20 Jobs Where You Can Listen to Music

For music lovers, finding a job where they can listen to music all day is the perfect way to merge their passion with their work.

Finding the right career in the music industry can be daunting, but it is possible with the correct research. With so many options available, from composing to being a booking agent, there is bound to be a perfect match for everyone’s skill set and interests.

Here’s a list of 20 jobs where you can listen to music while working. 

1. Music Teacher

Teaching music is a great way to share your passion with others, and most music teachers can choose what music they play in their classrooms. Music teachers often specialize in a particular instrument, such as piano, guitar, or violin. As a music teacher,  you can offer private lessons, teach music in a school, or work in music stores that offer training.  

2. DJ

If you love music, becoming a DJ might be the perfect job. DJs need music to do their job! They typically get to choose the music, making it an excellent gig for music lovers.

DJs get paid to play music for others to enjoy and have a lot of control over the music they play. They can also work in different venues, including clubs, radio stations, weddings, and even people’s homes. 

3. Musician

Being a musician can be a great way to make a living while doing something you love. Granted, not all musicians succeed in this but those who do have certainly merged passion with work.

You can be a recording artist, perform in a band, or play music for others to enjoy. Musicians can also work in various venues, such as music schools, churches, and music festivals. 

4. Sound Technician

Working as a sound technician might be a good option if you are a music lover. Sound technicians work in various settings, including music venues, recording studios, and film production studios.

They are responsible for setting up and operating audio equipment, audio mixing, and enhancing the sound. Being a sound technician requires a great deal of music knowledge, especially being tech-savvy.

5. Radio Host

Radio hosts play music for their listeners, talk about music, and often interview music artists. If you love music and enjoy talking about it, it could be your ideal job. They often have great music taste and excellent interviewing skills to do their job successfully.

6. Music Producer

Music producers work with music artists to create recordings of their music. They are responsible for overseeing the recording process and working with the artist to make the final product. So, as a music producer, you get to listen to a lot of music and help create it!

7. Music Therapist

Music therapists use music to help people with different physical and emotional problems. It is a great job for music lovers who want to help others. As a music therapist, you would work with patients and therapeutically use music to help them.

8. Music Librarian

Working as a music librarian gives you access to a lot of music! Music librarians typically work in music libraries, colleges, and universities. They are responsible for cataloging music, organizing music collections, and helping people find the music they need.  

9. Music Director

A music director or conductor leads musical groups. They are responsible for planning, leading, and directing music for a church, school, or other organization. Conductors choose the music, direct the choir or orchestra, and work with the musicians to select the arrangements. 

10. Composer

Composers write music for several purposes, including movies, TV shows, video games, and commercials. As a composer, you would create music that is original or based on existing music.

You would then work with the client to ensure it meets their needs. If you love music and have a creative flair, you may enjoy being a composer. 

11. Music Journalist

Music journalists write about music for a variety of publications. They attend shows, write about new music releases, interview music artists, or review concerts. It is the perfect job to combine your excellent writing skills and love of music. 

12. Voice-over Artist

A voice-over artist is someone who records their voice for use in movies, TV shows, video games, and commercials. Voice-over artists typically have a great speaking voice, and they usually use background music in their voice-overs.  

13. Music Publisher

Music publishers work with music artists to help them get their music published. They are responsible for finding new music, negotiating contracts, and helping music artists get their music into the hands of the public. Music publishers also handle the business side of music, including royalties, copyright laws, and distribution.

14. Concert Promoter

Concert promoters work with music artists to plan and promote concerts, festivals, and other events. They are responsible for finding music venues, booking music artists, and promoting the show. The promoters also get to work with the public, selling tickets and handling the advertising.  

15. A&R Representative

Representatives are responsible for finding new music artists, signing them to record labels, and helping them develop careers. A&R representatives check digital streaming platforms, music festivals, and clubs to find new music artists. So, they listen to music! 

16. Songwriter

Songwriters write songs for music artists. They come up with the lyrics and music, and they often work with music producers to create the final product. Listening to music helps songwriters develop new ideas and write their lyrics.

17. Music Critic

Music critics review music for a living; they listen to music, write reviews, and give their opinion on new music releases, recordings, and movie scores. Critics also interview music artists and attend concerts. 

18. Music Supervisor

Music supervisors are responsible for finding music for TV shows, movies, and commercials. They also work with music licensing companies to get the rights to use music in their productions. Music supervisors typically have an excellent knowledge of music and a good ear for what will work well in a particular setting. 

19. Booking Agent

Booking agents work with music artists to book them for shows, tours, and events. They are responsible for finding music venues, negotiating contracts, and promoting the artist. If you love music and have good people skills, this could be a great fit. 

20. Audiologist

Audiologists help people who have hearing problems. They test people’s hearing, diagnose any problems, and prescribe the appropriate treatment. Audiologists often create music programs that help patients improve their hearing. 


If you love music, there are many jobs where you can use your skills. We’ve listed just a few of the many music-related jobs available. These include composers, music journalists, voice-over artists, music publishers, concert promoters, A&R representatives, songwriters, music critics, supervisors, and audiologists.

Each of these jobs listed in this post allows you to use their love of music in your career. So if you are looking for a job where you can listen to music, check out those listed above.