20 Songs About Cheese

Exploring the whimsical and savory world of music, this article dives into 20 songs uniquely dedicated to cheese. From indie ballads to rap anthems, each track offers a distinct flavor, celebrating this beloved dairy product in its own creative way.

1. “Mice Eat Cheese” by Modest Mouse

“Mice Eat Cheese” by Modest Mouse stands out for its quirky indie charm, serving as a prime example of the band’s unique storytelling approach. The song delves into the concept of cheese in a metaphorical sense, exploring themes of desire and fulfillment within the complexities of human relationships.

The indie rock band Modest Mouse uses the imagery of mice and cheese to craft a narrative that resonates with listeners, showcasing their ability to blend unconventional lyrics with captivating melodies. This track is a testament to their creative prowess in the indie music scene.

2. “Blue Cheese” by Roddy Rich

Roddy Rich‘s “Blue Cheese” dives deep into the symbolism often found in the rap genre, with the title itself serving as a metaphor for wealth and luxury. Rich’s lyrical prowess shines through as he weaves together narratives of success and the pursuit of financial freedom, making it a standout track in his discography.

The song not only highlights Roddy Rich’s skillful wordplay and storytelling but also contributes to the broader conversation in hip-hop about the significance of prosperity and the challenges of achieving it. “Blue Cheese” resonates with listeners for its authentic portrayal of ambition and determination in the face of adversity.

3. “CHEESE” by Stray Kids

Stray Kids brings a high-energy twist to the K-pop genre with “CHEESE,” an upbeat track that has captured the hearts of international fans. The song’s unique inclusion of cheese, both in title and lyrical references, showcases the group’s playful side and ability to experiment with diverse themes while maintaining their signature sound.

The reception of “CHEESE” by global audiences underscores the universal appeal of Stray Kids and the K-pop industry’s knack for blending catchy melodies with eclectic subject matter. Fans appreciate the song for its vibrancy, catchy beat, and the way it highlights Stray Kids’ versatility and creative spirit.

4. “Cheese and Crackers” by Rosco Gordon

“Cheese and Crackers” by Rosco Gordon is a gem from the 1950s that showcases Gordon’s significant influence on the rhythm and blues genre. This track is celebrated for its catchy rhythm and laid-back vibe, characteristic of Gordon’s unique style that helped mold the development of blues music.

Rosco Gordon’s contribution to the blues scene, particularly with tracks like “Cheese and Crackers,” highlights his mastery in creating grooves that laid the groundwork for future musical innovations. His ability to blend traditional blues elements with infectious rhythms made him a pivotal figure in the genre’s evolution.

5. “Cheese and Onions” by The Rutles

“Cheese and Onions” by The Rutles stands out as a masterful piece of satire, brilliantly parodying the Beatles with a humorous twist on psychedelic rock. This song is a testament to The Rutles’ ability to mimic the iconic sound of the Beatles while infusing their music with witty lyrical content that pokes fun at the era’s quirks and conventions.

The satirical nature of “Cheese and Onions” not only showcases The Rutles’ clever songwriting but also their keen understanding of the cultural and musical landscape shaped by the Beatles. By blending humor with recognizable musical motifs, the track offers fans a lighthearted yet affectionate Beatles parody that remains memorable and entertaining.

6. “Cheese Head” by Bris, EBK Young Joc, and Iz Reala

The collaboration between Bris, EBK Young Joc, and Iz Reala on “Cheese Head” highlights a dynamic union of talents within the rap music scene. Each artist brings their unique style to the track, creating a compelling blend of lyrical prowess and hard-hitting beats that speak to the genre’s core audience.

“Cheese Head” holds cultural significance in rap music for its raw expression and exploration of themes relevant to the artists’ experiences and communities. This track not only showcases the individual capabilities of Bris, EBK Young Joc, and Iz Reala but also contributes to the ongoing dialogue in rap about identity, struggle, and resilience.

7. “Cheese Please” by Fred Mollin and the Blue Sea Band

Fred Mollin and the Blue Sea Band‘s “Cheese Please” is a delightful addition to the world of children’s music, offering a whimsical and educational journey into the world of cheese. The song’s catchy melody and lighthearted lyrics not only entertain young listeners but also serve to spark curiosity about different types of cheese.

The track exemplifies the power of music as a tool for education, introducing children to diverse flavors in a fun and engaging way. Through “Cheese Please,” Fred Mollin and the Blue Sea Band successfully merge entertainment with learning, highlighting the importance of dietary variety in a manner that’s accessible and enjoyable for children.

8. “Cheese” by Stromae

Stromae, a pivotal figure in Belgian music, takes a unique approach with his electro-influenced track and album titled “Cheese.” The work dives into themes of happiness and superficiality, using the metaphor of ‘cheese’ as a prompt for the smiles often demanded in photographs, symbolizing the pressure to appear happy in the modern world.

The song “Cheese” reflects Stromae’s critical perspective on societal expectations and the facade of joy that people are compelled to display. Through his electro-pop sound, Stromae not only captivates listeners with his rhythmic beats but also prompts them to reflect on the authenticity of their own happiness, showcasing his depth as an artist and commentator on contemporary life.

9. “Macaroni and Cheese” by Bill Harley

Bill Harley infuses “Macaroni and Cheese” with his trademark storytelling and humor, making this children’s song a comforting and delightful experience. Harley’s folk-inspired musical style complements the narrative, engaging young audiences with relatable tales and melodies that stay with them long after the song ends.

The humor and warmth in “Macaroni and Cheese” exemplify Bill Harley’s ability to connect with children on their level, using everyday subjects to evoke joy and laughter. Through this song, Harley enriches the genre of children’s music by combining educational content with entertainment, demonstrating his seasoned skill as a storyteller and musician.

10. “Candi” by Ween

Ween, known for their experimental approach to alternative rock, showcases their versatility in the track “Candi.” This song stands as a testament to their ability to blend genres and playfully incorporate ‘cheesy’ elements, both lyrically and musically, without compromising their distinctive sound.

“Candi” fits seamlessly into Ween’s diverse discography, illustrating the band’s flair for creating songs that are both innovative and reminiscent of traditional rock conventions. The cheesy aspects of the song, far from diminishing its quality, add a layer of charm and whimsy, making it a memorable piece in the broader landscape of alternative rock.

11. “Big Cheese” by Nirvana

Nirvana, a band synonymous with the grunge movement, delivers a gritty sound in “Big Cheese” that encapsulates the group’s ethos and raw energy. This track, emblematic of Nirvana’s early work, showcases their ability to combine powerful lyrics with a compelling musical complexity.

“Big Cheese” reflects Nirvana’s exploration of themes such as defiance and disillusionment, characteristics that would define much of their music. Through this song, Nirvana made a statement in the grunge scene, reinforcing their legacy as pioneers who weren’t afraid to confront the status quo with their art.

12. “Cheeseburger In Paradise” by Jimmy Buffett

“Cheeseburger In Paradise” by Jimmy Buffett has become a cultural phenomenon, encapsulating Buffett’s laid-back lifestyle and the escapism that defines his Margaritaville brand. This song’s catchy tune and whimsical lyrics have made it an anthem for those dreaming of a simpler, carefree life.

The enduring popularity of “Cheeseburger In Paradise” speaks to its relatability and the universal desire for a slice of paradise, whether symbolized through a cheeseburger or the Margaritaville state of mind. Jimmy Buffett’s knack for crafting songs that resonate on a personal level has cemented this track as a beloved classic in American pop culture.

13. “Cheese Cake” by Dexter Gordon

Dexter Gordon, a towering figure in the jazz genre, showcases his tenor saxophone mastery in “Cheese Cake,” a track that highlights his profound musical influence. Gordon’s smooth execution and innovative improvisations on this number exemplify his status as one of jazz’s most revered tenor saxophonists.

“Cheese Cake” stands as a testament to Dexter Gordon’s ability to engage and captivate listeners with his expressive playing style and deep understanding of jazz. Through this piece, Gordon not only cements his legacy in the jazz community but also offers an expertise in saxophone performance, blending technique and emotion in a way that is both accessible and profound.

14. “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of Cheese)” by The Online Wine Tasting Club

“Sweet Dreams (Are Made of Cheese)” by The Online Wine Tasting Club is a clever parody that creatively repurposes a classic song to celebrate the love for cheese, resonating with food and wine aficionados alike. This inventive twist on the original tune showcases the Club’s unique approach to engaging with their audience, blending humor with their passion for gastronomy.

The track’s playful adaptation not only entertains but also highlights the Online Wine Tasting Club’s commitment to creating memorable experiences for its members. The fusion of music and culinary themes in “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of Cheese)” demonstrates the Club’s ability to connect with fans through shared interests in food, wine, and now, music parodies.

15. “Bread/Cheese/Bread” by Koo Koo

Koo Koo, known for their energetic dance-pop tracks, hits the mark with “Bread/Cheese/Bread,” a song that encapsulates their playful nature and mission to engage children in fun and dance. This track not only gets kids moving but also subtly educates them about food, specifically the simple joy of making a cheese sandwich.

The duo’s ability to create an infectious beat while incorporating educational elements showcases their unique place in children’s music. By blending catchy tunes with light-hearted lessons, “Bread/Cheese/Bread” serves as a perfect example of Koo Koo’s commitment to making learning fun and engaging for children through music.

16. “The Cheese Alarm” by Robyn Hitchcock

Robyn Hitchcock‘s “The Cheese Alarm” stands as a testament to his unique songwriting style, characterized by its wit and the ability to infuse ordinary subjects with profound depth. The song’s lyrical content ventures into the surreal, reflecting Hitchcock’s eccentric outlook on life and his knack for exploring the unconscious mind through music.

Embedded within the realms of alternative rock, “The Cheese Alarm” exemplifies how Hitchcock’s inventive narratives can turn the mundane into something intriguing and thought-provoking. This track not only captivates listeners with its melody but also invites them to delve deeper into the complexities of Hitchcock’s artistic vision, making it an engaging piece for those who appreciate the unconventional.

17. “The Cheese Rap” by Rhett & Link

Rhett & Link, the comedic duo known for their internet fame, venture into rap with “The Cheese Rap,” bringing their trademark humor to the world of cheese in a lighthearted manner. Their approach to the song reflects their ability to create content that resonates with a wide audience, combining comedy and music in a way that’s both entertaining and memorable.

This track showcases Rhett & Link’s talent for crafting catchy tunes that not only make listeners laugh but also highlight their versatility as entertainers. “The Cheese Rap” is a testament to their success in blending comedy with various music genres, further solidifying their place in the hearts of fans around the globe.

18. “The Cheese Shop Sketch” by Monty Python

The “The Cheese Shop Sketch” by Monty Python remains a celebrated piece of comedy, encapsulating the group’s ability to transform the mundane into the absurd. The humor in this classic skit, with its relentless listing of non-existent cheeses, showcases Monty Python’s signature style of satirical and surreal comedy.

This particular sketch has contributed significantly to Monty Python’s legacy, highlighting their expertise in creating timeless humor that resonates with audiences across generations. “The Cheese Shop Sketch” exemplifies the group’s impact on comedy, serving as a prime example of their innovative approach to skit writing and performance.

19. “CheezNDope” by Project Pat feat. Young Dolph & Key Glock

Project Pat‘s collaboration with Young Dolph & Key Glock on “CheezNDope” showcases a dynamic meeting of talents within the modern hip-hop landscape. The track stands out for its gritty realism and the savvy use of ‘cheese’ as a street term, illustrating the artists’ ability to weave complex narratives around themes of wealth and survival.

The song’s lyrical depth, combined with the unique styles of Project Pat, Young Dolph, and Key Glock, highlights a powerful aspect of hip-hop—its capacity to reflect on personal and societal struggles through compelling storytelling. “CheezNDope” contributes to the rich tapestry of hip-hop, offering listeners a raw and authentic glimpse into the artists’ experiences and perspectives.

20. “Crackers and Cheese” by Eminem

Eminem‘s early track “Crackers and Cheese” serves as a vivid showcase of his emerging lyrical skill, where he employs cheese metaphorically to enrich his storytelling. This song highlights the rapper’s knack for blending humor with sharp observations, setting the stage for his future success in the rap genre.

The track is emblematic of Eminem’s early work, laying the groundwork for his reputation as a master wordsmith. Through “Crackers and Cheese,” Eminem explores themes of identity and cultural commentary, utilizing the metaphor to delve into personal and societal dynamics with his characteristic wit and depth.