Is There a Word for the Term ‘Music Lover’?

Different terms can be used to describe someone who loves music. For example, you might call them music fans or music enthusiasts. But is there a specific term that describes a music lover?

Here are some words to describe a music lover.


This is a common term used to describe someone who loves music. Musicophiles are typically very passionate about music and have a vast knowledge of different music genres.


A melophile loves music for the melody rather than the lyrics. They typically enjoy classical and instrumental music. It may be used interchangeably with musicophile. 


An audiophile is someone who loves music but also cares deeply about audio quality. Audiophiles typically invest in high-quality audio equipment to get the best sound possible.


A melomaniac is someone who loves music to the point of obsession. They often know a lot about different music genres and can be very vocal about their love for music.

Music Aficionado 

An aficionado loves music, and the term describes people who are very knowledgeable about music and like to talk about it.

Music Enthusiast

A music enthusiast is someone who loves music and enjoys listening to it often. They may not be as knowledgeable about music as an aficionado, but they still enjoy it. They talk about all kinds of music and love to attend concerts.


Whether you use one of these words or another to describe a music lover, it’s clear that there is no one-size-fits-all definition. Music lovers appreciate the beauty and emotion that music can evoke and often find themselves drawn to all kinds of different styles of music.

Everyone who loves music experiences it in their unique way. So next time you meet someone who loves music, be sure to use one of the terms above to describe them!