20 Songs About Cars

Cars have always been a beloved subject in music. Whether it’s cruising down the open road, showing off the ride, symbolizing freedom, or reflecting on the past, there’s a song out there for every car enthusiast. Here are 20 tunes about cars that are sure to get you revved up.

1. “Little Deuce Coupe” by Beach Boys

Winning the ladies with a sweet ride has been a tried and tested method since the dawn of time, and the Beach Boys were no strangers to this concept.

“Little Deuce Coupe” is all about a guy who’s winning the attention of the girl with his deuce coupe, a 1932 Ford Model 18 with a V8 engine that was a cool and eye-catching car in the early 60s.

2. “Route 66” by The Rolling Stones

This song has a clear message and it’s all about road trips! The Rolling Stones paint a picture of America as they travel down Route 66 in search of adventure.

Hopping on the car and hitting the open road is something that everyone should experience at least once in their life, and this song will definitely get you in the mood to do just that.

3. “Low Rider” by War

What better way to ride a bouncy car? War’s “Low Rider” is all about the smooth ride of a car that’s been decked out with hydraulics.

The song talks about the different ways that you can enjoy your ride, whether it’s cruising down the street or taking it to the limit. A fun and inviting song that’s sure to get you in the mood to ride low.

4. “Driving in My Car” by Madness

An old car feels brand new especially when it’s yours. In Madness’s “Driving in My Car,” the band talks about all of the great things that come with owning your own set of wheels.

Despite not being new, the car still is a great way to drive around town. From the freedom to go anywhere you want to the feeling of being in control, there’s nothing quite like it.

5. “Drive My Car” by The Beatles

An aspiring actress coaxes a guy to drive her car, but not in the way you might think. In The Beatles’ “Drive My Car,” the girl is inviting the guy to drive her car as she fancies him.

However, when the guy agreed, she tells the guy that she doesn’t actually own a car but having the guy as the driver is a good start. While it’s not the most convenient way to get a man, it’s a creative way to get what you want.

6. “Mustang Sally” by Wilson Pickett

Either this song is just telling Sally to slow down her driving with the new mustang, or this song implies a sugar daddy who bought his girl a mustang and now he’s worried about her driving it too fast and not letting him ride. Sexual innuendos or not, this song is catchy and sure to get you singing along.

7. “Dead Man’s Curve” by Jan & Dean

A curve that is prone to fatal accidents, this song is about a real place in Los Angeles. The song reflects the scary experience and the dangers of driving too fast and not being careful.

Jan actually experienced a near-fatal accident himself that led him to a coma, which makes this song all the more real and impactful.

8. “Riding in my car (Car Song)” by Woody Guthrie

This track is simply about riding a car, imitating the “vroom vroom” sound of the engine. Woody Guthrie’s “Riding in My Car (Car Song)” is perfect for a road trip as it will keep everyone entertained with its simple, fun lyrics for families who are having a road trip with kids.

9. “Fun, Fun, Fun” by Beach Boys

A song that sticks to its title, “Fun, Fun, Fun” is all about having a good time. The Beach Boys talk about a girl who loves to drive her dad’s car and have funs with the car chase.

The song speaks to the liberating but also a dangerous feeling of driving your parent’s car unsupervised for the first time–a mixture of fear and excitement coursing through your veins till it’s over.

10. “Little Red Corvette” by Prince

This song is about casual dating and the fear of being replaced. It’s a sad but realistic song about the dangers of getting too attached to someone who isn’t ready for a commitment. In “Little Red Corvette,” Prince sings about a hot girl who is promiscuous and how he’s worried that he’ll be replaced by someone else just as quickly as he came into her life.

With the lyrics, “I guess I should’ve known / By the way you parked your car sideways / That it wouldn’t last,” you already know this isn’t going to have a happy ending, but hey, the song is upbeat so you won’t feel too down while listening to it.

11. “GTO” by Ronnie & the Daytonas

Just loving his ride and endlessly talking about it, “GTO” by Ronnie & the Daytonas is perfect for anyone who loves their car and wants to show it off. 

The song goes into great detail about the features of the car and riding it makes you feel like a million bucks. If you’re looking for a song to truly get hyped up about your ride, this is the one for you.

12. “White Cadillac” by The Band

Owning a big Cadillac is something to brag about. In “White Cadillac,” The Band does just that as they sing about how great their car is and all the places it’s taken them. Song also implies that the driver is in a car chase which makes it all the more exciting.

13. “Hot Rod Honeymoon” by Jeff Beck

Showing off the hot ride to win the girls, “Hot Rod Honeymoon” is perfect for anyone who’s trying to impress someone. The lyrics, “Don’t tell me you’ve never rode a hot rod,” clearly just want to show his lady just how much fun she could have with him if she gets in the car.

14. “Crown Victoria Custom ’51” by Jerry Lee Lewis

In the opening of the song, You might think he’s talking about his lover when you see how much attention and love he shows her, but really he’s just showing his car some love.

This song is about a man and his car, and how happy he is to have such a great ride. If you want a song that will make you feel good about your own car, give this one a listen.

15. “Roadrunner” by Bo Diddley

You might want to dance with someone when you hear this song because it’s not about cars but rock and roll music. 

“Roadrunner” is about having fun while listening to rock and roll, dancing and drinking with friends. It’s the perfect song to listen to when you’re getting ready to go out for a night on the town.

16. “Somewhere In My Car” by Keith Urban

It’s hard to suppress memories, especially with someone you love. This heartbreaking song is about being alone in the car and still being drowned in the memory of her love, somewhere in the car. 

The lyrics, “I know you’re with someone else / But in my mind, we’re somewhere in my car,” implies that this song is for someone who’s gone through a tough breakup and is struggling to move on.

17. “Fast Car” by Tracy Chapman

A ballad that has been loved by many, not because it’s fast-paced or exciting, but because it’s relatable. “Fast Car” is about escaping a life of poverty and making something better for yourself.

The lyrics, “You got a fast car / Is it fast enough so we can fly away? / We gotta make a decision / Leave tonight or live and die this way” sparks a sense of hope in the listener, that maybe things would get better if they make a choice.

This song is relatable for anyone who’s ever felt stuck in their current situation and is looking for a way out.

18. “Pink Cadillac” by Natalie Cole

A pretty suggestive song, “Pink Cadillac” is about a woman who loves a man for his pink Cadillac. She’s not being too subtle about what she wants as she sings, “Anyway we don’t have to drive it honey, we can park it out in the back / And have a party in your pink Cadillac.” If you’re looking for a song that’s a little more risque, this is the one for you.

19. “Black Limousine” by The Rolling Stones

Fame and fortune are not always on the good side. In “Black Limousine,” The Rolling Stones sing about the dark side of rock and roll culture and how it changes your life drastically.

The lyrics, “We used to ride, ride, ride, ride / In a long black limousine / Those dreams are gone, baby” show how being famous can literally change overnight, and not always for the better.

Some speculations of this song are about the vices in which most rock stars indulge, such as drugs and alcohol.

20. “Cars” by Gary Numan

For people who get in a car to escape confrontations and just take a break from life, this song is for you. “Cars” is about the simple act of being inside the car, and how it can be a form of escapism from the problems or people in your life.

The lyrics, “Here in my car / I feel safest of all” means that the singer finds solace in his car, away from the outside world. If you’re ever feeling overwhelmed, listen to this song and just relax.


Cars have been around for centuries and they’ve been mentioned in songs throughout the years. With different meanings and messages, these 20 songs about cars are some of the most popular and well-known.

There are a lot of things we can do in our cars and artists have found ways to express that in their music. Whether you’re looking for a song to dance to, or one that will make you think, these 20 songs about cars have got you covered.