20 Famous Musicians From Florida

Florida has a long history of producing talented musicians and bands that have made a huge impact on the music industry. Regardless of musical genre, whether it be pop, rock, blues, or jazz, the state has something to offer for every music lover.

Here is a list of the greatest musicians that come from the sunshine state:

1. Tom Petty

Tom Petty was a singer-songwriter and musician who became famous for his classic rock sound, characterized by his warm voice, catchy melodies, and insightful lyrics. He rose to prominence in the 1970s as the lead singer of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, a band that combined rock, folk, and blues influences to create a unique sound. 

Tom Petty also achieved success as a solo artist, delivering hit songs like “You Don’t Know How It Feels” and “Free Fallin'” that have sold over 80 million units.

2. Cannonball Adderley

As jazz alto saxophonist and composer, Cannonball Adderley was known for his energetic and improvisational playing style.

He was a famous figure in the hard bop and soul jazz movements of the 1950s and 1960s, and his collaborations with jazz legends like Miles Davis and John Coltrane helped to define these genres.

3. Lynyrd Skynyrd

Lynyrd Skynyrd is a rock band with a distinctive blend of blues, rock, and country music. The band is best known for its classic tracks like “Sweet Home Alabama” and “Free Bird,” which have become staples of the southern rock genre and remain popular to this day.

4. Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande is a talented singer-songwriter and actress who has captured the hearts of fans with her powerful voice and infectious pop anthems, including “Problem,” “Dangerous Woman,” and “Break Free.” She rose to fame through her roles in the Nickelodeon television series “Victorious” and “Sam & Cat.”

She has been widely praised for her vocal range and versatility, and her music has been an all-time favorite for its emotional depth and relatable themes. As a multi-award-winning singer, Ariana has sold over 90 million units worldwide and continues to be one of the most beloved musicians today.

5. Ronnie Van Zant

As the frontrunner and founding member of the band Lynyrd Skynyrd, Ronnie Van Zant was best known for his distinctive voice and for his powerful and emotional performances, which helped to define the southern rock genre. 

6. Steve Aoki

Steve Aoki is an American DJ, producer, and music executive who is widely regarded as one of the most influential figures in the world of electronic dance music (EDM).

He is best known for his energetic and high-energy live performances, as well as for his innovative production style, music remixes, and his commitment to pushing the boundaries of the EDM genre.

7. Jim Morrison

As the lead vocalist of the rock band The Doors, Jim Morrison was a highly influential figure in the world of rock music, known for his powerful and emotive lyrics, as well as for his charismatic stage presence. 

Jim Morrison was also renowned for his poetry, which he often recited during live performances with The Doors. The band, along with Morrison, was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

8. T-Pain

T-Pain is an American rapper, singer, and producer who is widely regarded as one of the pioneers of the contemporary hip-hop and R&B genres. He is best known for his innovative use of auto-tune in his music, as well as for his smooth, soulful vocals and catchy beats.

9. The Allman Brothers Band

The Allman Brothers Band is a jam-based band known for its dynamic instrumentation and talent, which produces a powerful bluesy sound.

The band is also renowned for its innovative guitar work and harmonious melodies, performing a blend of jazz, blues, and country music that has captivated audiences.

10. Sean Kingston

Sean Kingston is a Jamaican-American singer and rapper who rose to prominence in the mid-2000s with his fusion of reggae, hip-hop, and R&B. He is best known for his catchy and upbeat pop tracks, as well as for his smooth and melodic vocals. 

His most popular singles are “Take You There,” “Beautiful Girls,” and “Fire Burning.” He also collaborated with other great artists such as Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, Kanye West and more.

11. Aaron Carter 

Aaron Carter is an American pop singer who is best known for his bubblegum pop music, which appealed to a younger audience. He released several hit songs, including “I Want Candy,” “Aaron’s Party (Come Get It),” and “That’s How I Beat Shaq,” which helped establish his career and cement his place as a pop icon of the era. 

He also entered the acting scene as he guest starred in Lizzie McGuirre, a Disney Channel television series, which adds to his exposure.

12. XXXTentacion

XXXTentacion was a rapper who gained popularity with his unique blend of rap, trap, and emo styles. He became famous for his controversial lyrics, which often dealt with dark and violent themes, as well as his passionate and emotive delivery.

Despite a short-lived career, he released several popular albums, including “17” and “?,” which earned him a dedicated fanbase and critical acclaim.

13. Jason Derulo

Jason Derulo is an American singer, songwriter, and dancer who became popular with his catchy R&B and pop tracks. He is best known for his smooth and soulful voice, as well as his energetic dance moves and musical ability.

He has released several hit songs, including “Whatcha Say,” “Talk Dirty,” and “Want to Want Me,” which have helped him establish a successful career as a pop star.

14. Gloria Estefan

As a singer, songwriter, and actress who is best known for her upbeat and catchy pop and Latin-infused dance music, Gloria Estefan is a lead vocalist of the Miami Sound Machine. Her hit songs include “Conga” and “Anything For You.”

She has sold over 75 million units and won three Grammys, making her one of the most successful Cuban-American pop artists of all time.

15. Flo Rida

Flo Rida is a rapper and singer who is widely known for his party anthems and upbeat party-friendly music.

He has released several hit songs, including “Low,” “Good Feeling,” “Right Round,” and “Whistle,” which have helped establish his career and make him a staple of the rap and pop genres. He has sold over 80 million units which is a testament of his success.

16. Creed

Creed is an American rock band that rose to fame with its powerful and emotional rock music. The band is known for its distinctive sound, which blends elements of post-grunge, alternative rock, and hard rock, and is characterized by its energetic guitar riffs and powerful vocal melodies. 

Their album “Human Clay” which is certified diamond. They also have released several popular albums, including “My Own Prison” and “Weathered,” which have helped establish the band’s reputation as one of the most influential rock groups of the era.

17. Pitbull

Pitbull is an American rapper and singer who rose to fame in the early 2000s with his catchy Latin-infused hip hop tracks and infectious beats. He is best known for his upbeat party anthems and energetic live performances, which have earned him widespread popularity and critical acclaim. 

He has released several hit songs, including “Give Me Everything,” “Timber,” and “Feel This Moment,” which have helped establish his career as a successful Latin-American pop and rap star.

18. Limp Bizkit

As a multi-awarded rap rock band, Limp Bizkit is famous because of its aggressive and heavy rock sound. The band is known for its energetic live performances, powerful guitar riffs, and distinctive vocal style, which blends elements of rap and metal. 

With over 40 million units sold, they have been nominated for Grammy Awards three times and are considered the face of angsty teens, resonating with fans due to their relatable style.

19. Jake Owen

Jake Owen is a country music singer-songwriter who became popular for his easygoing, laid-back style and catchy tunes. He is best known for his hit songs such as “Barefoot Blue Jean Night” and “Beachin’” which topped the country charts, showcasing his smooth vocal style and lyrical storytelling.

Owen’s relatable lyrics and energetic live performances have earned him a loyal following among country music fans.

20. AJ McLean

AJ McLean is a singer and dancer who is best known as a member of the Backstreet Boys, one of the best-selling boy bands of all time.

McLean is famous for his distinctive voice, dynamic dance moves, and engaging stage presence, which helped establish the Backstreet Boys as a pop culture phenomenon. 


Florida has a rich history of producing famous musicians and bands who have greatly impacted the music scene with their talents. Through their hard work and dedication, many of these artists have become multi-award winners and best-selling performers, demonstrating to the world that the state is home to some of the finest musicians in the industry.

Ariana Grande Featured Image by: 140i wikiCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons