Musical Instruments That Start With the Letter W

Some of the most popular musical instruments that start with the letter W are water drums, washboard, washtub bass, willow flute, woodblock, whip, whistle, and wheel harp. This list contains musical instruments from around the world that start with the letter W.

  • WA PATALA – A curved wooden xylophone that has bamboo plates from Myanmar.
  • WAGNER TUBA – A brass instrument that has four valves, similar to a french horn but has a “smoky” sound.
  • WANDINDI – A Kenyan bowed lute with one string.
  • WASHBOARD – A typical washboard used as a musical instrument, the player scrapes the board to create rasping sounds which are commonly used in Cajun music.
  • WASHINT – A Ethiopian four-holed wooden flute made out of bamboo or other kinds of cane.
  • WASHTUB BASS – A stringed instrument used by jug bands, made out of a metal washtub that serves as a resonator.
  • WATER DRUMS – West African drums made from large gourds that are filled with water.
  • WATERPHONE – A modern musical instrument that has a metal base and spokes with varying lengths and is fretted with a bow, usually creating eerie music in horror movies.
  • WELSH PIPES – Refers generally to all types of Welsh bagpipes.
  • WHEEL HARP – A bowed string instrument that is controlled by a keyboard and a foot that is controlled by a motor.
  • WHIP – A percussion instrument that is also referred to as a slapstick.
  • WHISTLE – A small fipple flute that is blown on the end.
  • WILLOW FLUTE – A flute with no finger holes that is popular in Norway and Sweden.
  • WIND CHIMES – A percussion instrument that consists of suspended metal or wooden tubes.
  • WOOD BLOCK – A small wooden slit drum.
  • WUBALA – Wua flute in Ghana has the highest pitch.


Many different types of musical instruments start with the letter W from all over the world. Each instrument has its own unique sound that contributes to the overall music.

Whether it’s the wooden willow flute from Norway or the water drums from West Africa, each instrument has something special to offer.