20 Songs About Being 29

Being 29 can be a significant milestone for many people, as it marks the end of their youthful twenties and the start of their journey into their 30s. It’s a time for reflection, growth, and change, and many artists have captured the essence of this transformative period in their music.

From introspective ballads to upbeat anthems, here are songs about being 29 that offer a unique glimpse into the stories of this age:

1. “29” by Demi Lovato

In the song “29,” Demi Lovato talks about how people think about their lives as they get older. They remember times when they didn’t have much experience and felt pressure to do things they didn’t really want to do. 

As they approach 29, they see things differently and understand that their past experiences were not just a dream but something they were forced into. The song tells listeners to think about how their actions affect others and to appreciate the knowledge that comes with aging.

2. “Let It Slip” by Luca Brasi

Luca Brasi’s song “Let It Slip” is a powerful and emotional reflection on the difficulties of being 29 and struggling with addiction. The lyrics capture the feeling of regret that often accompanies addiction and the struggles of growing older and trying to find meaning in life.

Despite the pain of the situation, the song ultimately conveys a message of hope, urging listeners to confront their problems head-on and seek help.

3. “Play This When I’m Gone” by Machine Gun Kelly

“Play This When I’m Gone” by Machine Gun Kelly is a pop-punk song that expresses the struggles of a 29-year-old who is grappling with anxiety and sobriety. The lyrics convey the narrator’s deep love for someone and the desire to leave a lasting message before departing from the world. 

4. “29 Years” by Tori Amos

The song “29 Years” by Tori Amos delves into the artist’s journey of self-discovery and healing, exploring the intricate nature of relationships, betrayal, and forgiveness. Over the course of twenty-nine years, the narrator has been tirelessly searching for the truth, piecing together the fragments of her life.

However, by the end of the song, the narrator finally realizes the power of forgiveness and healing, and is able to let go of the past.

5. “29” by Carly Pearce

A song that captures the mixed emotions that come with reaching a certain age and reflecting on one’s life experiences, “29” Carly Pearce’s song muses about the expectations and milestones that should accompany turning 29, such as finding oneself, paying a mortgage, and settling down. 

However, Pearce recognizes that life doesn’t always follow a plan and that it’s acceptable to make mistakes. The song acknowledges that many others are also navigating the difficulties of growing up, and ultimately, the track concludes with the message that it’s okay to falter and fall while pursuing our dreams.

6. “Let’s Ride” by MxPx

MxPx’s “Let’s Ride” is a rock song about being 29 that celebrates the narrator’s survival to this point in life. The narrator is grateful for having made it this far, despite the challenges he faced along the way.

The track encourages us to embrace life and all its challenges, and to keep pushing forward with the knowledge that we can survive and thrive too.

7. “Twenty-Nine and Holding” by Aaron Tippin

Aaron Tippin’s “Twenty-Nine and Holding” is a country song that portrays a resilient and determined woman who is 29 years old, balancing her roles as a mother, a provider, and a homemaker. Some people worry about age but the woman in the song remains focused on her responsibilities and is determined to not let anyone down.

The track recognizes the struggles that many women face in their daily lives, but it also celebrates their resilience and determination to succeed. 

8. “29” by Chris James

“29” by Chris James is a heart-warming song that explores the concept of love and the pain of losing someone. The narrator hopes that time will change what he is for his loved one, and that they can be together when they turn 29.

The track is a beautiful reminder of the complexity of love and how it can endure the test of time, even when circumstances change.

9. “Sick Sad World” by Nervus

“Sick Sad World” by Nervus is a rock song that captures the feeling of being lost and unsure of one’s future at the age of 29. The lyrics express the overwhelming stress and pressure that comes with this age, where one feels like they should have their life figured out by now.

It is a reflective song that captures the emotions and struggles of being at the brink of your thirties and hoping for a new beginning.

10. “Since I Was Young” by Wrabel

A powerful song about the journey of life and the challenges one faces along the way, “Since I was young” by Wrabel describes the struggles of growing up and trying to find oneself, as well as the fears and uncertainties that come with aging.

At 29, the protagonist reflects on how they never thought they would live this long, and how they’ve learned to be true to themselves and let someone love them for who they are. 

11. “Done With Drugs” by The Dirty Nil

The Dirty Nil’s song “Done With Drugs” speaks to the struggle of growing up and taking responsibility for one’s life. At 29, the protagonist realizes that he can no longer continue down the path of drugs and partying. The lyrics convey a sense of maturity and a newfound awareness of the consequences of his actions. 

The rock tune adds to the gritty and rebellious vibe of the song, while also emphasizing the importance of making positive changes and taking control of your life, no matter how difficult it may be.

12. “Cheer Up Emo Boy” by Big, Big Furnace

“Cheer Up Emo Boy” by Big, Big Furnace is a rock song that speaks of the lasting impact of a past lover on the protagonist. Despite the passing years, he still finds himself haunted by the memory of the woman, and she continues to appear in his thoughts and surroundings.

“Cheer Up Emo Boy” is a powerful portrayal of the lingering effects of past love and the difficulty of moving on.

13. “Not This Time” by Ben Ellis

“Not This Time” by Ben Ellis is a pop song that speaks to the struggles of being young and fighting against societal expectations. The line “Say that I won’t know better until I’m twenty-nine” suggests that people often discount the wisdom of youth, assuming that they won’t truly understand life until they’ve reached a certain age. 

However, the narrator rejects this idea, refusing to take advice from someone who is “dead inside” and stuck in a soul-sucking nine-to-five job. It is an empowering song that encourages us to break free from the expectations of others and live life on our own terms.

14. “Lady Grey” by Katzenjammer

In the song “Lady Grey” by Katzenjammer, the protagonist reminisces about being 29 and wanting to relive those sweet old times. The lyrics depict a fascination with an elderly woman named Lady Grey, who has lived a long and hard life. 

Although Lady Grey’s appearance shows signs of age, her smile still radiates the same brightness as it did in her younger years, leaving the protagonist to contemplate if Lady Grey could transport them back to the days of youth.

15. “Fighting a Losing Battle” by Amends

“Fighting a Losing Battle” by Amends is a powerful rock song that captures the emotions of a 29-year-old facing the shift of age and the feeling of being old.

The lyrics reveal the struggle of the protagonist who feels like a burden to others, and as the years go by like a silver bullet, they can’t help but feel like they are fighting a losing battle as he grows older.

16. “Twenty Nine” by Melly Mell Tha Mobsta feat. Major Millionaire & Stogie Brodie

“Twenty Nine” by Melly Mell Tha Mobsta, feat. Major Millionaire & Stogie Brodie is a rap song that celebrates the blessing of reaching the age of twenty-nine. The lyrics reflect on the hard work that has been put in to make it to this point and the deserving feeling of celebrating with champagne.

Despite acknowledging past mistakes, the song emphasizes that making it to twenty-nine is a blessing, especially considering how tough life can be on the outside.

17. “Punchline” by Snuff

The song “Punchline” by Snuff warns about the consequences of taking jokes too far. The lyrics tell the story of two individuals who lost their lives due to their extreme sense of humor.

The first verse mentions a person who died at the age of twenty-nine while taking a bath. The song’s message is to recognize the dangers of pushing jokes too seriously and to understand when a joke has gone too far.

18. “29” by Gin Blossoms

Gin Blossoms’ soft rock song “29” speaks to the uncertainty that comes with growing older. The lyrics acknowledge that even at 29, life isn’t necessarily figured out, and mistakes are still made. The song encourages us to hold onto our dreams, even as we age. 

19. “Billy Austin” by Steve Earle

Steve Earle’s “Billy Austin” is a song about a man who is now facing his final hours on death row. At twenty-nine years old, the man named “Billy Austin” held up a filling station and ended up killing a man, which led to his death sentence. Now, he has spent most of his life in prison, feeling alone and disconnected from the world.

20. “L.A. 13 pt.1” by Drink To Me

The song “L.A. 13 pt.1” by Drink To Me is a celebration of the joy of being 29 years old. The song encourages everyone to let go of their worries and enjoy life, with a shot of something to help keep the secret.

Overall, “L.A. 13 pt.1” is a catchy and upbeat song that celebrates the joys of being young and carefree.


Being 29 is a transitional period that has inspired many artists to create music. Some songs are introspective, while others celebrate the freedom and opportunities of being in your late twenties. No matter how you feel about this age, there is a song about being 29 that will suit your mood.