20 Songs‌ ‌About‌ ‌Being‌ ‌19‌

Striking the right note between youthful spirit and burgeoning adulthood, being 19 is a unique harmony. As music often echoes life, here are 20 songs that encapsulate the essence of this age in a rhythm only music can convey.

Our handpicked list traverses multiple genres, resonating with the myriad feelings of being 19. We’ve sought to include something for everyone – from those living their 19th year to those strolling down memory lane. Each song tells a tale, setting to melody the universal experience of navigating this pivotal age.

1. “Hey Nineteen” by Steely Dan

Hey NineteenHey Nineteen

This alluring jazz track spins a tale of a budding relationship constrained by a considerable age difference. Steely Dan effortlessly brings to life the narrator’s nostalgic reminiscences of his vibrant youth and his futile attempts to relate to his much younger companion. “Hey Nineteen” is a poignant reminder of our own passage through time and the unique experiences we gather along the way.

2. “Perfect Places” by Lorde

Lorde - Perfect PlacesLorde – Perfect Places

In this eclectic indie-rock masterpiece, Lorde voices the whirlwind of emotions she experienced at nineteen. “Perfect Places” serves as her musical diary, revealing her yearning for company amid solitude and her instinct to escape personal struggles by immersing herself in revelry. This cathartic piece reminds listeners that we all seek our own perfect places, especially in our tumultuous teens.

3. “I Was Only Nineteen” by Redgum

I was only 19I was only 19

Redgum’s profound folk track takes us on a journey through the harrowing experiences of Australian Vietnam veterans. It’s a heartrending account of young lives drastically altered by the brutalities of war, inducing deep empathy for the brave soldiers who sacrificed their carefree years for their country.

4. “Nineteen” by Hayley Williams

Tegan and Sara present The Con X: Covers – Nineteen – Hayley Williams of ParamoreTegan and Sara present The Con X: Covers – Nineteen – Hayley Williams of Paramore

Hayley Williams breathes new life into Tegan and Sarah’s classic with this indie-rock rendition. This melancholic anthem explores the highs and lows of a young love, evoking memories of heartbreak and the strength that comes from moving forward. This song is a testament to the transformative power of love and loss in our formative years.

5. “Anything You Want” by Spoon

Spoon - Anything you wantSpoon – Anything you want

This evocative rock ballad captures the longing for a second chance in a past relationship. It is an inner monologue of questioning what does his partner want and how can things be set right. Despite the long years of separation, stating that his partner was nineteen then, the narrator is still willing to make amends.

6. “Nineteen in Naples” by Jonathan Richman

Nineteen in NaplesNineteen in Naples

This rocking number talks about a nineteen-year-old that set to travel across the sea and choose the country of Italy. During his travels, he harbored some insecurities and felt very different. But nineteen is an age of adventure and self-discovery which is very much demonstrated in this song.

7. “Nineteen” by Movements

Movements - Nineteen (Live Video)Movements – Nineteen (Live Video)

This punk rock number can be said as an anthem of self-assurance when a person reaches the age of their final teen years. The song talks about being a person with confidence in this age of accountability. Of course, being young there is a tendency that adults will doubt what they would want.

8. “Coxton Yard” by Title Fight

Title Fight - Coxton Yard (Official Audio)Title Fight – Coxton Yard (Official Audio)

In this catchy piece, Title Fight dives into the emotional struggles that often accompany youth. “Coxton Yard” acknowledges that even the vigor of youth can’t shield us from feelings of loneliness and aimlessness, yet it encourages listeners to persist in finding their purpose and kindle hope amidst despair.

9. “Not Nineteen Forever” by The Courteeners

The Courteeners - Not Nineteen ForeverThe Courteeners – Not Nineteen Forever

This indie-rock tune depicts a situation where an older woman and a young man are interacting with each other. The male is described as nineteen and is being encouraged by the elder lady to sort things out for himself.

The romantic connotation of this song is up for debate, however, it is highlighted here the woman is using her age as authority to influence the male in question.

10. “19 & Crazy” by Bomshel

Bomshel - 19 And Crazy (Official Music Video)Bomshel – 19 And Crazy (Official Music Video)

This lively and upbeat country song has received a lot of love for its energy and the sweet nostalgia it brings. As an older woman fondly recalls her vivacious nineteen-year-old self, she celebrates the freedom and the audacity of her younger days. “19 & Crazy” is a musical time machine that will leave listeners with a radiant smile and a grateful heart.

11. “Nineteen” by Tegan and Sara

Tegan and Sara - Nineteen [OFFICIAL AUDIO]Tegan and Sara – Nineteen [OFFICIAL AUDIO]

This is the original song covered by Paramore’s Hailey Williams. The tune talks about an intense type of love that suddenly fizzled out. The melody is praised for being one of the great songs on the album “The Con” which was released in 2007. Fans also rave about the drum works in this piece and the passion the lyrics represent.

12. “Dear John” by Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift - Dear John (Speak Now World Tour)Taylor Swift – Dear John (Speak Now World Tour)

This country song depicts a very sad break up which has a lot of sentiments. The tune itself was rumored to have been inspired by one of the songstress’s former boyfriends. Rumored to be inspired by one of Swift’s exes, John Mayer, the song illustrates a significant age difference, with the lyrics conveying a tone of regret.

13. “Kilby Girl” by The Backseat Lovers

The Backseat Lovers - Kilby Girl (Official Video) LiveThe Backseat Lovers – Kilby Girl (Official Video) Live

“Kilby Girl,” an indie-rock song, explores a chance meeting with a woman presenting herself as older. Despite the unhealthy undertones of the relationship, the duo chooses to remain together for the sake of companionship.

14. “I Don’t Like Who I Was Then” by The Wonder Years

The Wonder Years - I Don't Like Who I Was ThenThe Wonder Years – I Don’t Like Who I Was Then

This pop-punk song is also labeled emo due to the angst that is depicted in the lyrics. The tune talks about a troubled youth who has a very pessimistic view of life. However, in the end, he realized that he does not want to give up. The narrator musters the resolve to give it all he has got to be a dependable person.

15. “Heights” by The Mountain Goats

This low fidelity song was produced in 1996 and was included in the group’s third studio album titled “Nothing for Juice”. The tune’s story is set on a beach where two young lovers spend their time. In the narrative, it seems there is an unwelcome but inevitable parting and it is implied that the two had to separate despite their feelings for each other.

16. “19 Years Old” by Muddy Waters

Muddy Waters - She's Nineteen Years OldMuddy Waters – She’s Nineteen Years Old

This blues track expresses the frustration of a man on how to please his lover. Eventually, the woman in question is still young and described as nineteen years old. It seems that the lady’s maturity has not yet peaked which is the reason why her lover is having a difficult time understanding her.

17. “Twinkle Lights” by The Sonder Bombs

The Sonder Bombs - "Twinkle Lights"The Sonder Bombs – “Twinkle Lights”

This alternative indie-rock song covers a very heavy theme of helplessness. It reveals the struggles of the narrator, emphasizing a desire for change that has yet to come even after turning nineteen.

18. “Once And Never Again” by The Long Blondes

The Long Blondes - Once and Never AgainThe Long Blondes – Once and Never Again

This indie-rock-inspired piece has placed awareness to women everywhere about self-worth. The song implies a conversation between two people where the problematic person is a younger woman. The lyrics imply that the youth is in a bad relationship and is encouraged to get out of it.

19. “Balance of the 19” by Secret Chiefs 3

Secret Chiefs 3 - Ishraqiyun - Balance of the 19Secret Chiefs 3 – Ishraqiyun – Balance of the 19

This melody is the only instrumental piece on the list. The setup of this tune is quite dark and has hints of eastern culture inspiration. The guitar work on this song is the real element of surprise that gives this rhythm its main flavor.

20. “Fast” by Juice WRLD

Juice WRLD - FastJuice WRLD – Fast

This hip hop and rap number talks about the struggles of nineteen-year-old faces when living a high profile life. The narrator is aware of the risks in the environment that he is in, but he cannot do anything much about it. It only goes to show that even if the age of 19 is a prologue to being an adult and guidance is still badly needed.


Did you enjoy the selection of the songs about being 19? ransitioning into adulthood is a significant and challenging phase, filled with learning experiences and opportunities for growth. Remember, being 19 is not just an age; it’s a unique chapter of life worthy of reflection, celebration, and of course, its very own soundtrack.