Musical Instruments That Start With the Letter B

Some of the most popular musical instruments that start with the letter B are banjo, bagpipe, bass clarinet, bass guitar, bass guitar, bells, bassoon, and bongo. Here’s a list of musical instruments that start with the letter B:

  • BAGPIPE – Made up of a series of pipes and the player blows into a bag, which forces air through the pipes to create sound.
  • BALAFON –  A type of idiophone, the balafon is a percussion instrument that originates from West Africa.
  • BALALAIKA – A triangular Russian folk instrument that has three strings and is plucked with the thumb and two fingers.
  • BANDONEON – An Argentine and Uruguayan type of concertina that is used in tango music.
  • BANDURA –  A Ukrainian plucked string instrument, its elements contain a combination of zither and lute.
  • BANDURIA – A plucked string instrument that is similar to a small guitar, mostly used in the Philippines from Spain as a result of Spanish colonization.
  • BANJO – A stringed instrument with a drum-like body that is mostly used in country, bluegrass, and folk music.
  • BARBAT – A single-carved, short-necked, five or six-stringed lute that is used in Persian music.
  • BARYTON – A stringed instrument similar to a viol but has extra strings.
  • BASS CLARINET – A clarinet with a lower range that is typically used in an orchestra.
  • BASS DRUM – A drum with a low pitch.
  • BASS GUITAR – A guitar similar to an electric or acoustic guitar but has a low pitch in sound.
  • BASS OBOE – Twice bigger than a regular oboe and an octave lower in pitch.
  • BASSET-HORN – A member of the clarinet family that is similar to the bass clarinet.
  • BASSOON – A woodwind instrument with a double reed and a deep sound.
  • BAZOOKA -The shape is like a trombone but the player’s lips make the pitches on a brass or cup mouthpiece.
  • BELLS – Percussion instruments that can be played by shaking, hitting, or rubbing to create sound.
  • BELL TREE – A percussion instrument made of graduated metal bells that are played by hitting with a stick.
  • BERIMBAU – A Brazilian musical bow instrument, usually used in Capoeira music.
  • BONGO –  Hand drums that vary in size, it is a percussion instrument.


Instruments vary all over the world. Each culture has its unique way of playing music and that is what makes it so special. There are many different types of musical instruments, ranging from bagpipes to bongos, but the list above includes some of the most popular ones that begin with the letter B.