Musical Instruments That Start With the Letter T

Some of the most popular musical instruments that start with the letter T are triangle, trombone, talking drum, tuba, and trumpet. Here is a list of musical instruments that start with the letter T:

  • TABOR – A double-headed drum with a rope tension from England.
  • TAEGUM – A Korean transverse flute made of bamboo.
  • TAGANING – Indonesian barrel drum set with 5 drums.
  • TAHITAHI – Type of small flutes that are made out of gourd, bamboo, or wood from Madagascar.
  • TAIKO – A Japanese term for barrel-shaped drums.
  • TAKARE – A single-string fiddle from Mozambique.
  • TALKING DRUM – A West African pressure drum with an hourglass shape that varies in pitch.
  • TAMA – A West African talking drum.
  • TAMBORA – Two-headed drum that is commonly played in merengue music from the Dominican Republic.
  • TAMBORIL – A Spanish tension drum that has two heads and rope tension, usually played with drumsticks.
  • TAMBOURINE – A percussion instrument consists of single or double rings, like cymbals and jingles.
  • TAMMORRA – A large Italian tambourine with goat skin or dried sheep as a drum head.
  • TAR – A type of lute that is popular in Iran, Turkey, Caucasus, and Azerbaijan.
  • TENOR SAXOPHONE – A saxophone that is medium-sized and has a high-pitched range.
  • THEREMIN – An electronic musical instrument that creates or modifies sounds typically used as a synthesiser.
  • TIN WHISTLE – A woodwind instrument that is similar to a fipple flute.
  • TOMTOM DRUM – A cylindrical drum that has no snares, one of the drums found in the drumkit.
  • TRIANGLE – A triangular musical instrument that is classified as an idiophone.
  • TROMBONE – A brass musical instrument that is similar to a trumpet but uses the telescoping slide mechanism instead of valves to change pitch.
  • TRUMPET – A brass valved aerophone that is usually used in jazz ensembles.
  • TUBA – Low-pitched brass instruments that have 3-6 valves like euphonium, saxhorn, and sousaphone.


There are many different types of musical instruments that start with the letter T. Each one has its own unique sound and purpose.

Triangle, trombone, talking drum, tuba, and trumpet are just a few examples of the wide variety of instruments that begin with this letter. With so many options to choose from, there is sure to be a T-instrument that is perfect for any musician.