20 Songs About Being 60

As people reach the age of 60, they may reflect on their lives and experiences, which can be represented through music. This list of songs about being 60 features a diverse range of genres and artists, each offering their own unique perspective on this milestone age.

1. “7 Years” by Lukas Graham

This hit song from 2015 reflects on the passage of time and the changes that occur as we grow older. The lyrics encourage listeners to appreciate each stage of life, including the ups and downs, and to cherish the memories made along the way.

2. “She Only Meant to Use Him” by Conway Twitty

“She Only Meant to Use Him” by Conway Twitty is a country song that tells the story of a woman who marries a sixty-year-old man for his money and status.It also touches on the theme of regret, as the woman realizes that she only meant to use this man and did not truly love him.

3. “Runaway Love” by Justin Bieber

“Runaway Love” by Justin Bieber is a song that speaks to the desire for love and companionship, no matter what age a person is.

The lyrics convey a sense of urgency and desperation, as the singer feels like he is running out of time and has not yet found his runaway love. The song encourages listeners to keep searching for love, no matter how elusive it may seem.

4. “Free The Madness” by Steve Aoki

This next song encourages listeners to break free from the mundane and embrace the madness of life, no matter what age they are. The lyrics suggest that even if the singer wakes up tomorrow and is sixty years old, he hopes that he can look back on his life and feel like he has truly lived.

5. “Why Oh Why” by Warren G

For someone who may be approaching their later years, the song highlights the consequences of one’s actions and the importance of making choices that lead to a positive and fulfilling life.

It serves as a warning against the dangers of falling into criminal activities and the importance of making the right decisions before it’s too late.

6. “Underrated” by Offset

The lyrics to this song acknowledges the value of respect for elders, referencing people who are sixty years old and who may be able to offer guidance or wisdom.

The lyrics suggest that there is something to be learned from those who have lived a long and full life, and that even for someone who is young and ambitious, there is value in recognizing the experience and knowledge of those who have come before.

7. Sixty Years On by Elton John

“When I’m Sixty-Four” by The Beatles, which speaks to the worries and concerns of growing older and the desire for companionship and care in one’s later years. The speaker wonders who will be there for them as they continue to age and their life begins to change.

8. “Eternal Light” by Teenage Fanclub

The song “Eternal Light” by Teenage Fanclub speaks about the feeling of emptiness that one might experience as they reach the age of 60. It’s a contemplative song that encourages the listener to reflect on their life and its purpose.

9. “You Can’t Make the Grade” by Washboard Sam

“You Can’t Make the Grade” by Washboard Sam suggests that there comes a point where it is impossible to keep up with the demands of life, and one is left feeling defeated and unable to make the grade.

10. “Ain’t My Day” by Wall of Voodoo

The lyrics to this song suggest a sense of regret and bitterness as the narrator, who is now sixty years old, sits by the phone and watches soap operas every night.

The comparison to Jock and his sons highlights a sense of envy towards those who may have had an easier life without the same hardships. 

11. “I Am Alone” by Jim Carroll, Graeme Revell, Jim Carroll Band

The song “I Am Alone” by Jim Carroll, Graeme Revell, and Jim Carroll Band is a powerful and haunting portrayal of the devastating effects of aging.

The juxtaposition of the young person’s physical appearance with their actual age of sixteen is jarring, highlighting the cruel reality of how time can ravage a person’s body and spirit.

12. “05/19/19” by Ian Jake Robleza

“05/19/19” by Ian Jake Robleza encourages us to celebrate our achievements, despite their perceived smallness, because they are still significant to us as individuals.

The reference to Halley’s Comet highlights the long period of time that has passed since the last sighting, and the realization that the next time it passes, the listeners will be 60 years old. 

13. “Tengo Mucha Pasión” by Khid Nando

“Tengo Mucha Pasión” by Khid Nando is a song about the artist’s love for music and his passion for performing. The lyrics suggest that music is an essential part of his life and identity, and that he will continue to pursue it with the same intensity and dedication even when he is sixty years old.

14. “Tasty Doll” by Medical Negligence

Next on the list is “Tasty Doll” by Medical Negligence is a song that tells the story of a 60-year-old painter who reminisces about a great time he had in 1928, when he had a lovely dinner.

The lyrics then take a darker turn as the narrator reveals that he invited a young child to his house and refers to himself as the “psycho grey man.”

15. “Super/Connected” by Please Save My Earth

The song reminds us that despite the physical limitations that come with aging, there is still a wealth of wisdom and experience to be shared and cherished.

Through its upbeat tempo and catchy melody, “Super/Connected” celebrates the joy of life at any age, and encourages listeners to embrace the richness of the present moment.

16. “Drinkin’ Alone” by The Dirty Fools

“Drinkin’ Alone” by The Dirty Fools is a song that tells the story of a man named John who has recently turned sixty, been divorced, and forced to quit his job. The lyrics convey a sense of loneliness and despair, suggesting that John’s life has taken a turn for the worse. 

17. “Rock N Roll is Dead Long Live Rock N Roll” by BlackRain

“Rock N Roll is Dead Long Live Rock N Roll” by BlackRain is a song that explores the theme of aging and the inevitable end of a rock and roll lifestyle. It also suggest a sense of finality and a last hurrah for a rocker who has reached the age of 60. 

18. “I’m The DJ” by Wongo

This next song implies that the narrator is actually an older person who is trying to keep up with the younger crowd.

This song could be seen as a commentary on the pressures of staying young in a society that values youth, as well as a reminder that it’s okay to embrace one’s age and let go of past expectations.

19. “This Is the Life I Lead” by Daz Dillinger

The lyrics to “This Is the Life I Lead” by Daz Dillinger imply that the singer plans to retire from his current lifestyle and live a quieter life when he reaches old age. Overall, the song is a reflection on the cost of success and the desire for redemption later in life.

20. “21.9 Thousand Dayze” by Annie & King

“21.9 Thousand Dayze” celebrates the richness of a life well-lived and the ongoing possibilities for learning and growth, no matter how many days have passed. The lyrics also touch on the theme of family, as the singer acknowledges that their children are now grown and on their own.

Final Thoughts

From reflecting on life’s achievements to contemplating mortality, these songs offer a glimpse into the rich tapestry of human emotions and experiences that define the aging process.

Whether you are nearing 60 or looking back on this milestone from a distance, these songs provide a soundtrack to help you navigate the journey with grace, humor, and a deep appreciation for life’s many blessings.