Musical Instruments That Start With the Letter Z

Some of the most popular musical instruments that start with the letter Z are zampogna, zamboba, zanfona, and zither. Here’s a list of the most popular musical instruments that start with the letter Z, along with a little bit of information about each one.

  • ZAABIA – A gourd rattle that is from Ghana, specifically from the Dagomba people.
  • ŻAFŻAVA – A friction drum from Malta.
  • ZAMBOMBA – A Spanish friction clay or wood drum, an ancient instrument used for Christmas songs.
  • ZAMPOGNA – A bagpipe that contains two 2 drones and conical canters, originally from Italy.
  • ZAMPOÑA – A pan flute that is popular in Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia.
  • ZANFONA – A type of hurdy gurdy in Spain.
  • ŻAQQ – A bagpipe from Malta.
  • ZARB – A Persian wooden goblet drum.
  • ZHALEIKA – A Russian wind instrument made of wood or cow horn, that contains a single reed.
  • ZHENG – A type of zither with 21 strings that is found in China.
  • ZHONGDIHU – A bass two-stringed musical instrument in China.
  • ZHUIHU – A bowed instrument from China.
  • ZITHER– A category of plucked instruments that has a board box to which the strings are attached.
  • ZONGHU – A bowed string instrument in China that produces a low-pitched sound.
  • ZUFFOLO – A little Italian fipple flute, also known as a flageolet that makes a whistling sound.
  • ZURNA – A type of Turkish serunai or reed wind instrument.


We hope you enjoyed learning about all of the different musical instruments that begin with the letter Z. These are merely a few of the numerous instruments available, each with its own fascinating backstory and intriguing details.