16 Taylor Swift Songs About Harry Styles

Taylor Swift’s music often draws from personal experiences, and “Style,” “Out Of The Woods,” and “I Knew You Were Trouble” are among the tracks widely speculated to be about her relationship with Harry Styles. While other songs continue to spark discussions about their connection to Styles.

1. “Style”

The song “Style” is widely interpreted as a reflection on her relationship with Harry Styles, evident in its title and lyrical content that hints at a romance filled with intensity and timeless appeal.

This track stands out as one of the most direct nods to their connection, resonating with listeners who are familiar with their high-profile relationship history.

2. “I Knew You Were Trouble”

Taylor Swift’s “I Knew You Were Trouble” captures the tumultuous aftermath of a relationship gone awry, with its raw emotion and memorable hooks suggesting a possible link to her time with Harry Styles.

Although not explicitly confirmed, fans and music analysts often associate the song’s narrative of being drawn to a heartbreaker with Swift’s past with Styles.

3. “Out Of The Woods”

“Out Of The Woods” is believed to be an introspective recounting of a fragile relationship, with specific references that fans and critics alike think point to her time with Harry Styles.

The song’s vivid imagery and urgent questioning of the relationship’s stability paint a picture of a love that was constantly tested, further fueling speculations about its connection to Styles.

4. “I Know Places”

“I Know Places” delves into the theme of seeking refuge from the prying eyes of the public, a sentiment that aligns with her past relationship with Harry Styles, which was heavily scrutinized by the media.

The song’s lyrics about clandestine meetings and evading the spotlight resonate with what many fans surmise was the couple’s attempt to protect their privacy.

5. “Question…?”

Question…?” might not be as popular as Swift’s other songs in her discography, however, it is speculated to be about Harry Styles. The song depicts a broken relationship and confrontation with an ex-lover through a series of rhetorical questions.

6. “All You Had To Do Was Stay”

The song “All You Had To Do Was Stay“, with its poignant lyrics of regret and yearning, speaks to the heartache of a missed opportunity in love, which some fans speculate could be inspired by her relationship with Harry Styles.

However, Swift has not explicitly stated that the song is about him, leaving interpretation up to individual listeners.

7. “Wonderland”

Wonderland” is a creative retelling of a journey through a whimsical and chaotic love, drawing parallels with the story of Alice in Wonderland.

The metaphor-rich track has been suggested by listeners to possibly mirror her past romance with Harry Styles, reflecting the surreal and sometimes bewildering nature of their time together.

8. “Welcome To New York”

Welcome To New York” stands as an anthem to the city’s vibrant allure and the fresh starts it represents, rather than a commentary on any specific romantic relationship.

It diverges from speculation about her history with Harry Styles, focusing instead on her personal evolution and the excitement of embracing new beginnings.

9. “I Wish You Would”

The track “I Wish You Would” captures the longing and unresolved feelings following a breakup, elements that listeners sometimes associate with the ups and downs of her relationship with Harry Styles.

The song’s reflection on missed signals and the desire for reconciliation can resonate with anyone who’s experienced a complex romantic history.

10. “Wildest Dreams”

In “Wildest Dreams,” Taylor Swift evokes a sense of nostalgic desire and the bittersweet awareness that even the most intense connections can be fleeting, a sentiment that has led to fan theories about a connection to her relationship with Harry Styles.

The song notably deals with the poignant theme of wanting to be remembered fondly, despite the inevitable end of a romance.

11. “How You Get the Girl”

How You Get the Girl” takes a lighter, instructional approach to romance and reconciliation, which seems less directly related to her past with Harry Styles and is more of a general narrative on rekindling love.

While it could be interpreted as a playful commentary on relationship dynamics, the connection to Styles is not as evident as in some of her other songs.

12. “This Love”

This Love” explores the ebb and flow of a love that returns in time, a theme that fans have speculated could relate to the cyclical nature of her past relationship with Harry Styles.

The track’s ethereal and reflective mood portrays a mature perspective on a love that’s been lost and then found again.

13. “Clean”

The song “Clean” is often seen as a metaphorical account of overcoming and emerging stronger from a past relationship, potentially mirroring her personal growth after her time with Harry Styles.

Its lyrics dealing with renewal and cleansing oneself of a former love’s hold suggest a process of healing that could correlate with Swift’s own experiences.

14. “Maroon”

Maroon” is a fascinating song in which the lyrics use imagery of red shades to describe rather stirring memories of a lost relationship. Set in New York City, the song is also rumored to be about her relationship with Harry Styles.

15. “Say Don’t Go”

Say Don’t Go” is another interesting entry that is widely rumored to be about Harry Styles and their relationship together. With lyrics about maintaining an unfruitful relationship, one can’t help but see the connection.

16. “Slut!”

Even though the song title “Slut!” may surprise many fans, it is another song that sparked rumors and connections to Swift’s time with Harry Styles. With a narrative about pursuing a romance despite public criticism, one could easily connect the dots and see why this track has sparked so many rumors.

Taylor Swift Featured Image (Left) by: Ronald Woan, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons
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