Does Justin Bieber Use Autotune?

Justin Bieber is one of the singers who gets big help from autotune in the studio as well as on the stage. Plus, he also uses the lip-sync technique occasionally in his live performances. While Justin Bieber was not relying on autotune when he was younger, he used it very often in recent years.

As Justin Bieber started to get famous when he was just 13, his voice changed a lot throughout his career. His voice matured and dropped, while the rasp in his voice increased. As a result, he uses more help from autotune software compared to his earlier music.

His natural voice, often heard more in his earlier recordings, is certainly good and is proof that he can sing well. However, his producers use heavy studio effects and extended pitch correction to enhance his voice these days, which in the end, sounds a little less authentic.

In this comparison video, there is a clear difference between Justin’s natural voice and autotuned voice with heavy effects. In the studio, he uses pitch correction software and lots of effects on his voice.

He also uses autotune in most of his live performances recently, with some minor exceptions. In the video, he starts singing with the autotune added to his voice but stops at some point, saying he does not need the autotune and asks his tone master to shut it off. 

It is a part of the show, as he uses autotune in most of his shows, and his producers and tone masters would not start the performance without him knowing that the autotune is on.

Another reason Justin uses autotune is that he is very active in most of his shows. Also, he has been singing extensively since he was very young and his voice can not handle singing every few days for so long. That is why he occasionally uses the lip-sync technique, not singing at all but just pretending to do so.

Justin Bieber Featured Image by: Jakub Janecki, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons