15 Songs About Cats

If you’ve spent any time online, you’ve probably noticed that cat videos dominate the internet. So why not give our songs the same treatment and make them all about cats? We’ve got 20 purrfect tunes to celebrate them!

1. “The Alley Cat Song” by David Thorne

This song is about a woman who walks out at night, leaving her partner behind to seek new experiences. The title is an idiom often used to describe promiscuous women who embrace a carefree and uninhibited lifestyle.

2. “Pads, Paws and Claws” by Elvis Costello

This song reveals the chaotic relationship between a heavy-drinking husband and a wife who fights back with sharp wit and claws. Elvis embodies a feline tormentor, sharing glimpses of his own miserable existence.

3. “Copycat” by Garry U.S. Bonds

This specific song is aimed at people who imitate others instead of creating their own work. The lyrics tell all such copycats that they won’t last long if they refuse to change their ways.

4. “Cool Cats” by Squeeze

This light-hearted song is more like a journal of the unfortunate or rather unsuccessful events in the life of Squeeze. The main character in this song tries different things he sees on T.V to come across as a “Cool Cat” and impress the ladies but most of his endeavors end in failure.

5. “Tom Cat” by The Rooftop Singers

The song is a detailed commentary of the writer’s old dog, named Tom Cat, who is feared by all cats in the neighborhood. The singable tune made it very popular when it first came out. 

6. “Nashville Cats” by The Lovin’ Spoonful

Being part of the ‘Hums of The Lovin’ Spoonful’ album, the song described cats in a lovable and funny way. The lyrics pay tribute to the playful and loving nature of cats.

7. “I Happen to Like Cats” by Granger Smith

Granger Smith describes life when you are surrounded by cats and things you love – in his case these are artwork, pillows, and cat gym. He talks about being covered in cat hair as he sits down and sings with other singers about his feline friends.

8. “Mean Eyed Cat” by Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash narrates the story of a person who gives money to his partner to do some shopping but she spends it on her things and for her mean-eyed cat. He gets angry, and she leaves him a note before taking off. Determined to find her, he searches the town relentlessly.

9. “Honky Cat” by Elton John

Released back in 1972, this song is a club favorite. Elton John seems to be referring to his partner, Taupin, who once lived in a small village without electricity. The song suggests the Taupin got more support from people from town than his people who actually tried to prevent him from achieving his dreams.

10. “Cat People (Putting Out Fire)” by David Bowie

The song “Cat People (Putting Out Fire)” by David Bowie dives into the raw emotions of longing and desperation. It depicts a person whose intense fear of losing their loved one drives them to the brink. They confess to putting out fire with gasoline, a futile attempt to extinguish the flames of their turbulent emotions.

11. “Look What the Cat Dragged In” by Poison

This song tells the story of a wild and reckless lifestyle filled with partying, alcohol, and promiscuity. The narrator reflects on their self-destructive behavior, waking up late and hungover, with their life spiraling out of control. When they say “look what the cat dragged in,” it’s a way of showing their disdain for the consequences that come with their reckless choices.

12. “Stray Cat Strut” by The Stray Cats

The song “Stray Cat Strut” by The Stray Cats is about a black and orange stray cat sitting on a fence. Despite being financially struggling, the cat doesn’t care and confidently walks by with its tail held high. The cat describes itself as a ladies’ cat, a charming and confident feline Casanova.

13. “Cats In The Cradle” by Ugly Kid Joe

This is powerful track that will hit you right in the feels. It’s all about a dad who wakes up to the fact that he’s been too wrapped up in work and other stuff, neglecting his son along the way.

The phrase “cats in the cradle” symbolizes the father’s absence and lack of emotional connection with his child. The song serves as a wake-up call, urging us to cherish the moments we have with our loved ones before it’s too late.

14. “Alley Cat” by Bent Fabric and His Piano

This relaxing cat song which is sometimes called as “Alleycat” is one of the well-known instrumental songs that become popular because of the effort of the composer Bent Fabric and pianist Danish. The song was released in 1962. During the 5th Grammy Awards, the song won an award for becoming the best Rock and Roll Recording.

15. “The Siamese Cat Song” by Peggy Lee

Featured in the Disney animated film of 1955 titled Lady and Tramp, the “Siamese Cat Song” depicts two Siamese cats named Am and Si. The two cats are shown destroying a lady’s house in an attempt to eat a pet fish before colluding to break out the milk of an infant. As a cartoon song, lyricist Peggy Lee tries to show that cats are a part and parcel of our lives even if they give us a hard time once in a while. 


Songs bring out our love for those adorable furballs in the most enchanting way. With catchy melodies and heartwarming lyrics, cat songs whisk us away into a world where cats reign supreme. So if you’re looking for a dose of pure joy, just play some songs about cats. Trust me, they’ll make you smile from ear to ear.