20 Songs About Role Models

Songs about role models talk about people that inspire you to follow them because there is something great about them. Listen carefully to the lyrics and think about how they can be applied to your lives. Every song on this list will bring something positive to your life.

When creating songs, artists base them on their own experiences so when you listen to them, you can identify and know exactly what they are talking about. You connect the lyrics of the song you are listening to with your own experiences and learn something new. There is no denying that songs about role models open your heart and broaden your perspective on life!

1. “Shy Away” by Twenty One Pilots

Twenty One Pilots - Shy Away (Official Video)Twenty One Pilots – Shy Away (Official Video)

Shy Away is dedicated to the younger brother of Twenty One Pilots singer, Tyler Joseph. He asked him how a record is made, so the artist created this song based on that question. The lyrics go beyond technical issues and talk about building a life with a good purpose to experience it.

2. “You Raise Me Up” by Josh Groban

Josh Groban - You Raise Me Up (Official Music Video) | Warner VaultJosh Groban – You Raise Me Up (Official Music Video) | Warner Vault

You Raise Me Up is a song that describes the strength of noble ideals. These ideals make each one rise above the adversities that they could go through at a certain moment in life. It describes the inner strength that makes each individual go further than he thought.

3. “Role Model” by 2 Chainz Feat. Dolla Boy

2 Chainz Feat. Dolla Boy - Role Model (Official Video)2 Chainz Feat. Dolla Boy – Role Model (Official Video)

Role Model is an inspiring song, especially for those who grew up in difficult circumstances. The singer describes that you can be a role model even if you have not had the best father.

Growing up in a hostile environment does not mean that an individual is doomed to a dire fate. The song has a positive spin – you can get ahead despite the negative context.

4. “Can I Get A Role Model” by Dangerous Idiots

The Dangerous Idiots - Can I Get a Role Model [Official Music Video]The Dangerous Idiots – Can I Get a Role Model [Official Music Video]

Dangerous Idiots provides a message of hope through this track. The song describes someone who would like to have a role model but can’t find it.

Their parents, friends, and neighbors represent bad examples. However, that harmful context inspires him to be a role model and draw strength from his inner power.

5. “Role Model” by Daniel Shelly

Role ModelRole Model

The song Role Model by Daniel Shelly talks about those individuals who inspire us even though they don’t know us. The protagonist of the song describes that he learns by following the example of the person he admires. He feels that this individual is his guide and his support to get through complex situations.

6. “Role Models” by AJR

AJR - Role Models (Official Video)AJR – Role Models (Official Video)

AJR’s song Role Models talks about the examples that inspire us and also questions the context of those we admire. A role model can do everything right, but sometimes a negative context surrounds him/her that is necessary to identify. The key is to admire whoever we want, but it is also good to question everything before blindly following it.

7. “Interests” by Ikmh Apokardia

Apokardia’s song Interests talks about the feelings that his role model generates in him: love, admiration, and the desire to get closer and be a part of that person’s life.

The protagonist of the song perceives his role model as someone perfect. He also wants to get to know this person better, probably to have more reasons to admire her.

8. “Feel About Snoop” by Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg - Feel About SnoopSnoop Dogg – Feel About Snoop

Feel About Snoop by Snoop Dogg talks about the various role models that an individual can meet throughout life. If you pay close attention to the lyrics, you will realize that the author is questioning the role models that one can have. It all depends on the context where one grew up, but the important thing is to keep critical thinking.

9. “Sob Story” by Freak Kitchen

Freak Kitchen - Sob StoryFreak Kitchen – Sob Story

The song Sob Story by Freak Kitchen describes an individual who wants to find a role model to trust and be trusted. The protagonist of the song needs someone to look up to in life because he feels lost. He believes that finding a role model would give him an anchor to go through life.

10. “Role Model (feat. Boosie BadAzz)” by Ceebo Tha Rapper

Ceebo Tha Rapper - Role Model (Feat. Boosie Badazz)Ceebo Tha Rapper – Role Model (Feat. Boosie Badazz)

Ceebo Tha Rapper describes a role model from a poor neighborhood who has highly questionable behavior. The song reveals that individuals who lead criminal lives can also be role models in certain environments. Sometimes being a gang member can be attractive to some young people, even if it is controversial.

11. “Hole in My Wrld” by NC Blondi

Hole In My Wrld - NC Blondi (Official Music Video)Hole In My Wrld – NC Blondi (Official Music Video)

NC Blondi’s Hole In My Wrld is a track about someone who grew up in an adverse context but managed to enjoy a dignified life because of the presence of positive role models in his life. If this had not been the case, the protagonist of the story would be living in hell. The song showcases the importance of having good role models.

12. “Role Model” by Sam Hayne

Role ModelRole Model

Sam Haynes questions the examples one chooses to follow in his breakthrough track Role Model. It all depends on the context in which an individual grows.

The artist refers to an environment in which it is okay to drink alcohol, do drugs, and date lots of women. At the end of the song, the author questions all of that and realizes that it is not a good thing.

13. “Cojo – Role Model 4th Final” by COJO

COJO - Role Model (Official Video)COJO – Role Model (Official Video)

The song Role Model by Cojo describes a role model that becomes an obsession. The protagonist of the song is watching what his role model is doing, whether it is good or bad without ever thinking about the deep questions surrounding the person he idolizes. 

14. “Role Model” by Chipmunk

Chipmunk - Role Model - With LyricsChipmunk – Role Model – With Lyrics

Through the song Role Model, Chipmunk describes how incredibly difficult it can be to become a role model. Many people may admire you for what you do, but others may envy you. Some love you and others expect you to fail. Being a role model is a complex thing that can bring problems.

15. “Make It Rain” by T-Girl Madrops

T-Girl Madrops- Make it rainT-Girl Madrops- Make it rain

The song Make It Rain talks about a girl who wants to leave behind aspects of her personality that she doesn’t like. She experienced failures in the past but now she wants to change. She wants to transform herself into a successful individual to become a role model to follow.

16. “Role Model” by Phoenix

Phoenix - Role ModelPhoenix – Role Model

Through the song Role Model, Phoenix questions the place that a role model occupies socially. The artist perceives that some role models play a character and pretend to be successful in order to be admired by others. The song is an invitation to reflect on role models imposed on us.

17. “Apologize” by Hollywood Undead

Hollywood Undead - Apologize [Lyrics]Hollywood Undead – Apologize [Lyrics]

The song Apologize talks about the right to be the way you really are, ignoring the criticism of others. One can do things that others do not like, but one should not apologize for it.

An individual who leads a public life can arouse admiration in others and become a role model. There will also be people who do not like what you do, but that should not limit you.

18. “Positive Role Model” by Pet Shop Boys

Positive Role Model - Pet Shop BoysPositive Role Model – Pet Shop Boys

The song Positive Role Model talks about an individual who wants to change radically to become someone successful. He wants to be someone else, someone who is doing well in life.

The protagonist of the song is looking for positive role models to inspire him and achieve transformation. Having an example to follow serves as a guide and gives him self-confidence.

19. “Bright Side Of Life” by Rebelution

Rebelution -Bright Side of Life (Lyrics)Rebelution -Bright Side of Life (Lyrics)

Bright Side Of Life is a song that invites you to take control over your own life and stay optimistic despite external circumstances. We must leave the sadness behind and focus on the good that surrounds us. The song invites everyone to become a role model.

20. “Role Models” by U.B.O.N.G

Role ModelsRole Models

Through the song Role Models, U.B.O.N.G pays tribute to all those who have inspired him throughout his life. He shares his gratitude for being around people who not only inspired him but also questioned him about different things.

The song describes how important it is to have role models and simultaneously also reminds everyone that it is important to remember that they cannot just idolize everyone 


Songs about role models look at the issue of inspiration and admiration from different perspectives. Some individuals lead questionable lives but they still become role models in certain environments. However, we have to apply our critical senses and determine if something is good for us or not.

Songs about role models also explain how beneficial it is to see someone who sets a good example for us to follow in our life. When one is perplexed, a good role model might act as a guide to help them attain their objectives. To keep improving, all you have to do is be willing to learn something new!