The 20 Best Birthday Songs of All Time

Birthdays are a wonderful occasion for celebrating life, creating cherished memories, and enjoying the company of loved ones.

You can throw a party, organize a private gathering, or do whatever your heart desires. While you’re at it, have a look at this article’s list of the finest birthday songs out there because every occasion calls for good music.

1. “Birthday” by Katy Perry

This pop-rock tune is the fourth single from the album PRISM. As the name implies, this song talks about celebrating birthdays.

The happiness during festivities is compared to the joy of being in an intimate relationship. The melody talks about the feeling that every day is your birthday, whenever you are with the one you love.

2. “Birthday Song” by 2 Chainz feat. Kanye West

Of course, you want to be the center of attention on your birthday. This rap song is about wanting to be treated like a celebrity on your big day.

It mentions a number of high-end products as well as the protagonist’s love for women. It’s a well-known song that charted at number 47 on the Billboard Hot 100.

3. “Birthday” by The Beatles

This traditional rock and roll tune from the 1960s is a fun addition to your birthday celebration. It talks about having fun by celebrating the day with a party. The lovely track is a collaboration between John Lennon and Paul McCartney and makes for a great birthday tune.

4. “It’s My Party” by Leslie Gore

You want the day of your birthday to be about you, but sometimes life has different plans. This pop tune by Leslie Gore talks about a young girl who celebrates her big day but can’t find her boyfriend.

Later, he shows up with a new lady, probably his new girlfriend, and it really hurts to be broken up with during your own party—anyone would definitely cry in that situation.

5. “Older” by They Might Be Giants

Celebrating birthdays would mean that you are a year older, and it is something that cannot be stopped. It is the theme of the alternative rock song “Older” by They Might Be Giants.

The song’s message is that, despite getting older, you can gain more experience by using your time wisely and seeing it as a chance to learn and try new things.

6. “B-Day Song” by Madonna

Birthdays are fun-filled events that should be enjoyed with good company. Madonna’s song “B-Day Song”, shows a scenario of a carefree lady celebrating her special day.

Birthdays are awesome because they have cool music, dancing, candle-blowing, wishes, and gifts, and the fact that there was no alcohol at the party shows that celebrations can be even more fun without it.

7. “Birthday Sex” by Jeremih

Birthdays can be celebrated in various ways, and for couples, they might choose to make it more intimate, as portrayed in Jeremih’s R&B song.

This track is unconventional, but that doesn’t mean it’s not enjoyable; you don’t need a big party or pricey presents, just schedule a private time with someone special, and it will surely complete your day.

8. “Happy Birthday (Merry Christmas and Happy New Year)” by Loretta Lynn

Loretta Lynn’s catchy country song is a favorite birthday tune, spending 15 weeks on the Billboard Country Charts, and it’s about two busy people who can’t celebrate together.

They decided to wish each other a happy birthday, along with Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, proving the saying that where there’s a will, there is a way to get things done.

9. “My Wish For You” by Rascal Flatts

Birthdays are special not just for the person celebrating, but also for the guests, as shown in the country song “My Wish For You” by Rascal Flatts.

This birthday song carries heartfelt wishes for the person, like being happy, kind, positive, and loved deeply, showing that the best presents are not material things.

10. “Birthday” by Migos

This hip-hop tune is about a guy telling a lady who is asking for presents from him. The protagonist in the song argues that the woman has no right to demand things.

Clearly, the narrator and the lady are not on good terms, and even if the man has enough means to grant her request, he will not do so.

11. “In Da Club” by 50 Cent

This rap song’s catchy beats and maraca sounds make you want to dance along. It gives you the feeling of being in the club with your friends, celebrating your birthday. Adding this track to your party playlist will surely put everyone in the mood to chill and have fun.

12. “Birthday” by Blur

This slow song shows the opposite side of birthday celebrations. While many want to throw parties and get loud, this tune expresses dislike for the occasion.

The protagonist in the tune is not happy about this day. He mentions being alone and truth be told, there is no fun at the party if no one is around.

13. “Say Aah” by Trey Songz

This song talks about celebrating the special day lavishly. People who have the cash to spare can splurge on expensive drinks like champagne and also invite pretty people willing to hang out with them.

The tune also implies it’s okay to go wild during these events, as long as it is consensual between two adults and kept private.

14. “Happy Birthday” by Kygo feat. John Legend

Need a song that shows how thankful you are for someone? This happy tune will make any birthday awesome and extra special.

The lyrics talk about happy stuff and give compliments to the birthday celebrant; it’s a great surprise song to play for your partner in the morning or as a way to show your love at a party.

15. “Birthday” by The Sugarcubes

This alternative rock birthday song is very eccentric. The arrangement of the tune involves a lot of vocals, tricks, and strange lyrics.

The song is about childhood memories with an old neighbor, and while the music might sound complicated, the lyrics are straightforward – just a simple memory.

16. “Happy Birthday” by Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder is a talented guy who puts meaning in his songs, like “Happy Birthday” which he made to support making Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday a national holiday.

This catchy R&B pop song is often played at African-American birthdays because it’s meaningful and perfect for special occasions.

17. “Trip Around The Sun” by Jimmy Buffet And Martina McBride

Whenever you finish celebrating your birthday, do you stop and reflect on what happened in the past year? This is the case in the tune “Trip Around The Sun” by Jimmy Buffet And Martina McBride.

A birthday marks a year of facing ups and downs, but what counts is that you’ve come through it strong.

18. “Never Grow Up” by Taylor Swift

Every child is precious, and this song talks about seeing a child grow up and the feelings it invokes in people around them.

As kids get older, parents hope they wouldn’t grow up so quickly because children become more independent and make their own choices, making parents want to preserve this bond for as long as they can.

19. “Sunday (The Day Before My Birthday)” by Moby

Sometimes unfortunate events happen, and that too just a day before your birthday. That’s what this song is all about. Despite the mashing sounds, this dainty dance melody talks about the memories of September 11, 2001.

Even though the birthday was on a Tuesday, the mention of Sunday hinted at a weekend of excitement leading up to the celebration; sadly, the plans were disrupted by unfortunate events.

20. “Birthday Boy” by Ween

Have you ever been dumped on your birthday? If you have, then this song is perfect for you—it’s about a guy whose girlfriend ended their relationship on his special day. How heartless!

Even though you’re not feeling like celebrating, you still answer calls and thank family for their well wishes on your ruined day.

Final Thoughts

This list of birthday songs has various themes and styles, some remind us of good times, others don’t. But no matter what, birthdays are special days that celebrate someone’s existence.

So, whenever it is possible, enjoy these tunes and have a great time. Consider this our gift to you!