Big Time Rush Band Members (Names, Ages, Trivia)

Big Time Rush, an American boy band formed in 2009, is made up of Kendall Schmidt, James Maslow, Carlos PenaVega, and Logan Henderson. These talents, aged between 33 to 34 as of 2023, are more than just musicians—they are actors, trained dancers, certified scuba divers, and social media sensations.

Key Takeaways:

  • Big Time Rush gained prominence in 2009, not only for their catchy pop tunes but also for starring in a Nickelodeon series.
  • Members Kendall Schmidt, James Maslow, Carlos PenaVega, and Logan Henderson were born between 1989 to 1991 and bring distinct flavors to the band.
  • After going on hiatus in 2014, the band made a triumphant return in 2021, much to the delight of their loyal fanbase.

The Band Members

Big Time Rush consists of four members, each with his own distinct style and flair. They all contribute vocals, crafting a unique harmony that distinguishes their sound.

Kendall Schmidt

Born in 1990 and currently 33 years old, Kendall Schmidt is a Kansas native. Not only does he serve as one of the lead vocalists and guitarists for the band, but he also co-founded a music publishing company. Kendall had a background in acting before hitting the big time with the band.

James Maslow

James Maslow, also born in 1990 and currently 33 years old, hails from New York. A multi-talented individual, James has training in singing, dancing, and acting. These talents landed him major projects throughout his career.

Carlos PenaVega

Carlos PenaVega was born in 1989, making him 34 years old. A Miami native, Carlos is known for his vocal harmonies in the band and is also a certified scuba diver. He is fluent in both English and Spanish.

Logan Henderson

Another 34-year-old member, Logan Henderson is from Texas. He started acting at the age of 10 and was a quick fit into the band’s dynamic. Fans have even coined the term ‘The Logan Henderson Effect’ to explain his charismatic appeal.

Interesting Facts About Big Time Rush

While Big Time Rush is primarily known for its catchy tunes and pop appeal, the band and its members have some fascinating tidbits that go beyond their musical career. Here’s a rundown of some of the more intriguing aspects that make this band so unique:

A Nickelodeon Start

Not many bands can say they started their journey through a television show, but Big Time Rush can. The band was formed in conjunction with the Nickelodeon series of the same name. This TV-music hybrid model helped them earn instant fame both in the music industry and in the world of television.

Reality TV Stars

James Maslow expanded his fame beyond the band by participating in the hit reality TV show ‘Dancing with the Stars.’ His stint on the show provided him an opportunity to showcase his dancing skills, adding another layer to his public persona.

Entrepreneurial Ventures

Kendall Schmidt took his love for music a step further by co-founding a music publishing company called ‘TOLbooth Records.’ The venture shows Kendall’s business acumen and his deep involvement in the music industry.

Talents Beyond Singing

Each member has explored acting, but they also have unique skills. Carlos PenaVega, for instance, is a certified scuba diver, a hobby that is quite distinct from his on-stage persona.

The Big Comeback: Big Time Rush Returns with “Another Life”

In 2021, Big Time Rush fans rejoiced as the beloved boy band announced their return after a seven-year hiatus. The excitement reached a peak in 2023 when the group released their highly-anticipated album “Another Life.” Through social media teasers, behind-the-scenes sneak peeks, and engaging interviews, the band has maintained a strong bond with their audience, creating a buzz that has powered this successful comeback.

These fascinating facts add layers of intrigue to Big Time Rush, showing that they’re not just another boy band, but a group of multi-talented individuals with varied interests and skills.


Big Time Rush serves as an epitome of multi-talented artistry, combining acting and music into a captivating package. From Kendall Schmidt’s entrepreneurial spirit to James Maslow’s performance versatility, Carlos PenaVega’s bilingual skills, and Logan Henderson’s irresistible charm, the band members each bring something unique to the table. Their music, television series, and social media presence have created an unforgettable impact, cementing their place in the annals of pop culture.

Big Time Rush Featured Image by: Martin 7937, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons