20 Songs About Wyoming

Wyoming, a state known for its rugged landscapes and iconic landmarks. Many artists have been inspired by this majestic state and have written songs that pay tribute to its unique charm.

Here are 20 songs about Wyoming that showcase its cowboy culture and the emotional connections people have with this state.

1. “The Emperor of Wyoming” by Neil Young

The Emperor of Wyoming (2009 Remaster)The Emperor of Wyoming (2009 Remaster)

This instrumental track from Neil Young’s debut album is named after the state and captures the wide-open spaces and raw beauty of Wyoming. Despite its lack of lyrics, the song’s title and composition make it clear that it is a tribute to the rugged and untamed beauty of Wyoming.

2. “Wyoming State of Mind” by The Snarlin’ Yarns

The Snarlin' Yarns - Wyoming State of MindThe Snarlin’ Yarns – Wyoming State of Mind

“Wyoming State of Mind” by The Snarlin’ Yarns is a tribute to the state of Wyoming, and it uses the lyrics to convey a sense of awe and wonder about the state’s natural beauty and rugged landscapes.

The Snarlin’ Yarns have created a song that captures the spirit and essence of Wyoming, and it’s sure to resonate with anyone who has experienced the magic of this special place.

3. “I Can Still Make Cheyenne” by George Strait

I Can Still Make CheyenneI Can Still Make Cheyenne

“I Can Still Make Cheyenne” by George Strait is a poignant country song that tells the story of a cowboy who must leave his love behind and head for Cheyenne, Wyoming. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of heartbreak, longing, and determination as the cowboy sets out on a journey to win back his lost love.

4. “Wyoming & Me” by The Black Crowes

Wyoming and Me by The Black CrowesWyoming and Me by The Black Crowes

Throughout the song, The Black Crowes use imagery and metaphor to capture the essence of Wyoming. The lyrics also touch on the struggles that many people in Wyoming face, such as economic hardship and isolation.

5. “Wyoming is for Lovers” by The Patti Fiasco

The Patti Fiasco- Wyoming is for LoversThe Patti Fiasco- Wyoming is for Lovers

“Wyoming is for Lovers” is a heartfelt tribute to the state of Wyoming. The Patti Fiasco have captured the essence of the state’s beauty, its rugged character, and the sense of love and belonging that many people feel when they spend time there.

It’s a song that celebrates Wyoming and all that it represents, and it’s sure to resonate with anyone who has spent time in the state and fallen in love with it.

6. “Paint Me Back Home in Wyoming” by Chris LeDoux

Paint Me Back Home In WyomingPaint Me Back Home In Wyoming

LeDoux’s love for the state is evident in every line of the song, and his longing to return home will resonate with anyone who has ever felt a deep connection to a particular place. It’s a song that captures the spirit of Wyoming and all that makes it a special and unique place.

7. “My Sweet Wyoming Home” by Bill Staines

Sweet Wyoming Home - Bill StainesSweet Wyoming Home – Bill Staines

For anyone who has ever felt a strong connection to a particular place, “My Sweet Wyoming Home” is a reminder of the power of home and the deep emotional ties that bind us to the places we love.

The lyrics also mention “entrance fees” and “travelin’,” which could refer to the expenses and challenges associated with traveling long distances.

8. “These Boots” by Eric Church

Eric Church-These BootsEric Church-These Boots

While the lyrics do not explicitly mention Wyoming, they do reference a specific event that took place in Cheyenne, which is the capital city of Wyoming. The lyrics also mention the cowboy spurring a beast in Cheyenne, likely referring to a rodeo event where he attempted to ride a bull. 

9. “Song of Wyoming” by John Denver

Song of WyomingSong of Wyoming

This next song describes a cowboy’s life with whiskey and tobacco, bitter black coffee, and the company of a lonesome old dogie.

Denver’s lyrics also touch on the sense of isolation that can come with living in such an expansive and rugged landscape. He sings about waking up on the range, which can be both exhilarating and lonely at the same time.

10. “Wyoming” by Caroline Kid

Wyoming - Caroline KidWyoming – Caroline Kid

The song’s title and recurring imagery of Wyoming add to its melancholic tone. The narrator imagines their former partner sleeping under the stars in the open wilderness, while they themselves are left to contemplate their own solitude in the city. You can stream this on all music platforms out there.

11. “What Happened in Wyoming” by Envoi

Envoi - What Happened in Wyoming (Official Lyric Video)Envoi – What Happened in Wyoming (Official Lyric Video)

“What Happened in Wyoming” by Envoi is a song that reflects on a year full of apathy and the consequences of our actions. The lyrics invite us to take responsibility for our mistakes and to try to make things right.

It also suggests that the speaker may have been motivated by a desire for glory, but has now come to realize that the cost of that glory was too high.

12. “Wyoming” by Tyler Stenson

"Wyoming" by Tyler Stenson (Aladdin Theater)“Wyoming” by Tyler Stenson (Aladdin Theater)

Tyler Stenson’s song “Wyoming” is a beautiful ode to the state of Wyoming in the United States. The song begins by acknowledging the rapid development of the world with the turning of the sun, as cities rose from towns and quietly turned to sound.

Despite this constant change, Wyoming has remained relatively untouched, maintaining its natural beauty and peacefulness throughout the years.

13. “Leaving Wyoming” by Northcote

Northcote - "Leaving Wyoming" | House Of StromboNorthcote – “Leaving Wyoming” | House Of Strombo

“Leaving Wyoming” is a poignant song that explores the themes of love, loss, and memory. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of a person grappling with the pain of separation from a loved one, and finding comfort in the garden.

The song is a testament to the enduring power of love, even in the face of loss and adversity.

14. “Wyoming Wind” by Brenn Hill

Wyoming wind- Brenn HillWyoming wind- Brenn Hill

Next on the list is a wistful song about leaving Wyoming, a place that has become a second home to the protagonist. The lyrics paint a picture of someone who has spent a significant amount of time in Wyoming, traveling from Cheyenne to Cody and making friends along the way.

As the protagonist prepares to leave the state, they feel a sense of sadness and longing for the place they have come to love.

15. “Neon” by Chris Young

Chris Young - Neon (Official Video)Chris Young – Neon (Official Video)

The lyrics take us on a journey through different colors of the year, from the blue of the Cheyenne sky to the red of a Santa Fe sunset and the yellow of Texas sunflowers. But despite all these beautiful hues, the singer’s favorite color is neon – the bright lights that always seem to be on in the city.

16. “Why Wyoming” by Phil Hurley

"Why Wyoming" by  Phil Hurley (August 2022)“Why Wyoming” by Phil Hurley (August 2022)

“Why Wyoming” is a song that uses the emptiness of Wyoming to explore themes of spiritual searching and the search for meaning in a seemingly empty world.

By connecting the beauty of Wyoming’s natural landscape with a deeper spiritual connection, Hurley suggests that the state has had a profound impact on his life and his search for meaning.

17. “Poofter’s Froth Wyoming Plans Ahead” by Frank Zappa

Poofter's Froth Wyoming Plans Ahead (Live)Poofter’s Froth Wyoming Plans Ahead (Live)

“Poofter’s Froth Wyoming Plans Ahead” is a satirical song by Frank Zappa, which uses the lyrics to critique the manipulative tactics of advertisers and their impact on consumer culture.

The song warns listeners that they will be inundated with offers to buy things they don’t need, and that the people behind these offers have been planning their marketing strategies for years.

18. “Wyoming Wind” by Chancey Williams & The Younger Brothers Band

Chancey Williams - Wyoming Wind - Acoustic VideoChancey Williams – Wyoming Wind – Acoustic Video

This upbeat country song pays tribute to the Wyoming wind and the freedom it represents. It can be streamed on all music platforms out there.

19. “July In Cheyenne (Song For Lane’s Momma)” by Aaron Watson

Aaron Watson‪ - ‬July In Cheyenne (Official Music Video)‬Aaron Watson‪ – ‬July In Cheyenne (Official Music Video)‬

In this moving country ballad, Aaron Watson sings about a rodeo rider who dies tragically in Cheyenne and the loved ones he leaves behind. It’s a sad song about how precious our time with our loved ones are.

20. “The Hills Of Wyoming” by Gene Autry

The Hill's of Wyoming - Gene AutryThe Hill’s of Wyoming – Gene Autry

“The Hills of Wyoming” is a classic country-western song that celebrates the rugged beauty and independent spirit of the state of Wyoming. The song was originally written and recorded by Gene Autry, one of the most beloved and iconic figures in the history of American music.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Wyoming has inspired countless songs across a range of genres, from country and folk to rock and pop. Through these songs, we catch a glimpse of the vast and rugged landscapes, the wide-open skies, and the untamed spirit of the Cowboy State.