20 Songs About Role Models

Songs about role models talk about people that inspire you to follow them because there is something great about them. Take a moment from your day, sit back, and let these songs filled with stories of admirable role models guide you through a spectrum of emotions.

Remember that these songs aren’t just entertainment – they’re life lessons set to music. Each track holds a different message, a different inspiration, a different role model. The one thing they all have in common? The power to make a positive impact on your life.

1. “Shy Away” by Twenty One Pilots

Twenty One Pilots - Shy Away (Official Video)Twenty One Pilots – Shy Away (Official Video)

“Shy Away” is dedicated to the younger brother of Twenty One Pilots singer, Tyler Joseph. He asked him how a record is made, so the artist created this song based on that question. The lyrics go beyond technical issues and talk about building a life with a good purpose to experience it.

2. “You Raise Me Up” by Josh Groban

Josh Groban - You Raise Me Up (Official Music Video) | Warner VaultJosh Groban – You Raise Me Up (Official Music Video) | Warner Vault

Josh Groban’s “You Raise Me Up” is an anthem of strength. It sings about resilience and the power of positive ideals, lifting us above life’s challenges. This song reminds us that internal fortitude can propel us further than we ever thought possible.

3. “Role Model” by 2 Chainz Feat. Dolla Boy

2 Chainz Feat. Dolla Boy - Role Model (Official Video)2 Chainz Feat. Dolla Boy – Role Model (Official Video)

“Role Model” is a tune that reaches out to those raised under tough circumstances. It conveys that even without an ideal father figure, one can rise to become a role model. The song illustrates that a person’s background does not define their destiny. It’s a track full of positivity – overcoming adversity and turning challenges into victories.

4. “Can I Get A Role Model” by Dangerous Idiots

The Dangerous Idiots - Can I Get a Role Model [Official Music Video]The Dangerous Idiots – Can I Get a Role Model [Official Music Video]

Dangerous Idiots deliver a hopeful message with “Can I Get A Role Model”. The song explores the longing for a positive influence amidst a sea of negativity. Instead of succumbing to the unhealthy environment, the song empowers listeners to find their inner strength and become the role models they yearn for.

5. “Role Model” by Daniel Shelly

Role ModelRole Model

In “Role Model”, Daniel Shelly illustrates the impact of unsung heroes in our lives. The song sings of those who inspire and guide us without even knowing it. It’s about finding guidance and support from those we admire, helping us navigate life’s complexities.

6. “Role Models” by AJR

AJR - Role Models (Official Video)AJR – Role Models (Official Video)

AJR’s song “Role Models” talks about the examples that inspire us and also questions the context of those we admire. A role model can do everything right, but sometimes a negative context surrounds him/her that is necessary to identify. The key is to admire whoever we want, but it is also good to question everything before blindly following it.

7. “Interests” by Ikmh Apokardia

Ikmh Apokardia’s “Interests” paints a profound portrait of admiration. The song dives deep into the emotions stirred by a role model: affection, respect, and the urge to draw closer. The narrative portrays the role model as flawless and prompts listeners to delve deeper into understanding their idols, nurturing admiration.

8. “Feel About Snoop” by Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg - Feel About SnoopSnoop Dogg – Feel About Snoop

Snoop Dogg’s “Feel About Snoop” explores the dynamic nature of role models. It acknowledges that our idols can vary based on life experiences. In its laid-back lyrical style, the track encourages listeners to scrutinize their chosen role models critically, emphasizing the importance of context and independent thinking.

9. “Sob Story” by Freak Kitchen

Freak Kitchen - Sob StoryFreak Kitchen – Sob Story

“Sob Story” by Freak Kitchen is a soulful plea for guidance. It speaks from the perspective of someone yearning for a role model to offer trust and stability in a world that feels unsteady. This song stands as a gentle reminder of how crucial positive role models can be in guiding us through life’s trials.

10. “Role Model (feat. Boosie BadAzz)” by Ceebo Tha Rapper

Ceebo Tha Rapper - Role Model (Feat. Boosie Badazz)Ceebo Tha Rapper – Role Model (Feat. Boosie Badazz)

Ceebo Tha Rapper describes a role model from a poor neighborhood who has highly questionable behavior. The song reveals that individuals who lead criminal lives can also be role models in certain environments. Sometimes being a gang member can be attractive to some young people, even if it is controversial.

11. “Hole in My Wrld” by NC Blondi

Hole In My Wrld - NC Blondi (Official Music Video)Hole In My Wrld – NC Blondi (Official Music Video)

NC Blondi’s “Hole In My Wrld” sings a triumph story, of a person who rises above adversities due to positive role models. The song illustrates that without such guidance, life could have spiraled down a dark path. This track underscores the transformative power of positive role models, who can turn around a life heading for despair.

12. “Role Model” by Sam Hayne

Role ModelRole Model

Sam Haynes questions the examples one chooses to follow in his breakthrough track, “Role Model”. It all depends on the context in which an individual grows. He crafts an evocative narrative about an environment filled with substance abuse and promiscuity. However, towards the end, Hayne poses essential questions, sparking self-reflection.

13. “Cojo – Role Model 4th Final” by COJO

COJO - Role Model (Official Video)COJO – Role Model (Official Video)

COJO’s “Role Model” delves into the realm of obsession with role models. The track explores a character blindly emulating their idol, be their actions good or bad, without giving much thought to the complexities of the idolized figure. 

14. “Role Model” by Chipmunk

Chipmunk - Role Model - With LyricsChipmunk – Role Model – With Lyrics

Through “Role Model,” Chipmunk illuminates the uphill journey to becoming an inspiration for others. He captures the paradox of admiration and envy that accompanies the status of a role model, emphasizing that being a source of inspiration can be a double-edged sword.

15. “Make It Rain” by T-Girl Madrops

T-Girl Madrops- Make it rainT-Girl Madrops- Make it rain

“Make It Rain” portrays a woman’s journey towards self-transformation. Despite her past failures, she is determined to transform into a successful individual, aspiring to be a guiding light for others, showcasing the strength of the human spirit.

16. “Role Model” by Phoenix

Phoenix - Role ModelPhoenix – Role Model

In “Role Model,” Phoenix scrutinizes the societal stature of role models, suggesting some might merely play a part, pretending success for admiration. The track encourages listeners to question the imposed role models critically.

17. “Apologize” by Hollywood Undead

Hollywood Undead - Apologize [Lyrics]Hollywood Undead – Apologize [Lyrics]

Hollywood Undead’s “Apologize” is a sonic celebration of authenticity. The song stresses the value of being true to oneself, even when under scrutiny. It particularly resonates with folks who’ve stumbled into the role model spotlight.

18. “Positive Role Model” by Pet Shop Boys

Positive Role Model - Pet Shop BoysPositive Role Model – Pet Shop Boys

Pet Shop Boys’ “Positive Role Model” follows a character yearning for a dramatic transformation. This individual’s ultimate goal is success and he looks to those who’ve already found it for guidance. The song speaks to the power of having a great example to emulate, a source of motivation, and a confidence booster.

19. “Bright Side Of Life” by Rebelution

Rebelution -Bright Side of Life (Lyrics)Rebelution -Bright Side of Life (Lyrics)

“Bright Side Of Life” by Rebelution is your go-to track for inspiration to seize control of your life and remain hopeful, no matter the odds. The song is a call-to-action to shed the gloom and focus on the beauty around you, nudging everyone to step up as a beacon of hope and positivity.

20. “Role Models” by U.B.O.N.G

Role ModelsRole Models

U.B.O.N.G’s track “Role Models” is a melodic shoutout to those who’ve had a profound impact on his life. The song expresses his gratitude for those who inspired and challenged him. It underscores the importance of having role models but also drops a gentle reminder that idolization should have its limits.

Final Thoughts

The realm of songs about role models offers varied insights into admiration and inspiration. They show us that role models can emerge from even the most unexpected places and lead diverse lives. They nudge us to think critically about who we look up to and why.

These songs also illuminate the beneficial impact of having someone set a stellar example for us. Role models can serve as lighthouses in times of confusion, guiding us towards our goals. The key to constant self-improvement? Stay open to learning something new every day!