The 5 Best Ukuleles for Kids (2021)

The Ukulele is certainly one of the cutest instruments out there and there is not a kid that doesn’t want to play it!

It’s small, has a very nice tone, and is quite easy to get a grasp on. Because of this and low cost, which makes it ideal for any budget, ukuleles are flooding the market.

In this article, we’re going to present to you the best 5 ukuleles for kids.

The 5 Best Ukuleles for Kids (2021)

1. HUAWIND 21 Inch Soprano Ukulele
Editor's Choice - Quality made wooden ukulele for both kids and adult beginners
2. YEZI Kids Toy Classical Ukulele Guitar
Affordable Option - 17” Plastic ABS toy ukulele with nice design adjusted for kids
3. Hape Kid's Wooden Toy Ukulele
21” wooden toy ukulele with nice prints and good sound
4. Kmise Soprano Ukulele for Beginners
Plastic soprano ukulele basic pack with strings and picks
5. Soprano Ukulele 21 inch Basswood
Wooden soprano ukulele kit with a bag, strings, picks, strap, and a harmonica included.

1. Editor’s Choice – HUAWIND 21 Inch Soprano Ukulele

HUAWIND is a 21-inch soprano ukulele that’s great for beginners and kids alike. 21” is a standard size for a soprano ukulele, which is the smallest of the standard ukuleles. It’s also the original size of the guitar, so the sound you will get from it is as close to that dreamy Hawaiian sound as you can get.

This is a standard ukulele that comes in several different colors. The body and neck are made out of basswood, giving you a crisp and quality sound. The strings are nylon, so your kid will not have a problem with playing this ukulele guitar. This is a great buy for anyone looking to get the most for their money and a good sounding guitar as well.

2. Affordable/Toy Option – YEZI Kids Toy Classical Ukulele Guitar

If you have a small kid, you don’t need to buy them a full-sized instrument. Instead, you can get them this YEZI ukulele. This is a toy ukulele and is even shorter than the standard ukulele with just 17”. This size makes it ideal for smaller children (3-7 years old).

The body of the instrument is made with ABS plastic materials to make it sturdier for children bashing them, but is made to resemble wood and is actually doing a great job at it. It is also very nicely designed, with a heart-shaped resonator hole and a pick attached by a piece of string, preventing your kid from swallowing it or losing it.

3. Hape Kid’s Wooden Toy Ukulele

Another toy ukulele on this list. This is a full-sized soprano ukulele, with 21” in size. Even though it has full size, it is still a toy, which is quite obvious from the design of the instrument. The body is made out of wood but is beautifully coated with different quirky, colored designs which are really cute.

Sound from this is quite nice for a toy instrument, so your kid can get the feel of what the ukulele sounds like and how to play it. This is a perfect instrument to get your children to start learning about music.

4. Kmise Soprano Ukulele for Beginners

If you’re looking for a pack, instead of just the instrument, to make your life easier you can start from here. The kmise Soprano ukulele is a great instrument made for buying all in one. The instrument is made out of children’s safe plastic and as such can take a lot of beating. The design is really beautiful since it’s dyed pink, so if your kid likes pink stuff, this should really get to him.

In the pack, you’ll get a carrying bag, a set of three picks, and spare strings, in case your strings snap. This is a great buy if you’re looking to get all in one package without having to bother much further down the road.

5. Soprano Ukulele 21 inch Basswood

We finish off this list with another pack from Kmise, for those who want the most for their money and are ready to spend a bit more. In this pack you’ll get a 21” soprano ukulele made out of basswood, giving you a nice and warm sound.

In the pack, you’ll also get a carrying bag, spare strings, a set of picks, a strap, and a small keychain which is also a harmonica. This is a great pack if you want to get your kid to learn as much as they can about music from an early age, with a nice quality set of instruments.

What Age is Appropriate for Ukulele?

Even though each kid is individual, some general age advice is from six years on up.

Even though kids can start learning before that, because of the usage of both hands that are needed to play and some bit more advanced motoric motions it is better to wait a bit to get your kid to learn how to play properly.

But, they can always play with an instrument without learning how to play actual even if they are younger.

Different Types of Ukuleles

When you’re looking to buy a ukulele, you will notice that there are several different types of ukuleles out there on the market. There are four main types of ukuleles, which differ in their size and the sound they produce:

  1. Soprano Ukulele – it’s the smallest, with 21” in length. This is the original ukulele from which everything else evolved. It has the highest and crunchiest sound of all.
  2. Concert Ukulele – Slightly larger than a soprano ukulele, this type has standard G C E A tuning and is a bit louder and deeper in sound.
  3. Tenor Ukulele – 30” in length, it has standard tuning
  4. Baritone Ukulele – Also 30” in length but is a bit wider than tenor and has a different tuning, more suitable for bass tones.

Is the ukulele easier than guitar for kids?

They are similar, but the ukulele has only four strings and is a smaller instrument, making it easier for kids to get a hold of than the guitar. But, it’s not that big of a difference from a guitar.

Is the ukulele a good first instrument?

Any instrument is a good first instrument, as kids get more involved in the world of music. So, yes, the ukulele is a good first instrument. It will help your kid develop basic motoric skills apart from the obvious musical advances.

What ukulele size should I get for a kid?

When buying a ukulele for your kid, you should probably go for a soprano ukulele. They are the smallest in size but are still full-sized instruments.

How much should I spend on my first ukulele?

When buying a first ukulele, you should always save your money and go for the best quality/price ratio within a certain budget.

Nowadays you can find really nice quality ukuleles for a bargain price on the internet, so don’t go for the most expensive one you see, as these will do just fine. It’s better to save money up and buy a quality instrument once you are ready for it.


We hope that this article has helped you get more informed on the ukulele topic.

When you’re buying for your kid, you should go for the best price/quality ratio and don’t spend too much money on the fancy instruments as you never know if your kid is even going to like it in the end.

Ukuleles are great instruments to start your music journey on and with affordable prices, you should really look into getting one for your kid or yourself.