Musical Instruments That Start With the Letter J

Some of the most popular musical instruments that start with the letter J are the jug, jaw harp, java, jong, and jarana huasteca. Here is a list of musical instruments starting with the letter J, along with a little bit of information about each one.

  • JANGGU – A Korean drum shaped like an hourglass.
  • JAPANESE BAMBOO FLUTE – A flute that originated in Japan.
  • JARANA JAROCHA – A string instrument from Mexico, has a more narrow body than an ordinary guitar.
  • JARANA HUASTECA – A string instrument with five strings.
  • JAVA – An coconut shell finger pick that originated in India.
  • JAW HARP – Also known as a jew’s harp, is a small, handheld instrument that is played by plucking the harp using the player’s teeth or lips to make a sound.
  • JAZZOPHONE – A type of brass instrument that is similar to a saxophone but has a mouthpiece that is shaped like a trumpet’s.
  • JEMBE – A type of African goblet drum that is tuned using ropes.
  • JHANJ – An Indian cymbal.
  • JIAOHU – A Chinese two-string instrument that is similar to a violin.
  • JING – A Korean large drum.
  • JONG – A Chinese bell made out of bronze.
  • JUG – An empty jug used to produce a sound similar to the trombone.
  • JUNGGUTAN – A type of instrument that is similar to a xylophone.
  • JUNIPER – A type of string instrument that is similar to a guitar.


This list contains a diverse group of musical instruments from all over the world that start with the letter J. It includes percussion, string, and wind instruments. With this list, you might find your new favorite instrument that starts with the letter J.