20 Songs About Surrender

Surrender is a powerful theme that has inspired many musicians to write songs about letting go and giving in to something or someone. Whether it’s surrendering to love, to one’s own emotions, or to a higher power, the act of surrendering can be both liberating and challenging.

In this list, you’ll find 20 songs that explore the theme of surrender in different ways.

1. “Never Surrender” by Skillet

“Never Surrender” by Skillet is an anthem of resilience and determination, with lyrics that encourage listeners to never give up and to keep fighting no matter what challenges they may face.

Rather than advocating surrendering to a difficult situation or giving in to one’s emotions, the song encourages listeners to never give up and to keep fighting through even the toughest of circumstances. The lyrics talk about how the current situation is depressing but that people are still determined to keep going no matter what obstacles may come their way.

2. “Let Her Go” by Passenger

“Let Her Go” by Passenger is a folk-inflected ballad known for its emotive lyrics and catchy melody, which tell the story of a person who is struggling to let go of a past love.

The lyrics describe the narrator’s heartache at having to let go of the person he loves, but also his understanding that it is necessary for her to be able to grow and find her own path. Its message of surrendering one’s own desires for the sake of someone else is sure to resonate with anyone who has ever had to make a difficult choice out of love.

3. “You’re Going to Be OK” by Brian and Jenn Johnson

“You’re Going to Be OK” by Brian and Jenn Johnson is a song that promotes a message of hope and resilience in the face of difficult circumstances. The lyrics describe a person who is struggling with feelings of hopelessness and despair but who is encouraged to hold on and keep fighting through their challenges.

Its message of surrendering to hope and faith is sure to be comforting and encouraging for anyone who is going through a difficult time.

4. “Let’s Go” by Khalid

“Let’s Go” by Khalid is an upbeat and energetic track that encourages listeners to embrace new experiences and to live in the present moment. The song is about letting go of fear and hesitation and fully embracing life and all that it has to offer.

Its message of surrendering to the present and letting go of fear and hesitation is sure to be motivating and inspiring for anyone looking to make the most of their life.

5. “Surrender” by Kut Klose

“Surrender” by Kut Klose is a slow and sensual ballad that explores the theme of surrendering to love and the intense emotions that come with it. The lyrics describe the narrator’s desire for their partner to give themselves fully to them and surrender to the depth of their love.

The song also touches on themes of trust and vulnerability, as the narrator expresses their willingness to open themselves up and to trust their partner with their hearts.

6. “Surrender” by Natalie Taylor

“Surrender” by Natalie Taylor is a soulful and emotive ballad that talks about surrendering to one’s own emotions and to the pain of heartbreak.

The lyrics describe the narrator’s struggle to let go of a past relationship and accept that it is over. The song also talks of self-acceptance and healing, as it recognizes the need to feel their emotions and heal in order to move forward.

7. “Say Something” by A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera

“Say Something” by A Great Big World and Christina Aguilera is a heartfelt and emotive ballad about trying to reconnect with a loved one after a difficult period of distance or conflict.

The song talks about the idea of letting go of pride and ego and reaching out to someone with honesty and vulnerability in an effort to repair a damaged relationship. Its message is one of willingness to put themselves in a vulnerable position and to fully surrender to their feelings in order to try and save the relationship.

8. “Even My Dad Sometimes” by Ed Sheeran

“Even My Dad Does Sometimes” by Ed Sheeran is a stripped-down and intimate ballad that explores the theme of struggling with negative thoughts and emotions and how it is okay to surrender to those emotions and seek help when needed.

The lyrics describe the narrator’s struggle with feelings of sadness and self-doubt and express the idea that it is normal and okay to have these kinds of feelings from time to time. Its message of surrendering to these emotions and seeking help when needed is sure to be comforting and reassuring for anyone who has ever had a tough time.

9. “Sweet Surrender” by Sarah McLachlan

“Sweet Surrender” by Sarah McLachlan is a soulful and emotional ballad exploring the theme of surrendering to one’s own emotions and to the power of love. The lyrics describe the narrator’s experience of falling in love and the sense of vulnerability and surrender that comes with it.

The song also touches on being in a vulnerable position and fully surrendering to their feelings of love. The lyrics speak of the power of love and how we can become vulnerable when the feeling occurs.

10. “Surrender” by Birdy

“Surrender” is a ballad with a slow and emotional melody, and the lyrics are about letting go of something or someone and surrendering to the heartbreak or pain that comes with it.

The song speaks of the difficulty of letting go and the strength it takes to accept what has happened and move forward. The lyrics suggest that although the pain is intense, surrendering to it is the first step towards healing and moving on with life.

11. “Surrender” by Trixter

“Surrender” by Trixter is a power ballad that addresses the theme of surrender in the context of a troubled relationship. The lyrics express regret for past mistakes and a desire for reconciliation and healing.

The singer views their relationship as a battlefield and sees their love as a weapon to defend against the other person’s hurtful words. The chorus repeats the refrain “surrender,” expressing the desire to lay down their arms and come to a peaceful resolution in the relationship.

12. “Call On Me” by Starley

“Call on Me” by Starley is a dance-pop song that offers comfort, support, and encouragement to someone who is going through a difficult time. The central theme of the song is that the singer is always there for the person, offering a helping hand and a comforting presence whenever they need it.

The message is that the singer is always available to be called upon, surrendering their time to the person when they need it.

13. “I Surrender” by Celine Dion

“I Surrender” is a song performed by Canadian singer Celine Dion. The song is about giving in to love and surrendering oneself completely to another person.

The singer is expressing her love for someone and saying that she is willing to let go of everything and give herself fully to this person. The chorus repeats the sentiment of surrendering everything for love and the desire to be with this person. 

14. “I Surrender” by Rainbow

“I Surrender” by Rainbow is a power ballad that talks about a man who is pleading with his significant other to return to him as he realizes that he needs the love and affection of his partner in order to feel complete.

The man expresses his love for his partner and his willingness to do anything to make things right. The chorus repeats the line “I surrender,” which signifies the man’s giving up control and his willingness to submit to the love of his partner.

15. “I Surrender All” by Carrie Underwood

“I Surrender All” is a Christian hymn that expresses the singer’s commitment to surrendering their life completely to Jesus Christ. The lyrics express a desire to give up worldly pleasures and to trust and love Jesus completely, living in His presence every day.

The song is a declaration of devotion to Jesus and a call to surrender all aspects of life to Him. The song emphasizes the joy and peace that come with fully surrendering to Jesus, as well as the power of His salvation.

16. “Surrender” by U2

“Surrender” by U2 is a song about surrendering to life and embracing change. The lyrics describe the experiences of a person named Sadie who is living in a city that is alive with love and lies. The city represents life and its many experiences, and Sadie feels drawn to it despite not fully understanding it.

The chorus, repeating “surrender, surrender,” can be interpreted as letting go of control and embracing life as it comes. The song expresses the idea that surrendering can lead to personal transformation and growth.

17. “I Surrender” by Michael Bolton

“I Surrender” by Michael Bolton is a love song that describes the feeling of surrendering to the emotions and sensations associated with being in love.

The lyrics express the narrator’s sense of being consumed by their love and how they can no longer resist the person they have fallen for. The song speaks to the power of love and the feeling of being completely consumed by it.

18. “Surrender to Me” by Boston

“Surrender to Me” is a mid-tempo rock ballad about the desire for someone to give in to their feelings and surrender their love to them. The lyrics suggest that the person the singer is trying to win over is resistant to the idea of being in a relationship, but the singer believes that they will eventually surrender and come around.

19. “Fade to Black” by Metallica

“Fade to Black” by Metallica is a ballad that reflects on the feelings of hopelessness and surrender in the face of loss, despair, and the feeling of being trapped in a hopeless situation.

The lyrics describe a narrator who is struggling to find meaning in life, drifting further away every day, and losing the will to live. The chorus expresses the narrator’s desire for release from the pain, desperation, and emptiness he feels, wishing for death as a means of escape.

20. “Cry” by Alexx Calise

“Cry” by Alexx Calise is a sad ballad about feeling overwhelmed by emotions and struggling to find happiness. The song explores the theme of surrender as the singer expresses their desire to just let their emotions out and find release through crying.

The lyrics and melody both contribute to the overall mood of sadness and introspection, reinforcing the theme of surrendering to one’s emotions and seeking a path to healing.


Surrendering is a powerful theme that can bring both liberation and challenges. These 20 songs in this list explore surrender in a variety of ways, from embracing new experiences to surrendering to love, emotions, or higher powers.

The message of surrendering to hope, self-acceptance, honesty, and vulnerability is emphasized throughout these songs. These songs show that surrendering is a powerful and relevant emotion that shouldn’t be ignored.