Musical Instruments That Start With the Letter G

Some of the most popular musical instruments that start with the letter G are guitar, glass marimba, ganza, goblet drum, gender, and gong. Below is a list of musical instruments starting with the letter G, as well as some information about each one.

  • GADZO – Is a cylindrical drum that is tuned by pegs.
  • GAITA – A Spanish bagpipe.
  • GAMELATRON – A series of robotic mallets controlled by technology.
  • GAN GAN – A small talking drum originated from West Africa.
  • GANDINGAN – A Philippine hanging gong.
  • GANZA – A rattle originated from Brazil.
  • GAOHU – A bowed-stringed instrument from China.
  • GEHU – A stringed instrument from China that is like a cello.
  • GENDER – A xylophone made of brass, originated from Indonesia.
  • GEOMUNGO – A type of Korean zither.
  • GLASS CHORD – A celesta-like crystallophone, keyboard hammers strike glass bars instead of metal.
  • GLASS MARIMBA – An idiophone that is similar to a xylophone but has glass keys.
  • GLOCKENSPIEL – A percussion instrument that has metal bars with varying lengths, it is arranged in two rows and the players use a mallet.
  • GOBLET DRUM – A goblet-shaped drum.
  • GONG – A metal plate shaped like a circle with different dimensions used as a percussion instrument.
  • GUAN – A Chinese pipe.
  • GUGIN – A bridgeless zither that originated from China.
  • GUITAR – A string instrument that has a fretted neck and a body, it is played with the fingers or a pick.
  • GUSLI– A harp that originates in Russia.
  • GUZHENG – A Chinese box zither.


There is a musical instrument for every style of music and musician. There are a lot of instruments to choose from, including gongs, guitars, and genders. This list only begins to scratch the surface of the various musical instruments that start with the letter G.