20 of the Best Breaking Benjamin Songs of All Time

When you crave rocking out, Breaking Benjamin has you covered. Originally known as Plan 9, they switched to Breaking Benjamin due to frontman Benjamin Burnley’s habit of accidentally breaking things.

What’s more, they have released numerous albums and songs that appeal to a wide range of people. If you haven’t heard of this band, you’re in luck! Check out our top 20 Breaking Benjamin songs of all time.

1. Until the End

There are going to be days when your best isn’t good enough and despite setbacks, you must rise and try again. The song ‘Until the End’ displays this in the lyrics. With the main chorus going: “We’ve become desolate, It’s not enough, it never is. So I will go on until the end”.

Regardless of the struggles, the song ends on a hopeful note and reminds us that tomorrow can always be better.

2. Diary of Jane

There are many songs about relationships by Breaking Benjamin, but one of their most famous has to do with not loving or hating the person, just apathy. This song is about the singer’s relationship with a young woman called Jane.

The lyrics, “There’s a fine line, between love and hate and I don’t mind, just let me say that I like that, I like that” accepting that the person might not feel either for him. Nonetheless, he’s willing to seek his place in their life, like a journey in the “Diary of Jane.”

3. Evil Angel

The grunge genre is known for its depressing themes, and this track is no exception. As one of their greatest tracks, “Evil Angel” discusses the difficulties people face when their mental health is deteriorating.

The protagonist considers suicide to escape hardships, but we all know that life improves when embracing both the rough and beautiful, focusing on uplifting aspects.

4. Breath

Breakups are messy, inspiring heart-wrenching songs like this one from Breaking Benjamin. This is not a simple breakup song though – the lyrics imply that the protagonist is well aware that he was the bad guy in this relationship. 

You can hear the heartbreak as the narrator realizes he was the one to blame in this relationship and accepts its inevitable end.

5. Dance with the Devil

Breaking Benjamin uses their song ‘Dance with the Devil’ to showcase a conversation between the singer and death. The song is not for everyone as it has some very morbid lyrics. 

This track resonates with those facing painful realities, such as addiction or terminal illness. It reflects the challenge of accepting our relationship with death and the uncertainty of what lies beyond.

6. Dear Agony (Featuring Stacy Sturm)

This song shows how they have been affected by agony. What makes this song so unique, however, is the musical composition of the piece.

The first thing the listener hears is the gentle rhythm of the drums and acoustic guitar, illustrating a mournful tune. It undeniably conveys how pain persists in life with a softer but constant series of notes each day.

7. Angels Fall

Breaking Benjamin’s ‘Angel’s Fall’ talks about the challenges of breaking free from cyclical patterns, particularly within family and relationships.

The chorus reveals their willingness to bear the burden of shame: “When angels fall with broken wings. I won’t give up, I won’t give in. When all is lost and daylight ends, I’ll carry you, and we’ll live forever, Forever.” Summing up, the song shows that they acknowledge their role in the cycle, despite having denied it before but does not have the heart to break free.

8. Give Me a Sign (Forever and Ever)

“Give Me a Sign” is about a person coping with an unexpected loss. Without reservations, the track talks about the pain that follows after such a loss and how it can be difficult to bear for a while.

The lyrics “Forever and ever, the scars will remain.” shows us that the anguish will always be with us, but like scars, they heal, revealing a new, brighter day ahead.

9. Rain

Stereotypes toward rock music is quickly debunked in this track as the band uses primarily vocals and acoustic guitar that allow listeners to hear the melancholic tone.

10. Far Away (Featuring Scooter Ward)

In this rock song, guitar riffs and drum solos are typical, but the vocalists, Benjamin Burnley and Scooter Ward, steal the spotlight. Their powerful vocals take center stage, surprising listeners with an unexpected quality for the genre.

This is definitely another example of Breaking Benjamin defying the expectations of a normal rock song, resulting in one of their best collaborations and songs overall.

11. Crawl

There are many different sides to a story in relationships, but sometimes we just need to convey how we feel and that’s what “Crawl” about. The song portrays a fading relationship where one person falls out of love and views the other as a liar.

What sets this song apart from the others on our list is the notion that it can be applied to any relationship, not just romantic ones. It demonstrates that Breaking Benjamin understands its followers and can skillfully delve into diverse perspectives.

12. Blood

The singers perceive themselves as a monster and questions their identity is what this song focuses on. According to the pre-chorus, “It is all that I regret, I have before, I will again”.

As one of the band’s fantastic song, it is not just about who a person is, but also about how they wish to change who they are in order to avoid becoming what they despise the most.

13. So Sold

Many people believe this song refers to groups that have been discriminated against based on social class, color, or religion.

However, Benjamin Burnley, the song’s writer, claimed in an interview that he wrote it during the winter and thinks the tone fits the dreary season. This chilling song quickly gained mainstream recognition, so it’s no surprise that it’s among the best Breaking Benjamin tracks.

14. Sooner or Later

Nothing is more frustrating than being in love with someone who is in love with someone else. In this song, Breaking Benjamin examines the subject of unrequited love.

The chorus eventually changes to “throw my life away,” as if the singer believes they cannot live without that other person. This classic Breaking Benjamin track absolutely captures the sentiments of a wounded heart.

15. Hollow

Another great breakup song, this track focuses on the emotional anguish of being “hollow” when the singer understands that they will never be with the person they love. The usage of screams to depict the sorrow of breaking up with someone sets this song apart from others.

16. Failure

‘Failure’ expresses the singer’s feelings of personal disappointment, reflecting his belief in life’s shortcomings. The title sets this song apart from Breaking Benjamin’s top 20 tracks as the backup singers’ voices shed light on the fact that failure is inevitable.

To conclude, the protagonist seeks a guiding light as their sole salvation. After all, finding light in our lives is crucial for rebuilding ourselves.

17. Into the Nothing

The vocal accompaniment in this excellent song portrays the vocalist’s battle against a threatening power that seeks to rip him apart.

Definitely one of their deep tracks, “Into The Nothing” conveys a message of pleading for strength in the face of a powerful force, showcasing hope in the face of gloom, which is a hallmark of this genre.

18. Feed the Wolf

Breaking Benjamin goes a step further by using the animalistic aspect of the wolf as a symbol of violence and protection for the singer.

“I can sense the devil closing in,” the singer says in the lyric, referring to the problems they are having. The chorus then pleads with the wolf to assist him in his battle: “Carry me through this world of falsehoods, I feel no more, the anguish”. 

19. Down

Overcoming depression is a tough but achievable battle, and this track strongly reflects the struggle with the illness. The singer describes the problems they are facing, “Jaded and helpless, I long to breathe, Wasted and empty inside”.

Then, in the chorus, the backup singers appear to show his inner strength, saying that he will still fight against this depression, and will not let it overwhelm him. “We’ll break these chains, And wash it away, Oh light, carry, me over the ground, Heavy won’t hold me down,”

Despite its difficult topic, the song has a hopeful vibe, making it an excellent choice for someone struggling with depression, as it reminds them they’re not alone and that fighting can lead to healing with support from wonderful people in the world.

20. I Will Not Bow

Finally, one of Breaking Benjamin’s best songs rounds up our collection. This song’s message is about resilience in the face of depression by emphasizing the importance of blocking out distractions and focusing on self-care to avoid succumbing to its grip.

“All is lost again, But I’m not giving in. I will not bow. I will not break. I will shut the world away” might just be the motivation you need to prepare and stand up to the sadness that engulfs you.


Breaking Benjamin is known for masking songs that give an honest overview of basic human issues – political, social, or emotional. Their songs are gems that sheds light on some very common feelings that people experience.

Breaking Benjamin’s creative use of instruments and lyrics allows them to express views on uncommon themes, making their music both simple and thought-provoking; Listen to the best Breaking Benjamin songs to get some perspective as you experience some musical goodness. 

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