20 80s Songs With Girl In The Title

Exploring the vibrant era of the 1980s, we delve into iconic songs that have one thing in common: a girl in the title. This reflective journey through music highlights tracks across various genres, from pop to rock, each immortalizing the essence of ‘girl’ in their timeless melodies and lyrics.

1. “Material Girl” by Madonna

“Material Girl” by Madonna is not only a cornerstone of 80s pop music but also serves as a cultural commentary, cleverly critiquing the materialistic ethos of its time. Madonna, in her iconic status, transformed this catchy tune into a feminist anthem, provoking thoughts on society’s values and the perception of women, all while dominating the charts and becoming a defining moment in her illustrious career.

2. “Jessie’s Girl” by Rick Springfield

“Jessie’s Girl” by Rick Springfield dives deep into the complexities of desire and jealousy within a love triangle, showcasing Springfield’s knack for storytelling through music. This 80s rock anthem continues to resonate with audiences, securing its place in the hearts of listeners with its relatable narrative and catchy melody, underscoring its undiminished popularity decades after its release.

3. “Uptown Girl” by Billy Joel

“Uptown Girl” by Billy Joel elegantly bridges pop rock with themes of love transcending class differences. The song’s narrative, exploring a cross-social-class romance, captures the hearts of listeners with its upbeat melody and optimistic look at love’s ability to break down societal barriers, solidifying its status as a classic anthem of the 80s.

4. “My Girl” by The Temptations

“My Girl” by The Temptations, though originating before the 80s, continued to enchant audiences into the decade and beyond, thanks to its soulful melody and poignant lyrics. This timeless love song, celebrated for its deep emotional impact and the smooth, rich vocals that define the soul genre, remains a beloved classic, illustrating the enduring appeal of heartwarming music.

5. “California Girls” by The Beach Boys

“California Girls” by The Beach Boys, initially released before the 80s, perfectly captured the essence of 80s beach culture, becoming a symbol of the era’s coastal lifestyle and sun-drenched days. This track, with its harmonious blend of beach pop and 80s nostalgia, continues to evoke memories of youthful summers and carefree vibes, securing its place as a timeless anthem of sunny enjoyment.

6. “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” by Cyndi Lauper

“Girls Just Want to Have Fun” by Cyndi Lauper stands as an iconic pop anthem that goes beyond the surface to celebrate female independence and the joy of living. Through its vibrant rhythm and catchy lyrics, the song became a rallying cry for female empowerment, encouraging listeners to embrace their individuality and the sheer pleasure of life, marking a significant moment in the landscape of 80s music.

7. “The Girl Is Mine” by Michael Jackson feat. Paul McCartney

“The Girl Is Mine” by Michael Jackson feat. Paul McCartney showcases a legendary collaboration between two giants of the music world, blending their unique talents in a playful pop duo. The song’s narrative, focusing on the lighthearted competition for a girl’s affection, captivated audiences with its catchy melody and the distinctive charm brought by Jackson and McCartney’s dynamic partnership.

8. “China Girl” by David Bowie

“China Girl” by David Bowie delves into complex themes of love, culture, and identity through the lens of Bowie’s relationship with his “China girl.” This new wave track stands out for its thoughtful cultural exploration wrapped in Bowie’s unmistakable musical style, offering listeners a nuanced look at the intersections of personal and cultural dynamics.

9. “My Best Friend’s Girl” by The Cars

“My Best Friend’s Girl” by The Cars combines a catchy new wave tune with a narrative steeped in romantic conflict, capturing the turmoil of falling for one’s best friend’s partner. This track, memorable for its infectious melody and relatable lyrics, resonates with the complexities of love and friendship, making it a standout hit from the era.

10. “Girl You Know It’s True” by Milli Vanilli

“Girl You Know It’s True” by Milli Vanilli initially captivated audiences worldwide with its blend of pop rap, becoming an instant success. However, its fame was soon overshadowed by a lipsync controversy that not only marked a significant moment in music history but also sparked a debate on authenticity and performance in the industry.

11. “Oh Sheila” by Ready For The World

“Oh Sheila” by Ready For The World secured the band’s place in music history as a one-hit wonder, largely due to the song’s infectious rhythm and engaging dance pop vibes. Centered around themes of relationships and love, it continues to be celebrated for its catchy melody and memorable chorus, making it a standout track of its time.

12. “Girl from Ipanema” by Stan Getz and Astrud Gilberto

“Girl from Ipanema” by Stan Getz and Astrud Gilberto, though originally released in the 60s, experienced enduring popularity that extended into the 80s and beyond, becoming a quintessential bossa nova tune. Its smooth melody and serene vibe have made it a timeless 60s hit crossover, celebrated across generations for its soothing rhythm and international appeal.

13. “Valerie” by Steve Winwood

“Valerie” by Steve Winwood not only marked an 80s comeback for the artist but also showcased his soulful delivery, contributing to the song’s enduring appeal. Its resurgence years after the initial release highlights the timeless nature of Winwood’s music, blending soulful rock with a melody that continues to capture the hearts of new listeners.

14. “Roxanne” by The Police

“Roxanne” by The Police delves deep into themes of love and desperation, set against a backdrop of rock with a controversial theme that sparked discussions upon its release. Its compelling narrative and distinctive sound helped cement the song’s place in music history, resonating with audiences for its raw emotional depth and unforgettable melody.

15. “All the Pretty Girls” by Kenny Chesney

“All the Pretty Girls” by Kenny Chesney, while a more contemporary release, weaves in elements of 80s influence through its melody and storytelling, offering a nostalgic look back at youthful escapades and romantic ventures. This country hit resonates with listeners for its engaging narrative and the way it captures the essence of summer love, highlighting Chesney’s ability to connect with the spirit of past decades.

16. “West End Girls” by Pet Shop Boys

“West End Girls” by Pet Shop Boys emerges as a definitive synth-pop track that delves into social commentary, critiquing class disparity and the complexities of urban life. Its deep, pulsating rhythms and insightful lyrics offer a stark reflection on societal divides, cementing the song’s status as a thought-provoking anthem in the landscape of 80s music.

17. “Some Girls” by The Rolling Stones

“Some Girls” by The Rolling Stones sparked controversy with its lyrics, propelling a discussion on its portrayal of relationships and diverse narratives within rock music. Despite the debates, the song stands as a testament to The Rolling Stones’ enduring ability to capture the complexities of human connections, weaving a compelling story that resonates with listeners across different backgrounds.

18. “Billie Jean” by Michael Jackson

“Billie Jean” by Michael Jackson is not just known for its iconic bassline but also for its groundbreaking music video, which played a pivotal role in shaping pop culture. This track’s compelling narrative and stunning visual presentation set a new standard for artistic expression in the music industry, solidifying it as one of the most influential pieces of the 80s.

19. “American Girl” by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

“American Girl” by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers offers a poignant exploration of the American dream, seen through the eyes of a young girl. This rock anthem captures the spirit of hope and desire for more, resonating with listeners for its heartfelt portrayal of searching for one’s place in the vast landscape of America.

20. “Gloria” by Laura Branigan

“Gloria” by Laura Branigan surged in popularity as an empowering anthem, celebrating the theme of female independence with its energetic pop melody. This track resonated deeply with listeners, capturing the essence of self-assertion and strength, making it a significant contribution to the music scene as a symbol of empowerment.