20 Songs About Arizona

Arizona, the 48th state of the United States, and it has been an inspiration for artists and musicians for many years, with its vast deserts, scenic canyons, and picturesque sunsets. In this article, we will take a look at 20 songs that capture the essence of Arizona.

1. “Tucson, Arizona Gazette” by Dan Fogelberg

“Tucson, Arizona Gazette” by Dan Fogelberg is a song that beautifully captures the essence of Tucson, Arizona. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of the city, rising in the heat like a mirage, with its streets and alleys that snake through the city.

2. “Take It Easy” by Eagles

Beyond its reference to Winslow, “Take It Easy” also captures the essence of the Arizona lifestyle, with its laid-back, easy-going attitude. Its lyrics capture the essence of small-town life in the state and encourage listeners to take it easy and enjoy life to the fullest.

3. “Arizona” by Scorpions

One of the most significant experiences that the protagonist in this song has in Arizona is meeting a girl on the street at night. He describes her as a “knockout” and says that she “took his breath away.”

This encounter represents the unpredictability and excitement that can be found in Arizona, even when one is not actively seeking it out.

4. “Arizona Skies” by Los Lobos

“Arizona Skies” by Los Lobos is a song that explores the theme of moving on from a past relationship while living in Arizona. The lyrics describe the narrator’s feelings of anger and frustration, as well as his desire to start anew and forget about his past.

The song suggests that sometimes it is difficult to move on from the past, but that it is possible to do so with time and patience.

5. “I Fell Into Painting Houses in Phoenix, Arizona” by Richmond Fontaine

This next song paints a vivid picture of life in the suburbs of Phoenix, where the sprawl of houses and streets can be disorienting and confusing. “I Fell Into Painting Houses in Phoenix” is a poignant and evocative song that captures the essence of life in Arizona’s largest city.

Through its simple but powerful lyrics, the song paints a picture of a place that is both fascinating and frustrating, a place where dreams can come true but also where it’s easy to lose your way.

6. “Big Iron” by Marty Robbins

Throughout the song, Robbins uses vivid imagery to paint a picture of the rugged landscape of Arizona and the people who live there.

He describes the dusty streets, the sweltering heat, and the fierce independence of the people who call this place home. The song captures the spirit of the Old West, a time when men were men, and justice was often served at the end of a gun.

7. “Arizona” by Robbie Williams

“Arizona” by Robbie Williams is a song that captures the sense of wonder and possibility that this vast and beautiful state represents. With its evocative lyrics and upbeat melody, it’s a song that invites listeners to dream big and embrace the unknown.

8. “There Is No Arizona” by Jamie O’Neal

“There Is No Arizona” is a country song by Jamie O’Neal that tells the story of a woman who was promised a better life in Arizona by her lover.

The lyrics describe how the man convinced her to believe in his promises of a new beginning, but he eventually left her behind, and she realizes that there was never an Arizona.

9. “Hotel Arizona” by Wilco

“Hotel Arizona” is a song by the American alternative rock band, Wilco. The lyrics of the song describe the experience of staying in a hotel in Arizona, a state known for its desert landscapes, canyons, and rugged terrain.

The song speaks of the allure of feeling like a star while staying in a hotel, where the glitz and glamour of the hospitality industry can make one feel special.

10. “The Ballad Of Boot Hill” by Johnny Cash

Next on the list is a classic country song by Johnny Cash that vividly captures the spirit of Arizona. The song opens with the line “Out in Arizona just south of Tucson,” placing the listener squarely in the heart of the desert landscape.

The lyrics evoke a sense of pride and resilience among the people who call this place home, even in the face of hardship and decline.

11. “Get Back” by The Beatles

The song’s lyrics describe Jojo as a loner who realizes that his life in Arizona is not fulfilling and decides to head west to find his place in the world.

Jojo’s experiences or his reasons for leaving Arizona, it captures the sense of restlessness and the desire for something more that many people feel at some point in their lives.

12. “Route 66” by Nat King Cole

“Route 66” by Nat King Cole is a classic American song that celebrates the famous highway which runs from Chicago to Los Angeles. The song highlights the iconic landmarks and attractions that can be found along this historic route, including those in Arizona.

13. “Phoner To Arizona” by Gorillaz

“Phoner To Arizona” by Gorillaz is a mysterious song that touches on the idea of communication and connection across distance. The reference to Arizona in the lyrics adds a sense of place to the song, but the meaning of the lyrics remains open to interpretation.

14. “Mesa Town” by Authority Zero

The lyrics to this song reflect a sense of adventure, camaraderie, and also a hint of hostility towards law enforcement. It’s a song that speaks to the experience of being a young person in a new place, looking for fun and excitement, while also navigating the challenges that come with it.

15. “Arizona” by Rex Allen Junior

In 1982, the Arizona Legislature named “Arizona” (also known as “I Love You Arizona”), a song written and performed by Rex Allen Jr., as an alternate state anthem. It’s is a beautiful and heartfelt tribute to the state of Arizona and its people.

Rex Allen Jr.’s sincere and emotive performance, combined with the song’s gorgeous melody and lyrics, make it a timeless classic that continues to inspire and uplift people to this day.

16. “King of Arizona” by Clutch

The chorus to this track, “We are the King of Arizona,” is a bold statement of pride and ownership, suggesting that the people of Arizona are in charge of their own destiny and answer to no one.

The song ultimately celebrates the strength and resilience of the Arizonan people, who know their own history and lineage and are not afraid to stand up for themselves. 

17. “Bobby in Phoenix” by Gorillaz

“Bobby in Phoenix” is a song that celebrates the unique character of Phoenix, and the way that it can inspire and uplift those who visit it.

Whether you’re looking for a new start or simply trying to find a way through a tough time, Phoenix offers a sense of hope and possibility that can help you breathe a little better.

18. “By the Time I Get to Phoenix” by Glen Campbell

This song is a narrative about a man who is leaving his lover in Phoenix, Arizona. He is describing his journey as he travels through the American Southwest, from Oklahoma to Arizona.

As he makes his way to Phoenix, he reflects on his relationship and realizes that he has been taking his lover for granted. Its enduring popularity is a testament to its ability to transport listeners to another time and place, making it a beloved favorite for generations to come.

19. “Surprise, AZ” by Richard Buckner

“Surprise, AZ” by Richard Buckner is a haunting song about the state of Arizona, told through the perspective of a narrator who reflects on the past and present.

The lyrics are filled with a sense of nostalgia, regret, and longing, as the narrator remembers a time when life was simpler and dreams seemed more attainable.

20. “Ocean Front Property” by George Strait

“Ocean Front Property” is a tongue-in-cheek country song that uses clever wordplay and humor to create an entertaining story about a man trying to sell a piece of land that doesn’t actually exist.

While the song is not actually about Arizona or oceanfront property, it has become a classic in country music due to its catchy melody and witty lyrics.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Arizona has been a source of inspiration for many musicians throughout the years, resulting in a vast collection of songs that celebrate the state’s beauty, history, and culture.

Whether you’re a fan of rock, country, folk, or any other genre, there’s sure to be a song on this list that captures the spirit of Arizona and inspires you to explore all the wonders this state has to offer.