin – Dear Agony (Aurora Version) ft. Lacey Sturm

Good bands can make a career based on one style of music, great bands are versatile enough to make a career where the sound changes with the times.

This is exemplified by the song ‘Dear Agony’. Benjamin Burney and Lacey Sturm sing about how they have been affected by agony. What makes this song so unique, however, is the musical composition of the piece.

This is more delicate than many hard rock songs, which seem to crash with forceful loud drums and electric guitar riffs. The first thing the listener hears is a simple drumming rhythm and an acoustic guitar. This illustrates the basic musical element of agony: pain is caused by a gentler series of notes that occur every day, day after day, throughout one’s life.

The usage of two singers adds to the concept by demonstrating that it is not just one individual who suffers, but a group of people of various genders and ethnicities. This musical composition establishes Breaking Benjamin as a major rock band in the genre.

7. Angels Fall

Breaking Benjamin - Angels Fall (Official Video)Breaking Benjamin – Angels Fall (Official Video)

Breaking any cycle is difficult to do. Breaking Benjamin sings about this in their song Angel’s Fall, showing how a person can feel when they realize that they have been part of a cycle of issues in a family or relationship.

The line “I walked the path that led me to the end” shows they are aware that they are now part of the cycle even if they denied it in the past. The chorus then shows how they are willing to carry this burden of shame with them: “When angels fall with broken wings. I can’t give up, I can’t give in. When all is lost and daylight ends, I’ll carry you and we will live forever, Forever.”

The struggle is real – breaking the cycle of struggle in a family is difficult to break. The lyrics demonstrate that this is something that can be a long-term battle not only in their own lives but also in future generations. Singing about this subject in such a unique way is what makes this song so intriguing and one of its finest.

8. Give Me a Sign (Forever and Ever)

Breaking Benjamin - Give Me A Sign (Official Video)Breaking Benjamin – Give Me A Sign (Official Video)

Breaking Benjamin’s song “Give Me a Sign” is about a person who has suffered an unexpected loss. The song’s title appears in the verse, rather than the chorus. 

The song talks about the pain that follows after such a loss. The lyrics talk about how it can be difficult to bear for several days. The singer talks about how he is breaking apart and anyone who has had to lose a loved one will be able to relate to this feeling.

“Forever and ever, the scars will remain.” reminds the reader that this anguish will always be with them, but it also indicates how, like scars, they will heal from it and discover a new, brighter day.

9. Rain

Rain - Breaking BenjaminRain – Breaking Benjamin

When it comes to rock music, the stereotype is screaming singers, and smashing drums. The song Rain, by Breaking Benjamin, proves the stereotype wrong.

Breaking Benjamin uses primarily vocals and acoustic guitar in this song that allow the reader to hear the sadness at the loss of a loved one. The main accompaniment in this song is not drums but rather seemingly unconventional string instruments that create a sad tone that makes the listener understand the sadness of the event the lyrics are talking about.

10. Far Away (Featuring Scooter Ward)

Breaking Benjamin - Far Away ft. Scooter WardBreaking Benjamin – Far Away ft. Scooter Ward

Guitar riffs and drum solos are common in rock bands. This song demonstrates that the vocalist can be equally significant.

Benjamin Burnley and Scooter Ward use their vocals as the song’s major power, while their accompaniment with each other demonstrates a quality that people might not expect for this genre. Another example of Breaking Benjamin defying the expectations of a normal rock song, resulting in one of their best collaborations and songs overall.

11. Crawl

Breaking Benjamin - Crawl [Official Video]Breaking Benjamin – Crawl [Official Video]

There are many different sides to a story in relationships, but sometimes we just need to convey how we feel. Breaking Benjamin’s song “Crawl” is a good example of this. It depicts a relationship between two people in which one person fades from love and perceives the other as a liar.

For example, the chorus states “Live! Fight! Crawl back inside! Sick! Blind! Love left behind, And I won’t live your weak wicked lie.” In this song, the singer is willing to battle for their home or life despite its numerous problems, but they are unwilling to deal with their partner’s ‘lying.’

What sets this song apart from the others on our list is the notion that it can be applied to any relationship, not just romantic ones. It demonstrates that Breaking Benjamin understands its followers and can write from many perspectives.

12. Blood

Breaking Benjamin - Blood (Audio Only)Breaking Benjamin – Blood (Audio Only)

The singer’s vision of themselves as a monster and who they are is the subject of this song. According to the pre-chorus, “It is all that I regret, I have before, I will again”.

Then the singer sings about how this is who they are and that they cannot control what they do: “It’s over now, I come apart, It’s in my blood, (Let the sky fall down), I won’t let go”. This is a fantastic song, not just about who a person is, but also about how they wish to change who they are in order to avoid becoming what they despise the most.

13. So Sold

Breaking Benjamin - So ColdBreaking Benjamin – So Cold

Many people believe this song refers to groups that have been discriminated against based on caste, color, or religion. it Lyrics like “Keep your hand in mine because you’re chilly. Strong men die while wise men wonder”.

Benjamin Burnley, the song’s writer, claimed in an interview that he wrote it during the winter and thinks the tone fits the dreary season. This terrifying song was one of their first to achieve mainstream recognition, so it’s no surprise that it’s among the best Breaking Benjamin tracks.

14. Sooner or Later

"Sooner Or Later" -- Breaking Benjamin“Sooner Or Later” — Breaking Benjamin

Nothing is more frustrating than being in love with someone who is in love with someone else. In this song, Breaking Benjamin examines the subject of unrequited love. The chorus, “Sooner or later, You’re going to loathe it, Go ahead and toss your life away” is heartbreakingly self-assured, almost as if the singer is trying to convince himself of this rather than the person he is speaking to.

The chorus eventually changes to “throw my life away,” as if the singer believes they cannot live without that other person or that it will be wasted without this specific person. The classic Breaking Benjamin track effectively captures the sentiments of a wounded heart.

15. Hollow

Breaking Benjamin - Hollow (Audio Only)Breaking Benjamin – Hollow (Audio Only)

Another great breakup song, this one focuses on the emotional anguish of being “hollow” when the singer understands that they will never be with this person. The usage of screams to depict the sorrow of breaking up with someone sets this song apart from others.

Breaking Benjamin uses unconventional noise creatively to describe the inner turmoil. This is a fantastic song from Breaking Benjamin’s music.

16. Failure

Breaking Benjamin - Failure (Official Video)Breaking Benjamin – Failure (Official Video)

The use of the title word is what makes this song stand out among the finest 20 Breaking Benjamin tracks. The word ‘failure’ is used to express the lead vocalist’s feelings, as he believes he has failed in life.

This, combined with the backup singers’ usage of the word in the final chorus sheds light on the fact that failure is inevitable. It can tear down your entire existence and can hinder you from getting back up and finding your way back home.

The lead vocalist is looking for a light to guide him back because that’s the only salvation. Everyone needs to find this light – it can be different things for different people. Find that light to build yourselves back up. 

17. Into the Nothing

Breaking Benjamin - Into The Nothing (Lyrics on screen)Breaking Benjamin – Into The Nothing (Lyrics on screen)

The vocal accompaniment in this song is excellent. It’s a song about the vocalist battling a power that threatens to rip him apart.

The vocals are well-used here, as the verse portrays the singer and his circumstances, yet there is only one voice. The backup vocalists then join in for emphasis in the chorus, almost like a declaration, with the words “Live for the dying, Heaven hear me, I know we can make it out alive.”

This conveys the message that he is pleading for strength in the face of the force that the singer is facing. Into The Nothing is a song about hope in the face of gloom, which is a hallmark of this genre.

18. Feed the Wolf

Breaking Benjamin - Feed the Wolf (Audio)Breaking Benjamin – Feed the Wolf (Audio)

Humans have traditionally linked their emotions and experiences to those of animals. Breaking Benjamin takes it a step further, allowing this animalistic aspect to serve as both a symbol of violence against something or someone, as well as a protector of the singer.

“I can sense the devil closing in,” the singer says in the lyric, referring to the problems they are having. The chorus then pleads with the wolf to assist him in his battle: “Carry me through this world of falsehoods, I feel no more, the anguish”. 

This image of depression as a necessary force to combat is a staple of the rock genre, but what sets this apart is the use of a wolf to describe how we may combat the urge to negative ideas. This is a great song to listen to if you’re a fan of Breaking Benjamin.

19. Down

Breaking Benjamin - Down (Audio)Breaking Benjamin – Down (Audio)

Breaking Benjamin talks about the importance of fighting depression in this track. The singer describes the problems they are facing, “Jaded and helpless, I long to breathe, Wasted and empty inside”.

Then, in the chorus, the backup singers appear to show his inner strength, saying that he will still fight against this depression, and will not let it overwhelm him. “We’ll break these chains, And wash it away, Oh light, carry, me over the ground, Heavy won’t hold me down,”

The song may have a difficult topic at heart, it has an uplifting vibe. This is an excellent song to listen to if you know someone who is depressed. It will help them understand that they are not alone, that fighting is sometimes the only way to get better, and that there are wonderful people in the world who will help you if you are prepared to battle.

20. I Will Not Bow

Breaking Benjamin - I Will Not Bow (Official Video)Breaking Benjamin – I Will Not Bow (Official Video)

Finally, one of Breaking Benjamin’s best songs rounds up our collection. This song on depression demonstrates to the listener that in order to be resilient against the world, you must sometimes block everything out and sit and do whatever it takes to avoid succumbing to depression.

“All is lost again, But I’m not giving in. I will not bow. I will not break. I will shut the world away” might just be the motivation you need to prepare and stand up to the sadness that engulfs you. 

This is one of Breaking Benjamin’s best songs and for good reason. It allows the listener to understand that sometimes you just need to shut yourself in your room and enjoy listening to hard music, while you battle with the problems in your life. The track uses an excellent guitar solo and makes great use of drums.


Breaking Benjamin is known for masking songs that give an honest overview of basic human issues – political, social, or emotional. They may not have mainstream recognition but every song and track is a treasure that sheds light on some very common feelings that people experience.

The creative use of instruments and lyrics has allowed them to keep things simple and yet express views on themes that aren’t usually discussed out loud. Listen to the best Breaking Benjamin songs to get some perspective as you experience some musical goodness. 

Breaking Benjamin Featured Image by: Jim Conners – 27K Photography, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons