Musical Instruments That Start With the Letter Y

Some of the most popular musical instruments that start with the letter Y are yataga, yuka, yun lo, and yueqin. While some are less common, all instruments are used in different music genres.This list contains a variety of instruments that starts with the letter Y:

  • YANGQIN – A hammered dulcimer from China.
  • YANGGUM – A Korean hammered dulcimer.
  • YAOGU – A large traditional Chinese drum.
  • YARAKI – A woodwind instrument that is made from a tree trunk or hollow branch, also known as didgeridoo.
  • YATGA – A Mongolian plucked zither that has 13 strings.
  • YAYLI TANBUR – A Turkish bowed lute.
  • YEHU – A Chinese bowed string instrument that has a coconut shell as a sound box.
  • YIDAKI – Another term for “didgeridoo,” this is used for fun ceremonies in Australia.
  • YOTSUTAKE – A Japanese bamboo instrument that is used in traditional dances.
  • YU – A Chinese free reed instrument, similar to a “sheng.”
  • YUEQIN – A traditional Chinese musical instrument, also called “moon lute” or “moon guitar.”
  • YUKA – Cuban drums that are long, vertical, and cylindrical in shape.
  • YUN LO – A Chinese gong set that consists of 10 small tuned gongs with varying pitches placed in a wooden frame.


Musical instruments that start with the letter Y are only a few, but each country has its own music culture that is passed down from generation to generation. This is what makes each country’s music unique and interesting.

Whether you’re looking for Y-named musical instruments to add to your collection or just want to learn more about the music of different cultures, this list is a great starting point.