Musical Instruments That Start With the Letter Q

Some of the most popular musical instruments that start with the letter Q are qanun, quinacho, and quinticlave. Here are some musical instruments that start with Q you might want to know.

  • QANUN – A stringed instrument that is often played in an ensemble or solo, most popular in the Middle east,  and some parts of Africa, Asia, Greece, and Armenia.
  • QARISH – A type of flute that is found in Central Asia.
  • QENGKARI – A traditional Korean gong that is small and held by hand.
  • QIN – A Chinese plucked zither that is also called guqin.
  • QUATRO –  A small, four-stringed guitar that is popular in Latin America.
  • QUENA – A traditional flute that is from the Andes region of South America.
  • QUENACHO – A type of quena that has a lower tone.
  • QUENIRA – A zither that is from the Medieval Andalusian times.
  • QUIJADA DE BURRO – An improvised rattle or scraper made from a dried jawbone of a deceased donkey across Latin American areas. 
  • QUINTEPHONE – An electronic device that transmits sounds digitally.
  • QUINTICLAVE – The old, classic brass instrument of the bugle family that has a range similar to that of a baritone, is no longer used in orchestras–now replaced by the tuba.
  • QUINTON – A popular French stringed instrument that was popular in the 18th century.
  • QUIRIBILLOS – A type of clapper that contains 15 tubes out of canes.
  • QUITIPLAS – An Afro-Venezuelan set of percussion instruments that are made of bamboo.


There are only a few musical instruments that start with the letter Q, but they come from all over the world. From the qanun of the Middle East to the quena of South America, these instruments show the diversity of music and culture around the world.