Rihanna Albums in Order

Rihanna’s album discography comprises eight studio albums released between 2005 and 2017. The chronological order of her albums starts with “Music of the Sun” and ends with “Anti.”

Rihanna’s remarkable career is far more than just the sum of its chart-topping singles. The depth and breadth of her discography reveals an artist who has continually evolved, redefining her artistry and audience expectations with each new record.

Each album serves as a chapter in the Rihanna narrative, painting a vivid portrait of her personal and artistic journey.

Rihanna’s Album Discography

Rihanna’s album discography is a diverse collection showcasing her impressive range as an artist. It consists of eight studio albums that have captured the attention of fans and critics alike.

Here’s an overview of Rihanna’s discography, starting from her debut album to her most recent release:

Music of the Sun (2005)

Rihanna emerged onto the global music stage, capturing our hearts with her debut album, “Music of the Sun.” The fusion of Caribbean rhythms, R&B soulfulness, and infectious pop harmonies marked her distinctive sound.

The smash hit “Pon de Replay” introduced us to a young Barbadian artist, who danced her way into pop culture and never looked back. This album marked the beginning of a journey that would soon take the music world by storm.

A Girl Like Me (2006)

With “A Girl Like Me,” Rihanna affirmed her place in the music industry. Building on the success of her debut, she crafted catchy tunes like “SOS” and the poignant ballad “Unfaithful.”

This sophomore album showed us a developing artist – one who was not afraid to explore and experiment with her sound, thus expanding her musical horizons and embracing her individuality.

Good Girl Gone Bad (2007)

“Good Girl Gone Bad” marked a pivotal point in Rihanna’s career. It saw her transition from the Caribbean-infused pop sensation to a mature, genre-bending icon.

The iconic “Umbrella,” a collaboration with Jay-Z, and the dance-ready “Don’t Stop the Music” signified her ascent to superstardom. This album marked a new era, showcasing her versatility and willingness to push boundaries.

Rated R (2009)

“Rated R” took fans on a darker, more emotionally charged journey. Exploring edgier themes and sounds, Rihanna revealed her vulnerable side in tracks like “Russian Roulette” and exuded defiance in the dancehall-tinged “Rude Boy.”

This album, raw and deeply personal, confirmed her as an artist unafraid to bare her soul and push musical boundaries.

Loud (2010)

Returning to her roots with an upbeat dance-pop palette, Rihanna crafted a vibrant collection of anthems in “Loud.” Embodying the album title, hits like “Only Girl (In the World)” and the provocative “S&M” demonstrated her ability to reinvent herself continually.

“Loud” reminded us of Rihanna’s strength – her knack for creating tracks that resonate with the audience and dominate the charts.

Talk That Talk (2011)

“Talk That Talk” carried forward the baton of Rihanna’s chart-topping success. Featuring tracks such as the powerful “We Found Love” and the captivating “Where Have You Been,” this album was a testament to her prowess as a pop star.

Here, Rihanna artfully combined pop sensibilities with a gritty, assertive attitude, continuing to carve out her niche in the music landscape.

Unapologetic (2012)

“Unapologetic,” true to its name, marked a period where Rihanna asserted her sound and personal narratives with even greater intensity. The chartbuster “Diamonds” showcased her vocal range and her ability to evoke powerful emotions, while the duet “Stay” provided a raw, touching moment of vulnerability.

This album underlined Rihanna’s evolving artistry, proving that she was here to stay and would continue to shape the industry on her terms.

Anti (2016)

The release of “Anti” saw Rihanna delve into uncharted territory, creating her most experimental album to date. From the dancehall-infused “Work” to the introspective “Needed Me,” Rihanna eschewed conventional pop trends, presenting a body of work that was uniquely her own.

This groundbreaking album was a fitting testament to Rihanna’s journey – a journey characterized by innovation, resilience, and an unwavering commitment to her craft.

Rihanna’s discography is a musical odyssey, charting the inspiring journey of a young Barbadian singer who transformed into a global icon.

Upcoming Album in 2023?

In a recent feature with British Vogue, Rihanna made her intentions clear about her much-anticipated return to the music scene. Expressing her commitment to releasing her next album in 2023, she disclosed, “I want it to be this year,” a desire that has kept her fans, eagerly awaiting a new album for over half a decade, on the edge of their seats.

Rihanna’s ninth studio album would follow up her 2016 masterpiece “Anti,” a body of work she proudly labels as her most brilliant to date. Discussing the daunting task of surpassing “Anti” with her next release, Rihanna emphasized the need to change perspective and focus on the joy of creating music. 

Rather than measuring success by comparison, she believes in the power of music as an outlet for expression, suggesting that a new song could be valuable simply for the enjoyment it brings.


In conclusion, Rihanna’s illustrious career is characterized by an ever-evolving discography spanning eight studio albums, numerous hit songs, and an undeniable influence on the music industry.

As we await the next addition in Rihanna’s musical saga, we can only appreciate her unparalleled journey thus far and anticipate the new achievements yet to come.

Rihanna Featured Image by: SIGMA, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons