The 5 Best Girls’ Music Jewelry Boxes (2021)

Confused by the amount of choices available when it comes to girls’ jewelry boxes? It’s important to choose one that looks great and is well made.

These 5 options will help you make the best choice from the seemingly endless options!

The 5 Best Girls’ Music Jewelry Boxes

1. Art Lins Elle Jewelry Box
Our Top Pick - Versatile and durable for long term use
2. TAOPU Sweet Musical Jewelry Box
Affordable Option - Classic design, great for young kids
3. SONGMICS Girls Jewelry Box
Fashionable design and convenient to use
4. Kaimel Unicorn Musical Jewelry Box
Compartmentalized design with a chic look
5. Jewelkeeper Unicorn Music Box
Cute decoration, makes for a great gift

1. Art Lins Elle Jewelry Box

The Elle jewelry boxes feature a well-crafted design that not only looks great but is also made of good quality material. The cute ballerina spins along with clear music, which turns off when the lid of the box is closed.

The jewelry boxes are equipped with a vintage lock and tassel key to keep childrens’ trinkets safe. The lock is also a good feature if a girl doesn’t want her siblings to open her box.

The variety of colors and sizes are all impressive in their looks. The compartments of the jewelry box add to the presentable look and make for a fun way for girls to arrange their jewelry.

Overall, this box is a great choice due to its efficient and elegant manner of storage. When jewelry is displayed in the box, it looks well-organized.

2. TAOPU Sweet Musical Jewelry Box

The minimalist design of this TAOPU jewelry box makes it a good choice for a first-time jewelry box for girls. There is a small oval mirror in the box, and the interior is made from soft material.

The unicorn theme adds a cute look to the box. Additionally, the storage space in the box is convenient and accommodating. The unicorn ballerina is attached well to the box, and it is also easy to use since it does not require any batteries.

To summarize, the TAOPU jewelry box provides a wonderful way of storing trinkets in a single place at a reasonable price.

3. SONGMICS Girls Jewelry Box

The SONGMICS jewelry box has beautiful color options which make it stand out when it is placed in your girls’ room.

The mirror of the box is large and adds to the fancy decorative look. The jewelry box is well-crafted and also has a durable build. The ballerina looks pretty and twirls while a soft and melodic tune plays.

Overall, this fancy, chic, and stylish jewelry box is the best choice for storing various jewelry items. The design of the box makes it convenient to use, and it is easy to open and close the lid.

4. Kaimel Unicorn Musical Jewelry Box

If your child has a lot of jewelry, this is the best choice for you. The compartments make this jewelry box good for storing items separately, as there is plenty of organized space for rings, watches, necklaces, and bracelets.

The unique and colorful box has a lovely unicorn print that artsy kids will love. The mirror has a good size and the inner material is soft so you do not have to worry about scratches. The unicorn ballerina plays a unicorn-themed song that captures the attention of kids.

To summarize, the Kaimel jewelry box has a gorgeous look that girls will adore. The durability of the box makes it a great choice for those looking for a good-quality product.

5. Jewelkeeper Unicorn Music Box

This colorful jewelry box is a unique place for girls to store their sparkly treasures. The music is themed with unicorn decor, and the mirror design adds a cute look to the box.

The drawers, ring roll, and fabric compartment make the jewelry box a functional option. The product also comes with gifts, including a bracelet and necklace, that will make kids excited to receive the jewelry box.

Overall, the Jewelkeeper Unicorn Music Box is a bright and easy-to-use jewelry box. The music has a soft melody and the compartments vouch for its good craftsmanship.

What Ages Are Kids’ Jewelry Boxes Suitable For?

Jewelry boxes are a great decorative item for girls of all ages. However, the design they prefer usually varies as they grow from children into adults. A younger child may prefer a more fun jewelry box, while an older one might want something more minimalist and functional.

Therefore, parents can decide what will work best for their children or ask them what they would prefer.

What Are the Other Names for Jewelry Boxes?

There are a few other names for jewelry boxes, including caskets, chests, containers, ornamental boxes or cases.

What Material Are Jewelry Boxes Made Of?

Jewelry boxes are usually made of wood, porcelain, or presswood. Inside the boxes, the material used is usually silk, cotton, or velvet. 

The most durable jewelry boxes are made of wood that would prevent any moisture from entering the box.


Jewelry boxes are a great way to organize necklaces and bracelets for kids since they can easily get lost. It’s also a good idea to get one if you often find trinkets scattered across the house.

The jewelry boxes mentioned above are some of the best options available for girls, be it for your children or ones you are buying for others as a gift. We hope you find one that suits your needs!

Featured image: “Jewelry box” by incommunicado is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0