The 5 Best Electric Guitars for Kids (2021)

If you want to buy an electric guitar for kids, then you’ll want something that actually sounds decent! This list includes some great guitars across different sizes and well-known brands.

Later on in the article, we’ll also answer some of most common questions that you might have.

The 5 Best Electric Guitars for Kids (2021)

1. Editor's Choice – Squier Mini Strat Electric Guitar
Editor's Choice - A smaller version of the iconic Stratocaster guitar
2. YMC 30" Kids Electric Guitar Pack
Affordable Option - Affordable guitar pack with everything you might need in it
3. Epiphone Slash "AFD" Les Paul Special-II Performance Pack
Electric Guitar Pack (Full Size) - Guitar pack with the guitar and amp designed and signed by legendary Slash
4. Squier by Fender Bullet Mustang HH Short Scale
Short Scale - Somewhat older design of the guitar with shorter scale for some 60’s sound
5. Ibanez Mikro – GRGM21
¾ version of the famous Ibanez guitars, perfect for metal or modern rock music

1. Editor’s Choice – Squier Mini Strat Electric Guitar

Fender is one of the most iconic electric guitar manufacturers in the world, so buying their Squire model for your kid is always a sure bet. Mini Strat is, as a name says, a ¾ version of the legendary Stratocaster. This is an iconic looking and sounding guitar.

There are three single-coil pickups, and you have a 5-way switch to control your sound, giving you the iconic rock’n’roll sound. The neck has 20 frets and the sound quality is amazing. This is a great option for your kid due to size, but it will also give you a very nice quality sound as it’s not just a toy.

2. Affordable Option – YMC 30″ Kids Electric Guitar Pack

If you’re looking for a budget option to give you all you need for a reasonable amount of money, you should consider this pack. YMC is a 30” Electric guitar (3/4 sized roughly) with a Stratocaster body and a single pickup coil.

The greatest thing about this pack is that you get really everything you need to play the electric guitar from the box. It includes a 5W battery-powered amplifier, which can be powered by an AC adapter sold separately.

In the pack, you’ll also find a cable, picks, strings, tuner, and a strap. This is a nice quality package for people who are on the budget.

3. Electric Guitar Pack (Full Size) – Epiphone Slash “AFD” Les Paul Special-II Performance Pack

This Epiphone pack and guitar were designed by one of the most iconic guitarists in the history of rock – Slash. The guitar is made with the popular Les Paul Special-II body.

The guitar has a full-sized body and is equipped with two humbucker coils. This is great if your kid is a bit older or you just want to buy him a guitar that he will not outgrow in a couple of years. The Amp in this pack is the Snakepit-15, a 15-watt amp with an open-back cabinet and a full EQ and AUX input. Everything in this pack is made for getting that iconic crunchy Slash sound. if you’re a fan of that, this is the perfect pack for you and your kid!

4. Short Scale – Squier by Fender Bullet Mustang HH Short Scale

Another pick from Squier, the Bullet Mustang HH is a short scale version of their Mustang guitars. It looks the same as the full-sized guitar, but it’s a ¾ sized one. It is equipped with two humbucker coils, giving you a somewhat deeper and crunchier sound compared to the Stratocaster.

The neck is C-shaped and as for the electronics you get two knobs and a switch with which you can control the coils. This is a high-quality guitar, with a somewhat older sound and build.

5. Ibanez Mikro – GRGM21

We finish off this list with another iconic guitar. Ibanez GRGM21 is a shorter sized version of their standard guitars.

GRGM21 comes with two humbucker coils and has a thin shaped neck, giving you a much more modern sound, which is the main feature of all Ibanez guitars.

If you love metal or hard rock, this should be your pick, as the sound of this guitar is perfect for that type of music.

Which Size Kid’s Electric Guitar Should I Get?

If your kid is big enough to hold a full-sized guitar comfortably, then go with that. Otherwise, you can pick ¾ or ½ sized guitars.

These are the same as the larger guitars but are just sized down for kids or people with shorter hands (Prince used to play shorter guitars his whole career).

Guitars vary in their size widely. Yet, some standard guitars range from 36-40”, with most of them going at 38” long from top to bottom.

Most of the kids can’t really hold a guitar before they are at least 10 years old, as they don’t have fingers large enough to play.

If your kid is already large enough to play a full-sized guitar, you should always go for the full-sized model, as it may become the guitar they play for many years to come. If not, there’s nothing wrong with smaller children playing on the sized down versions, as there are no playing style differences.

How Much Money Should You Spend on a Kid’s Guitar?

When buying a kids guitar, you don’t really spend whole lot of money. The best option for this is to limit your budget and save more money for a quality made full-sized guitar once your child grows into it.

Kids guitars are usually made of lower quality than full-sized guitars and the kids outgrow them in a matter of years.

Acoustic or Electric Guitar for Kids?

Honestly, this one is up to you and your kid. An acoustic guitar is better for the budget because you don’t need to get any amps or extra stuff and you can play it anywhere you want.

An electric guitar on the other hand gives you much more able to play with your sound and experiment with different types of music.

The truth is, at one point if your kid is passionate about playing the guitar, they might end up buying both an acoustic and electric, so in the end, you’ll get both one way or another!

What Should You Look Out for When Buying an Electric Guitar for Kids?

The main thing to look for is the quality of the build. You want to get a sturdy, quality made guitar, with as many options included as you can. Also, it would be nice if you get as much as possible in the pack if you don’t already have the equipment at home.

What Accessories are Needed for a Kid’s Electric Guitar?

First and foremost, you will need an amp. There are tons of different smaller amps that are perfect for house play – just make sure it has a headphone jack so you don’t have to listen to your kid practicing all day long.

Also, look out for packs that have guitar straps, picks, spare strings, or tuners. All of these will be needed at one point in time for your guitar.


We hope that this buying guide has helped you get a clearer picture of the best electric guitars for kids. It’s great for kids to get a headstart on playing music. If you think they will appreciate getting an electric guitar, then all of the above options are worth considering.