SEVENTEEN Albums in Order

SEVENTEEN, a South Korean boy band, has released a variety of albums since their debut. Discover the order of their albums, the popular songs in the lineup, and which collectible editions are worth looking out for.

K-pop group SEVENTEEN, known for their outstanding performances and synchronized choreography, burst onto the scene in 2015. It’s essential to dive into their discography, starting from their debut album “17 Carat” and progressing through their impressive lineup of releases. You’ll be amazed at how diverse their music is and the unforgettable songs they’ve produced.

List of SEVENTEEN Albums in Order

SEVENTEEN has an extensive discography that includes mini albums, studio albums, and repackage albums. Their musical journey showcases their growth and versatility as a group. Here is the chronological list of all their albums:

“17 Carat” (1st Mini Album) – 2015

SEVENTEEN’s second mini-album continued to build their unique sonic identity, fusing catchy melodies with insightful lyrics about youth, love, and dreams, cementing their place in the K-pop industry.

“Boys Be” (2nd Mini Album) – 2015

This album is where SEVENTEEN began to establish their musical identity. With a combination of playful yet deep lyrics and energetic beats, “Boys Be” showcases their youthful spirit and artistic versatility.

“Love & Letter” (1st Full-Length Album) – 2016

In their first full-length album, “Love & Letter”, SEVENTEEN showcased their growth as artists, delivering a more mature sound while retaining their distinctive youthful charm. The album is filled with heartfelt ballads and catchy pop songs, perfectly balancing different musical elements.

“Love & Letter Repackage Album” – 2016

This album is an extended version of their first full-length album, packed with additional tracks that offer a deeper exploration into SEVENTEEN’s musical range. The repackage provided fans with more immersive experiences and allowed the group to broaden their artistic expressions.

“Going SEVENTEEN” (3rd Mini Album) – 2016

This album depicted SEVENTEEN’s evolving musical journey, showcasing an increased variety in sound while retaining their unique K-pop charm and dynamic performances.

“Al1” (4th Mini Album) – 2017

With “Al1,” SEVENTEEN demonstrated a shift towards introspective themes and sounds. This album served as a platform for the group to explore personal narratives, leading to a richer emotional depth in their music.

“Teen, Age” (2nd Full-Length Album) – 2017

With “Teen, Age,” SEVENTEEN shows a more mature side of their artistry. The album explores a broad spectrum of themes like youth, adulthood, and societal pressures, backed by a varied palette of music styles.

“Director’s Cut” (Special Album) – 2018

A special treat for fans, “Director’s Cut” features a mix of new tracks and revamped versions of previously released songs. It served as a testament to their creative ingenuity, successfully reinterpreting their own work.

“You Make My Day” (5th Mini Album) – 2018

This mini-album takes on a brighter, more summery vibe. The tracks in “You Make My Day” are filled with positivity, showcasing their ability to play with different moods and music styles.

“You Made My Dawn” (6th Mini Album) – 2019

As the dawn counterpart to its predecessor, this album carries a more serene, reflective tone. The songs in “You Made My Dawn” demonstrate the group’s lyrical prowess and emotional depth, inviting fans into their introspective journey.

“An Ode” (3rd Full-Length Album) – 2019

In “An Ode,” SEVENTEEN conveys their thoughts on the world and their own experiences. The album’s thought-provoking lyrics and varied musical styles present a more contemplative side of the group.

“Heng:garæ” (7th Mini Album) – 2020

“Heng:garæ” sees the group embracing themes of hope and unity, proving their strength in delivering meaningful messages through their

As the list above displays, SEVENTEEN has a rich musical history that spans multiple years and various types of albums. Fans can enjoy their diverse discography and witness the evolution of the group’s captivating sound and charismatic performances.

SEVENTEEN’s Japanese Albums

SEVENTEEN has also made a significant impact on the Japanese music scene, further establishing their global presence. Their Japanese discography resonates with their distinct style while also incorporating elements unique to the local market. Here is a list of their Japanese albums:

“We Make You” (1st Japanese Mini Album) – 2018

The group’s first foray into the Japanese market, “We Make You” offered a mix of translated hits and original Japanese tracks. This mini album presented SEVENTEEN’s brand of infectious pop tunes to a new audience, making a strong impression in their overseas debut.

“Happy Ending” (1st Japanese Single Album) – 2019

“Happy Ending” demonstrated the group’s ability to adapt to a different musical culture while retaining their unique style. The album featured the eponymous lead single “Happy Ending” and served as a reaffirmation of the group’s commitment to their global fans.

“Fallin’ Flower” (2nd Japanese Single Album) – 2020

This album continued to solidify SEVENTEEN’s popularity in Japan. “Fallin’ Flower” stood out with its ethereal sound and captivating visuals, marking a significant evolution in their artistic direction.

“24H” (2nd Japanese Mini Album) – 2020

“24H” showcased SEVENTEEN’s maturity and versatility in music. The mini-album balanced both dance-pop anthems and emotive ballads, solidifying their position as one of the leading K-pop acts in Japan.

“Dream” (3rd Japanese Album) – 2022

“Dream” signifies SEVENTEEN’s growing prowess in the Japanese music scene. Released in late 2022, the album showcases the group’s ability to experiment with diverse musical styles while keeping their unique sound intact.

These albums are a testament to SEVENTEEN’s musical evolution and their commitment to deliver quality music to their fans across borders.


In conclusion, SEVENTEEN has established themselves as a powerhouse in the K-pop scene, with a diverse and extensive discography that has captivated fans around the world.

Exploring SEVENTEEN’s outstanding music catalog and rare collectibles deepens the connection between fans and the group, making their work truly unforgettable.

SEVENTEEN Featured Image by: SEVENTEEN, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons