Musical Instruments That Start With the Letter V

Some of the most popular musical instruments that start with the letter V are viola, vibraphone, violetta, vertical flute, and violin. To know each, here is a list of musical instruments that begins with the letter V.

  • VALIHA – A bamboo zither with metal strings from Madagascar.
  • VARGAN – Jew’s harp from Russia.
  • VE VE – Buzzers made of bamboo, popular in Asian countries such as the Philippines, Vietnam, and Indonesia.
  • VEENA – A plucked lute from South Africa.
  • VERTICAL FLUTE – A variety of flutes that are either blown from the tubular ducts, side-blown, or rim-blown to produce sound.
  • VEUZE – A bagpipe from Breton.
  • VIBRAPHONE – A type of xylophone that has motor-driven resonators of metal.
  • VICHITRA VEENA – A plucked string instrument that has no frets, played in North Indian classical music.
  • VIELLE – Identical to a normal violin but with a slightly larger and deeper body, the vielle is a European bowed stringed musical instrument from the medieval era.
  • VIHUELA – A stringed instrument that populated during the Renaissance period, has a body of a guitar but is tuned similarly to a lute.
  • VINA – Another term for ‘veena,’ a South African lute.
  • VIOLA – An alto instrument of the violin family.
  • VIOLA D’AMORE – A violin with no frets.
  • VIOLA DE GAMBA – A fretted instrument that is played upright, also called the bass viol.
  • VIOLIN – A European bowed instrument that has four strings, and has rounded shoulders and back.
  • VIOLETTA – A bowed instrument that is violin-like, but usually has three strings only.
  • VOLYNKA – A bagpipe from Russia and Ukraine that has one or two drones.
  • VUVUZELA – A horn that produces a monotone note.


Musical instruments that start with the letter V range from a bowed string instrument, plucked lute, zither, bagpipe, and xylophone. Each with its own unique history and origins from all over the world.

Whether it’s the viola de gamba from the Renaissance period or the vuvuzela from South Africa, each instrument has a place in music.