Musical Instruments That Start With the Letter H

Some of the most popular musical instruments that start with the letter H are harmonica, harp, horn, harpsichord, hand pan, and hardanger fiddle. Below is a list of musical instruments starting with the letter H, as well as some information about each one.

  • HACHI – A Buddhist sacred instrument, the Japanese cymbal is made of bronze and has a plain surface.
  • HALAM – A Senegalese plucked lute.
  • HAMMERED DULCIMER – A big zither that has numerous paired strings, often played with cane hammers.
  • HAND CLAPS –  Percussion is created by clapping the hands together.
  • HANDPAN –  A steel drum with a concave surface that is played with the hands.
  • HARDANGER FIDDLE – A small Norwegian fiddle that is narrow and has a shorter neck compared to a violin.
  • HARMONICA – A small, portable wind instrument that has a metal plate with holes of different sizes.
  • HARMONIUM –  A keyboard instrument that has bellows and reeds, similar to an accordion.
  • HARP – A string instrument that is plucked and has a triangular frame.
  • HARPE – A harp that is from Norwegia.
  • HARPSICHORD – A keyboard instrument in which the strings are plucked by quills or leather points.
  • HASAPI – A Sumatran mandolin that has two strings.
  • HAYASHI BLUE – A Japanese transverse flute.
  • HECKELPHONE – A double-reed wind instrument similar to a baritone oboe.
  • HIGHLAND PIPES – A bagpipe that has eight holes in the chanter and is played by the Scottish people while standing.
  • HNE – A flute that is from Burma.
  • HORNS – Any brass instrument that is made of metal and has a cup-shaped mouthpiece, such as the French horn or alphorn.
  • HOSHO – Maranka gourds with seeds are used by Zimbabweans to create the particular idiophone.
  • HURDY GURDY –  A European string instrument that is played by cranking a handle that rubs the strings.


Many different types of musical instruments start with the letter H. Each one has its unique sound and purpose.

From the harmonica to the harp, the letter H offers a wide range of options for those interested in learning to play a new instrument. Whatever your preference, there is sure to be a musical instrument starting with the letter H.