20 Songs About Being 23

Ever wondered about the magic in turning 23? That unique crossroad of youthful spirit and growing maturity. This list of 20 Songs About Being 23 hits that sweet spot.

Whether you’re on the cusp of 23, right smack in the middle, or simply reliving the memories of your twenty-third year, these songs are just for you. Each track is a narrative that uncovers the sentiments, trials, and triumphs of being 23 – from the yearnings for adventure, grappling with life’s uncertainties, to embracing the thrill of adulthood.

1. “Real” by Plumb

Immerse yourself in “Real” by Plumb. This track follows a 23-year-old woman, ready to face life on her terms, shedding the weights of others’ expectations. Amidst the chaos of past missteps, she vows to embrace authenticity, no longer a puppet of external judgments. A song of defiance, strength, and courage to face life’s complexities in the most ‘real’ way possible.

2. “23” by God Lives Underwater

Dive deep into the soul-searching journey with “23” by God Lives Underwater. It echoes the perplexity of a newly turned 23-year-old, leaving behind past follies and striving for a better self. An undertone of longing for companionship complements his pursuit of a brighter future, providing a blend of vulnerability and growth.

3. “Heart Attack At 23” by Tori Amos

“Heart Attack At 23” by Tori Amos is about a girl who is obsessed with a man who seems to break her heart every time. This track portrays a young woman of 23, entrapped in a toxic love affair. As her heart shatters repeatedly, she likens the pain to a heart attack. This is a tale of passion and heartbreak, a gamble of her youth on a love that hurts more than it heals.

4. “23” by Shakira

“23” by Shakira is the story of a 23-year-old person who was an agnostic – she didn’t believe anything about God until she met him. The experience is life-altering for her and she finds a new purpose to go forward in life and tackle more difficult things. This track is a touching story that shows how belief in God can change someone’s life so much.

5. “Twenty Three” by Yellowcard

The song chronicles a toxic love story of a 23-year-old couple caught in a vicious cycle of breakups and makeups. Amid the pain of another temporary departure, the singer holds on to the confidence of an eventual reunion, reflecting the trials of a youthful, tumultuous relationship.

6. “Fairy Tales” by MC Jin feat. Teesa

“Fairy Tales” by MC Jin feat. Teesa is about a guy who feels like he is living in a real fairy tale. This track paints a whimsical love story where our protagonist, at 23, meets the woman of his dreams. Despite initial indifference, a twist of fate binds them together, making their story feel like a true fairy tale. This song is a magical journey of love against all odds.

7. “Catching Up” by Allstar Weekend

“Catching Up” by Allstar Weekend is about a 23 years old who is looking forward to achieving great things in life. The singer is annoyed that he wasted so much time partying. The singer just wants to catch up with his ambitions and dream and therefore he urges himself to work for a better future.

8. “23” by Jimmy Eat World

Relive the youthful fervor with “23” by Jimmy Eat World. The song explores the nostalgia of being 23 and brimming with energy, through the lens of a man missing his younger lover. The singer longs to channel the vivacious spirit of 23, embracing change for his beloved. It’s a melodic tribute to that exhilarating phase of life.

9. “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran

While not about an actual 23-year-old, “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran uses the age metaphorically to portray an irresistible persona. The singer’s unwavering love for this girl spans the continuum of time, promising the best at any age. It’s a beautiful encapsulation of enduring love.

10. “Take My Number” by Melissa Etheridge

“Take My Number” by Melissa Etheridge tells a story of a chance reunion with an old classmate, now battered by life’s poor decisions. The singer acknowledges that at 23, we all make mistakes, but that shouldn’t deter us from pursuing a fulfilling life. A raw, moving piece about resilience and hope.

11. “Wasted” by Cartel

“Wasted” by Cartel is a narrative song about a kid whose parents indulge in illegal activities. It’s the journey of a 23-year-old who’s determined to break free from his parents’ unsavory past and start anew. Even with a clouded future, he bravely seeks to carve a better path.

12. “22 Going On 23” by Butthole Surfers

Exploring a poignant theme, “22 Going On 23” by Butthole Surfers narrates the life of a woman grappling with her past trauma while entering a new relationship. It’s about finding hope and healing in a loving, caring partner.

13. “What’s My Age Again?” by Blink-182

“What’s My Age Again?” by Blink-182 is a funny song about a guy who is still childish despite being 23 years old already. He pulls a lot of childish antics that annoys people who deal with him. Many people tell him to act his age, however, it seems that he doesn’t care about their opinions at all.

14. “Come Hell Or High Water” by Everything But The Girl

“Come Hell Or High Water” by Everything But The Girl is about someone who thinks that they are too good for their partner even when they have the worst attributes. This tune addresses the struggle of dealing with a partner’s arrogance and 23-year-old drinking habits. It’s a raw look at the realities of love and acceptance.

15. “Furr” by Blitzen Trapper

“Furr” by Blitzen Trapper seems to be a nonsensical song at first glance but if you pay attention to the lyrics, you notice that it is a narrative song about growing up. First is the transition between a kid to a man, then a man to a dad, the focal point of the song is when the singer is 23 years old (the same time that he met the girl).

16. “Pardon Me” by Incubus

Navigating the choppy waters of adulthood and the anxiety that comes with it forms the core of Pardon Me by Incubus. It paints the challenges faced by a 23-year-old coming to terms with life and the expectations it brings. Yet, it ultimately celebrates resilience and personal growth.

17. “23” by Miley Cyrus, Mike Will Made-it, Wiz Khalifa

A spin on the number 23, this song by Miley Cyrus, Mike Will Made-it, and Wiz Khalifa is less about the age and more about icon Michael Jordan’s jersey number. The narrative revolves around a free-spirited girl defying societal norms, living life on her own terms.

18. “Wishing I Was 23” by R5

“Wishing I Was 23” by R5 is about a young kid who is so infatuated with a 23-year-old girl that he wishes to quickly grow up and be the same age and be with her. Most of the song is spent expressing how much the girl means to him, however, it is clear that this is only puppy love.

19. “Twenty Three” by MC Lars featuring Amie Miriello


A stark departure from light-hearted themes, Twenty Three by MC Lars featuring Amie Miriello shares a harrowing tale of a boy who succumbs to intense anxiety and depression. This is a heavy listen, a poignant story of loss as told by a close friend.

20. “Gone Tomorrow” by The Staves

“Gone Tomorrow” by The Staves is an inspirational song with a message that life is so short that you shouldn’t wait for opportunities and instead strive to get it yourself. The song is told from the perspective of a 23-year-old who still has the power (and time) to change their life for the better.


In conclusion, the age of 23 symbolizes a significant juncture in life – it’s a blend of excitement, challenges, growth, and self-realization. Each of these 20 songs encapsulates different shades of this unique age, showcasing a broad spectrum of experiences and emotions. They provide listeners of all ages a chance to peek into the vibrant, often tumultuous world of twenty-somethings, offering a rich tapestry of narratives that resonate, inspire, and provoke thought.