The 20 Greatest George Harrison Songs Of All Time

Known for his spiritual depth and unique blend of musical styles, Harrison’s songs continue to resonate with fans across generations. This list of the 20 greatest George Harrison songs of all time is a tribute to his remarkable talent as a songwriter and musician. 

It includes his groundbreaking work with The Beatles, his soulful solo compositions, and his experimental forays into uncharted musical territories. Each song on this list offers a glimpse into Harrison’s vast musical landscape, showcasing the depth, diversity, and timeless appeal of his work. 

1. “My Sweet Lord” by George Harrison

“My Sweet Lord” by George Harrison is a spiritual anthem that’s as soothing as it is enlightening. The song reflects Harrison’s deep quest for spirituality, showcasing his ability to blend the divine with the everyday.

Harrison’s slide guitar work is so beautifully delicate here, and the chorus chanting Hare Krishna makes it an endearing hymn. It’s not just a song, it’s a journey into the heart of a man seeking solace in a higher power.

2. “Dream Scene” by George Harrison

Let’s dive into “Dream Scene,” a rather unconventional track in George Harrison’s repertoire. This psychedelic masterpiece, part of the soundtrack for the film “Wonderwall,” creates an atmosphere that is both eerie and enchanting.

With its blend of backward tapes, sitars, and unconventional lyrics, “Dream Scene” is more of an experience than just a song. It’s a testament to Harrison’s willingness to break boundaries and explore new sonic landscapes.

3. “What is Life” by George Harrison

Imagine a song that could energize you, lift you up, and make you ponder the meaning of existence all at once. That’s “What is Life” by George Harrison. Its infectious guitar riff and pulsating rhythm set the tone, while the lyrics ask the big existential question.

Harrison’s voice is at its best here, effortlessly swinging between a sweet plea and a profound inquiry. This song is a perfect example of how Harrison could blend philosophical musings with irresistible pop hooks.

4. “Miss O’Dell” by George Harrison

“Miss O’Dell” captures Harrison’s quirky side. The song, a B-side rarity, has an effortless charm, with Harrison’s playful lyrics and upbeat melody that can’t help but bring a smile to your face.

It’s a lighthearted romp, a pleasant detour from the spiritual and philosophical themes often associated with his work. With its warm humor and casual vibe, “Miss O’Dell” is a gem that showcases Harrison’s more playful, down-to-earth side.

5. “Within You Without You” by George Harrison

“Within You Without You,” Harrison’s contribution to the Beatles’ “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band,” is a stunning fusion of Eastern philosophy and Western pop. The Indian classical music influence is unmistakable, from the sitar and tabla to the philosophical lyrics.

It’s a testament to Harrison’s artistic vision, daring to push the boundaries of popular music and introducing many western listeners to the sounds of the East for the first time.

6. “All Things Must Pass” by George Harrison

The title track from his triple-album, “All Things Must Pass,” is a poignant meditation on the transient nature of life. The song flows like a comforting stream, with Harrison’s gentle voice floating over a serene musical landscape.

The lyrics are profound yet straightforward, reminding us of life’s fleeting nature and the importance of acceptance. It’s a serene and introspective piece, reflecting the calm wisdom Harrison was known for.

7. “I Need You” by George Harrison

“I Need You,” from the Beatles’ movie “Help!,” is a tender ballad that demonstrates Harrison’s underrated talent as a songwriter. The plaintive lyrics express a longing that is both relatable and heartfelt.

The song’s simplicity, both in its melody and its message, is its greatest strength. It’s an early glimpse of the lyrical depth and musical innovation that Harrison would fully realize in his solo career.

8. “Rocking Chair In Hawaii” by George Harrison

“Rocking Chair in Hawaii” is an offbeat track that showcases Harrison’s love for ukulele and the Hawaiian slide guitar. It’s a breezy, laid-back tune that transports you to a sunny island paradise.

Its casual charm and warm, easy-going rhythm show Harrison’s ability to experiment with different musical styles while keeping his distinctive touch intact.

9. “I Me Mine” by George Harrison

“I Me Mine” is a song that delves into the ego and the illusion of self-importance. This track, the last recorded by the Beatles, is marked by a haunting waltz rhythm and Harrison’s poignant lyrics.

It’s a deeply introspective song that reflects on the human condition, showing Harrison’s ability to weave profound philosophical ideas into captivating music.

10. “Old Brown Shoe” by George Harrison

“Old Brown Shoe” is a Harrison track that blends the bluesy with the whimsical. With its driving rhythm, punchy bass line, and Harrison’s tongue-in-cheek lyrics, it’s a song that manages to be playful and profound at the same time.

Harrison’s guitar work on this track is nothing short of brilliant, embodying his knack for making complex musicianship feel effortless and accessible.

11. “Savoy Truffle” by George Harrison

When you listen to “Savoy Truffle,” you step into a world that’s full of George Harrison’s unique quirkiness. Inspired by his pal Eric Clapton’s love for chocolates, Harrison weaves a tale that’s as sweet as it is playful.

The track’s full-bodied, brass-backed groove and offbeat lyrics make it a standout piece, reminding us of Harrison’s ability to find songwriting inspiration in the most unexpected places.

12. “Taxman” by George Harrison

With “Taxman,” Harrison wears the mantle of a social critic, taking a biting look at the sky-high tax rates of his day. A killer guitar riff, alongside razor-sharp lyrics, gives this song its teeth.

It’s an example of how Harrison could craft a catchy tune while also making a point – a balancing act that few can pull off as well as he did.

13. “It’s All Too Much” by George Harrison

“It’s All Too Much” is like a psychedelic journey. It’s a grand and bold exploration of sound, filled with layers upon layers of instruments and effects.

Harrison wasn’t just a musician; he was an explorer, and this song proves it. He fearlessly pushed boundaries, creating soundscapes that still feel fresh and exciting today.

14. “Blow Away” by George Harrison

On “Blow Away,” Harrison’s gift for crafting simple yet touching songs shines. The track’s upbeat rhythm and hopeful lyrics offer a breath of fresh air. It’s a track that radiates positivity, showcasing Harrison’s talent for making music that uplifts the spirit.

15. “Got My Mind Set on You” by George Harrison

“Got My Mind Set on You” is a fun-filled romp that showcases Harrison’s rock ‘n’ roll heart. It’s his take on a James Ray classic, and he infuses it with an infectious enthusiasm that’s pure Harrison. It’s a track that proves he could take a song from yesteryears and make it sound like his own.

16. “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” by George Harrison

“While My Guitar Gently Weeps” is a powerhouse of a song. It’s not just the heart-tugging lyrics or the unforgettable melody, but also Eric Clapton’s standout guitar solo that makes this track a classic.

It’s a song where Harrison poured his heart out, resulting in a piece of music that continues to move listeners today.

17. “Give Me Love” by George Harrison

In “Give Me Love,” Harrison wears his heart on his sleeve, yearning for peace and understanding. The song combines a gorgeous slide guitar melody with heartfelt lyrics, creating a warm, calming atmosphere. It’s a track that beautifully encapsulates Harrison’s desire for unity and love.

18. “If I Needed Someone” by George Harrison

“If I Needed Someone” is a prime example of Harrison’s skill in creating catchy pop-rock songs. The track has a vibrant melody, complemented by harmonic vocals, that just hooks you in. It’s a testament to Harrison’s knack for writing tunes that are immediately engaging and memorable.

19. “Bangla Desh” by George Harrison

“Bangla Desh” is a potent musical statement. Written in response to the 1971 Bangladesh Liberation War, it’s a rallying cry for help and awareness, showcasing a pivotal moment when Harrison used his music to spotlight a humanitarian crisis.

20. “Isn’t It a Pity” by George Harrison

Ending our list is “Isn’t It a Pity,” a soul-stirring reflection on human nature. The song’s introspective lyrics, set to a melancholic tune, make it a deeply emotional listen. It’s a fitting close to this collection, embodying the thoughtful and introspective spirit that Harrison often expressed in his music.

Final Thoughts

Navigating through George Harrison’s rich and diverse discography truly offers a remarkable journey. His songs, imbued with spirituality, philosophical musings, playful whimsy, and poignant storytelling, continue to touch hearts and inspire minds.

From his early contributions to The Beatles to his successful solo career, Harrison’s music transcends time, speaking to listeners with its timeless messages and innovative sounds. As we’ve explored these 20 greatest George Harrison songs, it’s clear that his impact on the world of music is immeasurable.