20 Songs With the Name Emily in the Title

Emily is a name that has been around centuries and known for its femininity. There are many songs about this name sung by famous musicians and bands, each holding a unique story portrayed in various genres. 

Whether it’s pop, rock or country, one thing is for sure, Emily is a great name to dedicate a song to. Here are 20 songs with the name Emily in the title.

1. “Emily” by Frank Sinatra

“Emily” by Frank Sinatra is about a guy who has found the perfect girl and together they are having the time of their life. Emily is surely a lucky girl and the song is full of praises for this special person with the special name. 

2. “Emily’s Sister” by Lil Alice

The song “Emily’s Sister” by Lil Alice is about a man who is more interested in material wealth than love. He starts a relationship with the sister of a wealthy woman and is willing to have an open relationship as long as his financial needs are met.

3. “See Emily Play” by Pink Floyd

“See Emily Play” by Pink Floyd is about a guy who is in a relationship with a girl named Emily. He is distrustful of her and accuses her of playing with his feelings. The frustration regarding Emily’s choices in life is evident.

4. “Merry Christmas Emily” by Cracker

Cracker’s “Merry Christmas Emily” is about a guy in a relationship with a socially well-off girl. Unfortunately, because of the difference in status, it has come to a standstill. During Christmas, he cannot stop thinking about her and what their relationship could have been.

5. “Little Emily” by Kari Kimmell

This song is about a little girl who is always trying to please everyone else and who has been ignoring her own dreams. She then came into the realization that it’s her life and that she can do what she pleases. The track conveys the message that you should make your own choices even if they don’t turn out as planned.

6. “Emily” by Asia

“Emily” by Asia tells the story of a man’s obsession with a girl named “Emily”. He sees her as someone who is so perfect at everything that he will never be good enough for her. This is a sad anthem for all lovers who undervalue themselves for the sake of love as they end up compromising their self-worth.

7. “Emily Kane” by Art Brut

“Emily Kane” by Art Brut is about puppy love and how things change over time. Art Brut reminisces about the love they had when they were 15 and the differences that crept into their relationship as both of them grew up. 

8. “Emily, Please” by Luke Douchet

It’s hard to ask for another chance in love, especially when it’s about personal failings. This song is about a guy who is on the brink of being dumped by a girl whose name is Emily.

The girl is going to leave him behind because of his alcoholic personality and as the singer struggles with his personal flaws, he promises to be sober if he gets a second chance.

9. “Emily” by Elton John

“Emily” by Elton John is a song that is difficult to interpret. On the surface, the lyrics are about a girl playing in a graveyard as the church bells ring. However, if you look deep into the meaning of the lyrics, it seems like the singer is dealing with a deeper issue, as the mood of the song is dark.

10. “Emily’s Famous” by Girlfriend Material

“Emily’s Famous” by Girlfriend Material is the story of a boy who supports the girl of his dreams to accomplish success in her career. However, there is a twist in his tale because he gets dumped when Emily becomes famous and finds herself another boyfriend. 

11. “Emily Shore 1819-1839” by The Handsome Family

This tragic song is about a girl who is dying for some unknown disease. It is likely that it is incurable as her every breath painful. This comes to show that not all songs have a happy ending.

12. “Sleepy Emily” by Buttercoat

Losing the love of your life is heartbreaking and this song conveys that. The singer can’t stop thinking about his special love and hopes against hope for a second chance in life. But he knows it will probably not happen. Regret seems to be the strongest emotion in this song and will resonate with all broken hearts.

13. “A Rose for Emily” by The Zombies

“A Rose for Emily” by The Zombies is an ode to the loneliness people feel when they are unable to find love. It is the story of a girl who was filled with pride and did not have any interest in suitors in her younger days. However, as she grows old, she fears that no one will give her a rose, a symbol of affection, until the day she passes on.

14. “Emily’s Secret” by Electric Four

“Emily’s Secret” by Electric Four is about a guy who has met a girl named Emily one summer day and has been in love with her ever since. Emily has a secret however and though it has not been disclosed in the song, one assumes she is already in a relationship and cannot be with him. 

15. “A Question for Emily Foreman” by Of Montreal

“A Question for Emily Foreman” is about a boy who is in love with a girl but she has a secretive nature and he can never get all the answers he would like to have. The lover is hopeful that one day he will get his answers from Emily Foreman but he is not sure of it.

16. “For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her” by Simon & Garfunkel

This rock song tells the story of a man who dreams of meeting a girl after life has beaten him. The dream is not about a specific person, but rather about an image of what he would like his special girl to be like. The dream ends when he feels the warm touch of the girl waiting for him to wake up.

17. “Emily Harper” by Mark Wills

“Emily Harper” by Mark Wills is a story about two childhood best friends that have experienced a lot of romantic intimacy throughout their youth. After many years a lot of things have changed but the two continue to remain loyal to their feelings.

18. “Emily (You Break Me)” by Alex Caesar

“Emily (You Break Me)” by Alex Caesar is about a hopeless lover who had a secret crush on the most popular girl. Emily eventually decides to settle down with a ragtag guy leaving the singer devastated with her decision.

19. “Emily Chambers” by Ocean Colour Scene

“Emily Chambers” by Ocean Colourscene is about a girl of that name who is mixed up with the wrong people and involved in illegal activity. She knows that she will have to face the consequences at some point, but continues with her actions.

20. “Emily is a Ghost” by Orange TreeTrunks

“Emily is a Ghost” by Orange TreeTrunks is about a literal ghost called Emily who lives in a haunted castle on the hill. Emily dislikes people getting too close and scares them away. The ghost seems to enjoy her “spooky ghost job” as a hobby.


Emily is undoubtedly a popular name that has been the subject of many songs. Some of the tracks talk about her as a unique person, while some of the musical pieces refer to her character traits. If you have an Emily in your life, or know someone who has treated you like Emily in one of the songs above, you may find comfort in the songs listed.