20 Songs About Baths

Exploring songs about baths offers a unique dive into how artists across genres and eras have incorporated this intimate, everyday activity into their music. From the soothing sound of water to the introspection and rituals associated with bathing, these songs span a range of emotions and storytelling, reflecting the diverse ways in which a simple act can inspire creativity.

1. “Let’s Take A Cold Shower” by Vernon Oxford

“Let’s Take A Cold Shower” by Vernon Oxford is a country classic that masterfully uses the metaphor of a cold shower to explore the concept of calming down heated emotions. Vernon Oxford’s storytelling weaves this imagery into a narrative that resonates with anyone looking to cool off emotionally, making it a standout track in his repertoire.

2. “Golden Showers” by Mentors

The song “Golden Showers” by Mentors stands out as a provocative punk rock anthem that dives into controversy with its unique take on shower imagery. The Mentors use the concept of golden showers to push boundaries and challenge listeners, making it a memorable, if contentious, piece in the punk genre.

3. “Shower the People” by James Taylor

James Taylor’s “Shower the People” is a beautifully crafted tune that uses the metaphor of showering people with love and affection. This soulful song captures the essence of caring and kindness, showcasing Taylor’s skill in translating deep emotional connections into music.

4. “Sun Showers” by Billie Holiday

“Sun Showers” by Billie Holiday is a classic track that beautifully marries the elements of weather with emotion. Billie Holiday’s iconic voice brings to life the experience of sun showers, where sunlight and rain coexist, symbolizing the complex interplay of feelings in our lives.

5. “Singing In The Shower” by Rita Mitsouko & Sparks

“Singing In The Shower” by Rita Mitsouko & Sparks is a fun and upbeat song that captures the sheer joy of belting out tunes in the comfort of the shower. This dynamic collaboration between Rita Mitsouko and Sparks creates an infectious track that encourages listeners to embrace the simple pleasures in life.

6. “I Like To Be Clean” by The Mumps

“I Like To Be Clean” by The Mumps offers a unique punk rock take on personal hygiene and the simple pleasure of feeling clean. This song stands out for its straightforward approach and catchy tune, making a mundane activity like cleanliness an anthem in the punk genre.

7. “Songs That She Sang In The Shower” by Jason Isbell

“Songs That She Sang In The Shower” by Jason Isbell is a heartfelt ballad that uses the evocative imagery of singing in the shower to recall memories of a past lover. Jason Isbell’s soulful lyrics and poignant melody create a deeply emotional connection, highlighting the shower as a space for reflection and reminiscence.

8. “Meteor Shower” by Cavetown

“Meteor Shower” by Cavetown is an indie hit that utilizes the captivating metaphor of a meteor shower to describe the intensity of overwhelming feelings. Cavetown’s unique approach to songwriting shines through in this track, combining vivid imagery with emotional depth to convey a sense of awe and vulnerability.

9. “Shower Days” by NOFX

“Shower Days” by NOFX gives listeners a raw glimpse into the less glamorous aspects of tour life, emphasizing the longing for something as simple as a good shower. This punk anthem highlights the band’s ability to find relatability in the mundane, turning the need for cleanliness into a catchy reflection on life on the road.

10. “An Hour in the Shower” by Chicago

“An Hour in the Shower” by Chicago is a classic rock track that creatively explores the concept of spending an hour in the shower as a time for introspection. This song stands out for its innovative use of a simple daily routine as a metaphor for self-reflection and personal discovery, showcasing Chicago’s talent for weaving complex emotions into their music.

11. “I’m Gonna Wash that Man Right out of My Hair” by Mary Martin

“I’m Gonna Wash that Man Right out of My Hair” by Mary Martin, from the musical “South Pacific,” is a spirited anthem about using the act of taking a bath to symbolize moving on from a failed relationship. It’s a catchy and empowering tune that playfully conveys the message of renewal and letting go, showcasing the timeless appeal of musical theatre storytelling.

12. “Shine, Shave, Shower (It’s Saturday)” by Lefty Frizzell

“Shine, Shave, Shower (It’s Saturday)” by Lefty Frizzell is a country classic that humorously outlines a man’s grooming routine, highlighting the importance of cleanliness and preparation for the weekend. This song delights with its catchy melody and lighthearted lyrics, capturing a simple yet universal aspect of daily life.

13. “Black Shampoo” by Wu-Tang Clan

“Black Shampoo” by Wu-Tang Clan is a unique track that stands out for its blend of themes of intimacy and personal care within the realm of hip-hop. This song showcases Wu-Tang Clan’s ability to weave complex narratives, mixing the sensual with the mundane to highlight a different facet of personal relationships.

14. “Ghost Showers” by Ghostface Killah

“Ghost Showers” by Ghostface Killah is a track that creatively uses the imagery of showers to discuss the concept of cleansing oneself from past sins. This metaphorical approach showcases Ghostface Killah’s lyrical prowess, making “Ghost Showers” a compelling piece that delves into themes of redemption and self-improvement.

15. “April Showers” by Carol Burnett

“April Showers” by Carol Burnett is a touching rendition of the classic song, beautifully exploring themes of renewal and hope. Carol Burnett’s heartfelt performance adds depth to the message that after the showers come the flowers, making it a timeless piece that resonates with listeners looking for a message of optimism.

16. “Standing in the Shower… Thinking” by Jane’s Addiction

“Standing in the Shower… Thinking” by Jane’s Addiction is a rock anthem that vividly captures the moments of solitude and contemplation often found in the shower. This track stands out for its raw energy and introspective lyrics, highlighting the unique space the shower provides for deep thought and reflection.

17. “Blues in My Shower” by Nat King Cole

“Blues in My Shower” by Nat King Cole is a bluesy track where the shower serves as a metaphorical place of solace for the blues. Nat King Cole’s smooth vocals and the song’s melancholic melody perfectly capture the feeling of seeking comfort and escape in the most personal of spaces.

18. “Soft as a Summer Shower” by David Cassidy

“Soft as a Summer Shower” by David Cassidy is a melodic ballad that tenderly compares a lover’s touch to the gentleness and refreshing quality of a summer shower. David Cassidy’s emotive delivery and the song’s soothing melody evoke a sense of romance and serenity, making it a memorable piece in his discography.

19. “Shower Scene” by Saint Etienne

“Shower Scene” by Saint Etienne is a pop track that cleverly uses the imagery of a shower scene to delve into themes of vulnerability and exposure. The song’s catchy rhythm paired with its thoughtful lyrics showcases Saint Etienne’s ability to blend pop sensibilities with deeper emotional insights, creating a compelling narrative on the complexities of personal openness.