Stray Kids Albums in Order

Stray Kids, a K-pop boy band from South Korea, have continued to release numerous albums since their debut in 2018. Their albums have garnered immense popularity in the industry, with notable tracks and collaborations adding to their global success.

Stray Kids’ albums have been met with impressive sales figures and numerous accolades, solidifying their status in the K-pop world. Additionally, they have won multiple awards, including prestigious honors such as the Mnet Asian Music Awards’ Best New Male Artist and the Asia Artist Awards’ Rookie of the Year.

Stray Kids’ Album in Order

This K-pop boyband’s continued growth and achievements are a testament to their dedication and talent, making Stray Kids a notable act in the K-pop industry.

Below is a list of Stray Kids albums in order of release:

Mixtape (2018), EP

The group’s debut extended play, “Mixtape,” was a profound introduction to the band’s intentions and direction. Each song served as an individual, introspective exploration of youth, ambitions, and struggles. It unveiled the raw, unparalleled energy of Stray Kids, setting the stage for their subsequent releases.

I Am Not (2018), EP

Their official debut album, “I Am Not,” was a rebellious anthem that challenged societal norms and expectations. Packed with songs like “District 9,” the album portrayed the group’s refusal to conform and asserted their identity, making a strong statement in the K-pop industry.

I Am Who (2018), EP

“I Am Who” was the next step in the band’s journey of self-discovery. The songs painted an image of their struggles and experiences. “My Pace” and “Voices” stood out, narrating the band’s thoughts about keeping pace with life and not being controlled by external opinions.

I Am You (2018), EP

In “I Am You,” Stray Kids struck a balance between empathy and self-reflection. It marked the completion of the ‘I am’ series, delving into the concepts of identity, friendship, and shared experiences.

Clé 1: MIROH (2019), EP

“Clé 1: MIROH” was a turning point, marking a shift in their musical style. With the symbolic representation of ‘Miroh’ (meaning maze in Korean), the album illustrated the members’ determination to break through the labyrinth of the music industry.

Clé 2: Yellow Wood (2019), EP

This EP, “Clé 2: Yellow Wood,” took a darker, more introspective turn, examining the path not taken. It metaphorically alluded to Robert Frost’s poem “The Road Not Taken,” encouraging listeners to carve out their own paths.

Clé: Levanter (2019), EP

“Clé: Levanter” marked the end of the ‘Clé’ series with a message of optimism and resilience. It showcased a more mature sound and served as a testament to their growth, both musically and personally.

SKZ2020 (2020)

This compilation album, “SKZ2020,” is a re-recorded collection of their past hits, showing the band’s reflection and evolution. It revealed their new sonic directions while paying homage to their roots.

GO LIVE (2020)

The “GO LIVE” album was a complete revelation of their musical identity, blending their signature powerful lyrics with a varied range of genres. It was their exploration into life’s paradoxes, making it relatable to the listeners’ experiences.

IN LIFE (2020)

Serving as an extension to “GO LIVE,” “IN LIFE” continued their exploration of life’s complexities. It was their way of reaching out to their fans, encouraging them to keep moving forward, despite life’s ups and downs.

All In (2020), EP

“All In” is a Japanese EP that showcased their unique take on the fusion of electronic, rock, and hip-hop genres. The album reflected their determination to give their all in every endeavor.

Noeasy (2021)

“Noeasy” was an assertive declaration of their identity, featuring the mega-hit “Thunderous.” The group capitalized on their growing popularity, crafting an album that expanded their musical versatility and lyrical depth.

SKZ2021 (2021)

“SKZ2021” was another compilation album released to highlight the band’s growth and journey. The album included fresh renditions of their previous hits, showcasing how far they’d come and hinting at where they were headed.

Maxident (2022), EP

With “Maxident,” Stray Kids ventured into uncharted territory, exploring mature themes and nuanced musical arrangements. The EP marked a significant point in their artistic evolution, striking a balance between dance anthems and introspective ballads.

Circus (2022), EP

“Circus” was an EP filled with eclectic charm and an experimental spirit. Here, Stray Kids fearlessly blended various genres, creating an enchanting musical landscape that mirrored a whimsical, chaotic circus.

Oddinary (2022), EP

“Oddinary” was a bold expression of their individuality. With the title signifying ‘odd’ and ‘ordinary,’ the album pushed boundaries, reminding us that it’s okay to be different and embrace our unique traits.

SKZ-Replay (2022)

In “SKZ-Replay,” the band took a trip down memory lane, revisiting and reinterpreting their past work with a fresh perspective. The album allowed fans to experience the evolution of Stray Kids’ music and appreciate their journey from a new vantage point.

The Sound (2023)

“The Sound” marked their sonic evolution, featuring their exploration of various sounds while maintaining the essence of Stray Kids. It resonated with their journey and experiences, encapsulating their journey and growth.

5-Star (2023)

The upcoming album, “5-Star,” already has fans waiting in anticipation. From their consistent growth and experimental nature, fans expect the album to mark another milestone in their musical journey.

With each release, Stray Kids further carves its own niche in the industry, reminding us why they are indeed a ‘5-Star’ band.

This compilation serves as a guide to Stray Kids’ discography, highlighting their growth as artists and showcasing their diverse range of musical genres throughout the years.

Popular Collaborations

Stray Kids have undoubtedly made a significant impact on the K-pop music scene. Not only have they produced numerous popular tracks, but their collaborations and soundtrack contributions have also further showcased their distinct talents.

Hyundai x Stray Kids: “Pacemaker”

This collaboration was featured on their “Go Live” album and showcased the potential for successful partnerships between international brands and K-pop groups.

“Neverending Story” for “Extraordinary You”

Stray Kids showcased their versatility by contributing this song to the soundtrack of the popular Korean drama “Extraordinary You”.

Soundtrack for “Tower of God”: “Top” and “SLUMP”

In this animated series, Stray Kids demonstrated their range and appeal by providing two resonant tracks for the soundtrack.

Through these tracks and collaborations, Stray Kids have secured a strong foothold in the K-pop landscape, showcasing their diverse musical talent.


Stray Kids’ global success is reflected in their impressive album sales, music show wins, and prestigious awards. As they continue to grow as artists and performers, Stray Kids are undoubtedly proving themselves to be a force to be reckoned with in the world of K-pop, constantly capturing the hearts of fans around the globe.

Stray Kids Featured Image by: JYPAudition, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons