20 Songs About Being 28

Being 28 is a unique and transitional phase in life that can be filled with a range of emotions and experiences. From the excitement of starting a new adventure to the confusion of an existential crisis, this age offers a wealth of material for songwriters to explore. 

Whether it’s through the lens of nostalgia, reflection, or even rebellion, here are songs about being 28 that can surely relate to:

1. “Twenty28” by Just Isaiah

Just Isaiah’s “Twenty28” takes the listener on a journey through the artist’s past experiences and aspirations for the future. The lyrics speak about the feeling of going back to the future, as if history is repeating itself.

The song’s overall message is one of hope, determination, and gratitude for the people who have helped the artist along the way.

2. “Born Anywhere” by Floetrizzle

“Born Anywhere” by Floetrizzle is a rap song about the unpredictability of life and the importance of being grateful for what we have.

The lyrics reflect on how we have no control over where or when we are born, and how that can greatly impact our lives. The track is a heartfelt reminder to appreciate the gifts in our lives and to never take them for granted.

3. “Twenty 8” by Kodak Black

“Twenty 8” is a hip-hop track that represents Kodak Black’s lifestyle, including the good and the bad, and the things he has experienced at the age of twenty-eight.

In the lyrics, the singer talks about clutching on twenty-eight grams of crack, falling in love with a twenty-eight-year-old woman, and both of them being twenty-eight. 

4. “28” by Sonny Guapo

“28” by Sonny Guapo is a song about the lessons and experiences one gains as they grow older. Each verse in the song represents a different age and the corresponding advice that comes with it.

The repetition of “28” throughout the song highlights the significance of this age and the sense of accomplishment that comes with reaching it. 

5. “DC Comics and Chocolate Milkshake” by Art Brut

“DC Comics and Chocolate Milkshake” is a tribute to those who hold dear the things they love, even as they age. The song revolves around the protagonist’s affection for comic books and chocolate milkshakes, which provide a sense of solace and reminiscence in a world that can be unforgiving and unpredictable. 

Despite reaching the age of 28, the protagonist still takes delight in the uncomplicated joys of life, such as reading a good comic book and savoring a scrumptious milkshake.

6. “28” by Lorene Scafaria

Lorene Scafaria’s “28” is a song that speaks to the feeling of uncertainty and the desire for change that often come with approaching one’s late twenties.

The lyrics describe the narrator’s struggle to keep her emotions in check and her dreams alive, despite feeling like something is not right. The song captures the anxiety of getting older and the fear of missing out on life’s opportunities, but it also offers a sense of optimism for the future.

7. “Happy 28” by King Freezy

A 28th birthday song with a twist, “Happy 28” by King Freezy is a song about celebrating life and the journey of growth and progress. The narrator shares his personal journey of success, from buying his first car at 21 to building a house at 22, and how he followed his passion for music. 

The song ends with a message of gratitude for life and the blessings that come with it. Overall, “Happy 28” is an uplifting and inspiring song that reminds us to celebrate our achievements and keep pushing towards our goals.

8. “Freedom of Preach” by Ludacris

Ludacris’ “Freedom of Preach” song features a narrator who reflects on their past mistakes and seeks forgiveness from God.

The lyrics, which are written at the age of 28, demonstrate a sense of self-awareness and a willingness to learn and grow. The song encourages us to recognize our own potential to make a positive impact on our communities.

9. “28” by Steppenwolf

“28” by Steppenwolf is a song that captures the story of a 28-year-old woman named Molly. The lyrics describe her vulnerability at her age but the narrator reassures that everything will be alright. 

It is a story about two people who connect on a deeper level, despite the challenges and uncertainties that life presents. It’s a reminder that age is just a number and that love and connection can happen at any stage of life.

10. “When I Grow Up” by Demi Dawn and Alan I

“When I Grow Up” by Demi Dawn and Alan I is a song that captures the struggles of feeling inadequate and lacking confidence despite growing older.

The lyrics convey the narrator’s frustrations of feeling like a child at the age of 28 and wishing to be confident. The fear of not being liked or cared for as a child still haunts the narrator, and the feeling persists even in adulthood.

11. “S.G.H. 2” by LordBlessTheFre$h

“S.G.H. 2” by LordBlessTheFre$h is a song that reflects on the challenges of being 28 and the need for self-confidence to navigate through life’s challenges.

The lyrics express the importance of self-love and keeping personal problems to oneself to avoid seeking pity from others. Also, the track touches on the pride of seeing friends’ success and the fear of losing them to the harsh realities of life.

12. “Grace” by Lloyd Cole and the Commotions

A melancholic song about the struggles of being 28, “Grace” by Lloyd Cole and the Commotions describe a person named Jesse who used to be hopeful but now feels trapped by disappointment.

The song expresses the conflicting feelings of being stuck in the past and hopeful for the future, and reminds us that it’s never too late to start anew.

13. “Angry Men” by Be Hussey

The lyrics from “Angry Men” by Be Hussey explore the feelings of frustration, pain, and determination that come with turning 28.

The track serves as a powerful reflection on the challenges and opportunities that come with entering in the late twenties, and the importance of staying true to yourself despite the setbacks and pressures.

14. “PROBLEMS” by Danny Ali feat. Infamous Taz

“PROBLEMS” by Danny Ali feat. Infamous Taz is a song about the struggles of being in your 20s and dealing with personal problems. The lyrics touch on various issues such as depression, self-worth, addiction, and the pressure to succeed.

The song reflects the experiences of those in their late 20s and serves as a reminder to tackle problems head-on and not let them define you.

15. “Balance”

“Balance” by Yung Stuck feat. Scottie Lewis, Dutch & EljayMuzik is a rap song that speaks to the journey of finding balance in life.

The lyrics express how it took the artist 28 years to learn how to balance his life and not let negative experiences affect him. The song encourages listeners to find their balance, work consistently, and not be afraid to celebrate their successes.

16. “Put in Wrk” by GameBr8ker

Put in Wrk” by GameBr8ker is a hip-hop song that talks about the rapper’s determination to succeed by any means necessary. At 28 years old, he recognizes the importance of working hard and putting in the effort to succeed. 

He also warns those who may try to stand in his way that he is not to be messed with, as he will do whatever it takes to achieve his dreams. Overall, “Put in Wrk” is a powerful and motivating song that encourages listeners to work hard and never give up on their goals.

17. “Meet Me By The River’s Edge” by The Gaslight Anthem

A grunge song about the struggles of growing up in a factory town, “Meet Me By The River’s Edge” by The Gaslight Anthem depict the hard work and dedication it takes to survive in a tough environment. 

The song talks about the pounding sweat beneath the narrator’s wheels for 28 years, and he and his friends have tattooed lines beneath their skin to show their commitment to each other. The track speaks to the desire to escape and start over, to wash away the sins of the past and start anew.

18. “28” by AC Noel

The song “28” by AC Noel is a rap that reflects on the changes and growth experienced by the artist at the age of 28. The lyrics showcase his appreciation for life and success, as he boasts about “living great” and “spending the cake.”

The overall message of the song is that turning 28 is a significant milestone, and it’s a time to celebrate personal achievements and embrace new opportunities.

19. “Sorry 2 Tell You” by Tony Kage

Tony Kage’s “Sorry 2 Tell You” is a rap song that depicts a 16-year-old who is bragging about his youthful freedom and financial success while jabbing at an unemployed 28-year-old.

The lyrics express the protagonist’s pride in his ability to attract multiple partners, his carefree attitude towards relationships, and his determination to focus on making money.

20. “Drug Addict” by Cuzzylogic

The lyrics of “Drug Addict” by Cuzzylogic tell a story of a person who sees a drug addict by the side of the road and feels a yearning to connect with them.

The song also touches on the struggles of addiction and how life can take unexpected turns. Despite being only 28 years old, the drug addict feels like they have lost their life and wants it back badly.


Being 28 presents a unique opportunity to explore new possibilities, take risks, and live in the present moment. Despite the pressure to have one’s life figured out, this age also comes with a chance for growth and development.

These songs about being 28 can serve as a reminder to embrace this phase of life with optimism and to keep moving forward, even when the future feels uncertain.