The 20 Best Music Gifts for Kids (2021)

If your kid loves music, then you’re in luck! There are a wide variety of great music gifts for any occasion, from kid’s musical instruments to music-inspired toys.

This list includes a nice, varied selection of music gifts for kids to suit all budgets and ages.

1. Yoto Player

A music gift equipped with multiple functions

The Yoto Player is an audio player that can play hundreds of songs, books, or activities such as games. The player works through audio cards that are inserted into the device. There are controls on the device as well as a pixel display and headphone jack.

The multiple functions of the player include its ability to function as a Bluetooth player, charging via a charging dock, working as a night light, clock, and sleep trainer.

The player also has an online app that can be used to customize settings and play more content.

In summary, the Yoto Player is a great gift for kids who need multiple activities to keep themselves busy.

2. PAXCESS Electronic Drum Set

A compact drum set for all your needs

The PAXCESS Electronic Drum Set has a versatile list of features. It is easy to transport due to its size, meaning it can be taken on holidays or trips. The drum pads are well-built which lets kids have fun learning how to drum while also learning a valuable music skill.

The speakers are built-in and have good sound, while the set also comes with earphones for the optimum experience.

Overall, this is a great music gift for active kids who can enjoy playing with the drum set for hours.

3. COLUBER CABLE Electric Guitar and Amp

A sleek guitar for kids to rock out on

This guitar set is a great starter kit for kids who like playing the guitar. The electric guitar comes in a variety of colors and has a strong build.

The inclusion of accessories such as picks, tuners, and an amplifier makes this kit good for long-term use as there are many different settings and customization options for kids to try out.

To summarize, this musical instrument gift has versatile features and accessories, making it a fantastic gift option for kids.

4. Basic Fun Retro Music Box - Record Player

An easy-to-use music box

This music box plays some exciting tunes kids can enjoy listening to. The record player has 10 groovy tunes kids can dance to, and the box is easily transportable.

These features make it a good gift for kids since they can carry it around with them and use it comfortably.

Overall, this classic Fisher Price Record Player is a must-have record player for young kids.

5. PicassoTiles Electronic Digital Music Piano Keyboard

A fun personalized piano keyboard for kids

The PicassoTiles piano can easily be transported due to its foldable nature. The piano has a variety of tones, songs, and educational demos, making it a great learning tool for kids.

The electronic piano also has a speaker and can be connected with earphones when needed. Children can also record new music that they create.

In summary, this keyboard is a great gift due to its fun size and easy-to-use nature.

6. Mendini Drum Set for Kids

Compact 3-piece drum kit

The Mendini drum set is ideal for children who want to start learning drumming at a beginners' stage.
It set comes in multiple colors and includes accessories such as a drum throne, pedal, and drumsticks, which will make for a well-rounded playing experience for kids.

Overall, this drum set is a quality gift. Since it is specially designed for kids, it has the advantage of providing a good foundation for them before they move on to bigger sets.

7. Kalimba Thumb Piano

A crafty thumb piano that's fun to use

This thumb piano is a versatile instrument that is easy to play. Kids can practice tunes and songs on the piano with ease due to its size.

The sound of the instrument helps bring a sense of calmness to the mind, making kids feel relaxed.

In summary, the small and portable size of the instrument makes this a great gift to give to children.

8. Night By Noble Plastic Ocarina

A well-designed plastic ocarina

This durable ocarina has a beautiful and resonating sound. It is an excellent instrument for beginners since it is easy to learn and play. The instrument makes it easy to learn to play and read music.

Overall, the Night By Noble Plastic Ocarina is a great gift for active kids since it has a strong build and will not break easily if dropped.

9. Ehome Toddler Musical Instruments

A classical musical set for kids to enjoy

The variety of musical instruments in this set are made from wood, meaning that they are durable. The diverse instruments help promote creativity and cognitive skills for children since they can explore the different sounds instruments make.

The instruments are also great for young toddlers as it enhances their motor skills during their learning development stage.

To summarize, these musical instruments are great for long-term use since they include several instruments that kids can enjoy using.

10. VTech KidiBeats Drum Set

A simple-to-use drum set

This drum set is compact in size and fun to use. It lets kids express themselves through music and is a good instrument for the development of motor skills. There are several tunes that kids can play along to and the lights help them focus.

Overall, the VTech KidiBeats Drum Set is a great way to give kids a head start in learning a musical instrument.

11. Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube

A comfortable-to-use music cube

The Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube helps children discover new sounds. The cube has soft edges and has lights that make it easier for kids to pay attention.

Kids can learn how single instruments sound or use the orchestra button to listen to all instruments at once. The design of the product makes it durable and able to withstand drops.

In summary, the interactive features of this magic cube make it a good musical instrument for kids to use in their developing years.

12. JOYIN Yellow Duck Baby Toy

An educational and joyous musical toy

This dancing ducky has many melodies and sounds that play as the toy mimics movements such as dancing and blinking.

The toy is great for helping kids use their minds and body together. Besides improving focus and brain function, they can also learn new sounds and words.

Overall, this Dancing Ducky toy is not only innovative but also a useful learning toy for kids.

13. iPlay, iLearn Baby Music Elephant Toy

A well-functioning music elephant toy

This Music Elephant Toy has many interactive features that will keep kids entertained for hours. The buttons and toggles help children stay interested.

The addition of melodies, animal calls and the educational mode make the toy stand out since it can be used for multiple reasons, depending on the child's mood.

In summary, this sensory toy is a fantastic gift for young kids who are building their concentration skills.

14. Stoie's 17 pcs Musical Instruments Set for Toddler and Preschool Kids

A versatile toy set for kids

This toy set has good-quality wooden instruments that kids can have fun using. The 17 pieces of musical toys can easily be used in group settings and are bound to help children create new creative sounds.

Overall, this toy brings a lot of fun to the table. The backpack makes it easy to carry it around and the variety of instruments makes it a good gift.

15. Xylophone Table Music Toys of Ohuhu

A fun, educational toy with multiple features

The Xylophone Table toy has a good size that makes it well-suited for the little hands of children. It has a colorful design and makes it easy for kids to practice hand movements by using the mallet.

The ability to use the xylophone as a piano is another useful feature that makes the product a good choice.

In summary, this xylophone toy presents a good way for kids to repeat their favorite melodies while also learning new sounds.

16. Piano Play Mat Music Mat

An ideal gift for active young kids

Kids can use this piano mat to learn music while being able to jump and dance around. The design is specially made for young kids, and it is easy to carry the mat around, making it a good gift.

Overall, the Aywewii Piano Play Mat is a great fun and learning play mat for kids. Using the mat will help them increase their musical awareness while also providing a source of activity.

17. Metallic Silver Saxophone and Trumpet Horn

A unique musical gift for kids

This Click N’ Play instrument has a colorful sequence of keys which makes it easy for kids to practice playing different notes. The instrument produces good sound and is comfortable for children to hold in their hands.

In summary, this wind instrument is a great way for kids to not only learn a new instrument but also creatively express their emotions.

18. 5 in 1 Toddler Drum & Piano Set

An all-inclusive toy set that’s easy to use

The Rabing Baby Musical Instrument has an innovative design that incorporates 5 musical instruments.

Many different modes help maintain focus and the product is built keeping in mind the importance of learning and development for kids. Since the toy is made for kids it has smooth surfaces, ensuring that no one gets injured.

Overall, this is a great set that includes many different musical elements that children can try out.

19. NONZERS Kids Musical Instruments Set

A great gift for music enthusiasts

The instruments in this set let children enjoy playing music naturally and are easy to store. The variety of instruments in the set means that kids can unleash their creativity by exploring new sounds.

The instruments are sized adequately for kids to hold and the material is good for long-term use. The colors of the different instruments make the toys appealing to kids.

In summary, this selection of musical instruments is a good gift for kids due to its safety, quality materials, and fun design.

20. inTemenos Xylophone Instrument for Kids

A cute xylophone that’s the best size for kids

This colorful xylophone comes with awesome color-coded notes, making the process of learning easy for kids. The mallets are made of wood and produce a decent sound.

The instrument helps children learn the different sounds and notes in music, and is a great way for them to learn about tones and pitches.

Overall, this musical gift lets kids enjoy music while developing their memory, attention, and focus. It is easy to use and practice on.


Music gifts provide a great way for kids to learn musical instruments or simply enjoy the world of music. The multitude of products available online means that there are plenty of options you can choose from. We hope this list helps you pick a gift kids will love to use and keep coming back to.