The 5 Best DJ Sets and Music Mixers for Kids (2021)

It’s very possible for kids to quickly learn how to DJ without spending too much money.

All of the options below are DJ controllers. These are a very affordable option for starting DJs, but keep in mind that they need to be connected to a computer to operate!

Read on to learn about the best DJ sets for kids (these are for older children and even beginner adults) and how to choose the best option. As a bonus, we will also show you the difference between standalone DJ sets and DJ controllers.

1. Pioneer DJ Controller DDJ-400
Editor's Choice - Perfect entry-level DJ controller for kids and adults alike.
2. Numark Party Mix – Complete DJ Controller Set for Serato DJ
Affordable Option - All the features you need in a DJ controller at an affordable price.
3. Numark DJ2GO2 Touch
Compact and Affordable - The perfect mix of affordability and portability.
4. Hercules DJ Starter Kit
DJ controller set with speakers and headphones.
5. Hercules DJControl Inpulse 300
Comprehensive software bundle included, with good tutorials.

1. Pioneer DJ Controller DDJ-400

The DDJ-400 is an entry-level DJ controller with numerous features that help users comfortably develop skills. The layout mirrors the CDJ NXS2 style and includes dedicated cue buttons, CDJ-style controls, Beat FX, and more.

It also comes with a Rekordbox DJ license, which gives you access to DJing tutorials and software needed to mix.

DDJ-400 has a club-style layout and is highly portable thanks to easy-grab handles and a lightweight design. As you mix, you can hear the audio from a computer’s internal speakers or through connected desktop speakers. The Beat FX feature allows you to easily match track tempo.

2. Numark Party Mix – Complete DJ Controller Set for Serato DJ

Numark Party Mix features two decks, headphone out, crossfader, mixer, performance pads, and cool party lights. It is ultra-portable and lightweight and comes with Serato DJ Lite included, which is a highly intuitive mixing program for PC and Mac users.

The DJ controller has a built-in soundcard and has all the basics needed for kids to learn mixing. There are four responsive performance pads available for manual/auto-looping, sample playback, and cue point control.

Also, the LED lights are sure to make children feel as they are in the club while mixing, especially since they auto-sync with the music played.

3. Numark DJ2GO2 Touch

If the Numark Party Mix is still too large, the DJ2GO2 Touch is even more compact while offering everything the kid needs for learning. The touch-capacitive jog wheel is particularly impressive.

This DJ controller includes an onboard audio interface, performance pads for all needed sampling, DJ effects, cue points, a load knob, and the much-needed headphone output.

As with the Party Mix, Serato DJ Lite is included in the package. However, the DJ2GO2 Touch can be used with any DJing software application.

4. Hercules DJ Starter Kit

The Hercules DJ Starter Kit comes with sound-isolating headphones and 15-Watt monitor speakers. In addition, you receive a license from the Serato DJ Lite program, the same as with the Numark Party Mix controller.

This USB DJ controller is very compact and mobile. It includes filter frequency and bass EQ controls, plus touch-sensitive jog wheels. Sound reproduction is perfect, with a 7.6 cm woofer and dual bass ports.

5. Hercules DJControl Inpulse 300

The Hercules DJControl Inpulse 300 is a two-channel USB controller designed to help beginners and kids learn how to become DJs.

It includes DJ Academy tutorials, and whenever you want to learn mixing, you just have to activate its Beatmatch Guide. Just deactivate it when techniques are mastered.

A particularly interesting part of the package is IMA (Intelligent Music Assistant). This is a feature that gives you music suggestions so you can make your mix better.

Standalone DJ Set VS DJ Controller

In the list of the 5 best DJ sets and music mixers for kids, you surely noticed that all the units recommended are DJ controllers.

This might be confusing, but the main difference between the two is that DJ set professionals use a standalone unit (thus the name) while a DJ controller is plugged into a computer or mobile device that has DJing software installed.

A controller is used to easily activate the features of the software and replicate a standalone DJ experience.

A DJ controller is much more affordable and offers the kid the basic features needed to start DJing.

A standalone DJ set (also known as a DJ mixer) is much more expensive. It also has a more complicated setup process that involves multiple cables and connections.

Headphones VS Speakers

When thinking about DJs, we naturally picture them using headphones. However, for a kid, it is better to use speakers because they are more likely to listen at lower and safer volumes.

This is why the DJ controllers designed for beginners and kids sometimes feature speakers, like the Hercules DJ Starter Kit we recommended.

If possible, kid’s time using headphones should be limited while learning to DJ because they will probably end up listening to music at very high volumes. At the same time, it is easier to help the child when speakers are used.

The Equipment Needed To Learn DJing

Three main things are needed for a kid to learn DJing:

Easy Music Access

Buying music is no longer needed to learn DJing. There are plenty of websites that offer legally free music, as long as you’re not too picky about what you want to listen to!

If you want to download songs from your favorite artist legally then you would have to buy it through a service like Beatport.

A DJ Controller

This offers access to the actual DJing experience without investing in a full DJ set. It features buttons, faders, and everything else needed to practice DJ skills.

The unit controls software but the experience is the same as with the more expensive standalone DJ sets, at a basic level. Standalone DJ sets offer more features that a professional would use.

A Device To Use Mixing Software

The DJ controller runs through laptops, computers, or mobile devices, like a tablet or a smartphone.

The mixing software allows the child to use the DJ controller and actually mix music. With the controller alone, there is no way to mix music.

Why Use A DJ Controller?

The DJ controller is recommended for kids that want to learn how to DJ because of the following benefits:


Most of the actual mixing is handled through mixing software, so the DJ controller does not need many electronics.

Units can be lighter, smaller, and much more portable. For learning, you just need the controller and the laptop/mobile device.


The DJ controller setup is much cheaper than the traditional standalone DJ setup, which requires two decks, a mixer, and several other hardware units. Also, professional DJs still use laptops with DJ sets because of easy access to extra features.


DJ controllers include pads that can be used to make mixing easier. Also, they are flexible as MIDI assignments can easily be adjusted to suit personal style. With some units, you can even assign different software controls to controller buttons.

Integrated Mixing Software

The best DJ controllers on the market come with included DJ software, like Serato.

Easy Recording

Using mixing software makes recording mixes a breeze. With the traditional DJ set, an extra unit known as a recorder is needed, or at least a line that runs to a computer.


If a child wants to learn how to DJ, any of the DJ controllers presented are great. The final choice should be based on personal preference, needs, and budget. These units are basically plug-and-play, which means that setup is fast, so the child can start mixing very fast.

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