20 Songs About Deserts

The desert is a big space full of sand at first glance. But deserts also symbolize extreme weather temperatures and serve as the habitat of some of the toughest wildlife. There are also many tales of desert life and folklore. 

This geographical location has inspired musicians and singers to make songs about deserts and we have collected 20 of the best tracks out there. Curious to know what these tunes are? Go through the list below and find out!

1. “Lost On The Desert” by Johnny Cash

The desert seems like an endless world of sand. It is used to symbolize feelings of loss and hopelessness and that seems to be the overarching theme in this tune.

The lyrics are so sad that you will feel the scorching heat of the desert. It would be wise to listen to this with the air conditioner on!

2. “Desert Island” by Magnetic Fields

There are times your love for another will be judged and looked down upon. In situations like these, you just want to escape to a place where you and your lover can be alone.

“Desert Island” works its magic, where love thrives in pure bliss. This song celebrates carefree days on the beach with your special someone, embracing joy under the sun without fear of judgment.

3. “Arabian Sand” by The Coral

Arabia is known for being a sandy desert. The Coral wrote this track to talk about self-reflection amidst unfavorable circumstances.

The lyrics explain that it will be a hard journey but if you look forward, the future could surprise you. Don’t view challenges as obstacles but rather as enhancers of your true self. Symbolic of the desert, this song inspires resilience and growth.

4. “Desert Rose” by Sting

To be honest, it is impossible to grow roses in the desert. However, veteran singer Sting has his own opinion about it. Desert Rose is about pining for a woman of extraordinary beauty.

Sting believes she is too good to be true and the unbelievable description that a rose can grow in the desert. The symbolism is very sweet, thoughtful, and romantic.

5. “Desert Star” by Shakra

The song Desert Star talks about reminiscing a deep love that did not last. The narrator talks about missing an ex-lover with whom she had a relationship for quite some time.

And as the search for closure escalates, the message of the song is the Desert Star can lead the protagonist out of her misery. Sometimes our losses can make us stronger.

6. “Desert Plains” by Judas Priest

This melody is about a man searching for his true love as he travels the Desert Plains to find the person he is longing for. Eventually, fate shows mercy and he finds a person to dedicate his life to. The diligent search and patience pay off and that’s what this powerful song is all about.

7. “Barefoot Desert” by King Gizzard

This is a song about being tired and stressed when something difficult arises. The protagonist compares his situation to that of walking barefoot on the hot sand. However, with the proper mindset, all of it can be settled for the better.

8. “Desert Prayer” by Haddaway

The song Desert Prayer talks about the struggles of the family. The child in the family has an inkling of the parent’s situation. However, the song expresses hope that they can get through it successfully.

9. “Desert Moon” by Dennis DeYoung

Here is a melody about the memories of a wonderful first love. The protagonist expresses how he spent his youth with the girl of his dreams.

The former lovers were inexperienced back then and made a lot of mistakes. However, despite those flaws, it is still a memory that is appreciated and that is the true beauty of love. Though it may fade, the joy it brought never grows cold.

10. “Unusual Occurrences In The Desert” by Grateful Dead

This 1975 Folk-Rock and Blues tune has references to the journey of the prophet Muhammad. Muhammad had a spiritual encounter in Mount Jabal aI-Nour in Arabia.

This mountain, seemingly barren like a desert, holds a deep religious significance, now embraced by millions worldwide.

11. “Painted Desert” by Pat Benatar

This 1984 song describes the feeling of the protagonist in finding a former love. After the split, everything is like a Painted Desert to the narrator.

But even if the pain has not yet fully healed, things are bound to get better through acceptance. If you continue searching, it will lead to finding the oasis that can put things back together.

12. “Desert Song” by Dead Can Dance

This uniquely-structured song has a strong and eerie instrumentals at the beginning. As the song progress, the lyrics are sung unconventionally. If you are a fan of complex and artistic tunes, then this one is worth a listen.

13. “Desert Man” by Bat for Lashes

Sometimes you cannot choose who you will love, but the saddest thing is if that person does not feel the same about you. This is the story of the beautiful melody of “Desert Man”. The powerful lyrics set the scene for a one-sided love story, making it a truly worthy listen.

14. “The Return Of Rocky Mountain Slim And Desert Rat Shorty” by Woody Gutherie

Woody Gutherie is considered one of the best folk singers and this song is about two singers performing and trying to outdo each other.

The guitar playing is energetic and the arrangement of the record is interesting. If you like listening to classics, you have to add this to your playlist.

15. “Beneath A Desert Moon” by Sting

Here is the second song from the iconic Sting on the list. This love-themed song is inspired by Egyptian influences. Sting played the electric bass while being the lead singer. He is truly is a talented all-around artist who knows how to rock.

16. “Asleep In The Desert” by ZZ Top

This enchanting instrumental will put you in a trance and eventually lead you to a place of mental calm. The guitar playing is superb and gives a vibe of how Spanish pieces are played.

The drums and snares complement each other, creating an outstanding and calming sound, perfect for meditation.

17. “Low Desert” by R.E.M.

This lovely song is about discovering yourself as you travel through life. Some items will be left behind on this journey. As a strong person, you must keep moving forward toward the goal. Commitment is the key to improvement and success.

18. “Cry For The Desert” by Twila Paris

This electronic pop-rock Christian song is a soulful track. It symbolically talks about frustration and sorrow and it leads you to ‘Cry for the Desert’.

Despite these difficulties, your faith will keep you whole. Twila Paris is telling all listeners that it is okay to feel challenged and sad, but with faith and prayer, things will be better.

19. “Desert Me” by Tantric

This song calls for a time-out to relax the mind. We have all been in a situation where too many things are going on and it is hard to know who is truthful and who is not. Here, as the song implies, people should have the luxury to be left alone so they can think more properly and not be pressed on the side.

20. “Flow This Desert” by Visions of Atlantis

This uplifting song is about a person who had a rough life. However, instead of allowing the circumstances to put him down, he goes on with life with a brave face. At first, it won’t be easy but with dedication and determination, everything can yield a better result.

Final Thoughts

Step into the hot world of desert-themed songs, where a journey of self-discovery and realization awaits. Most of the tunes are symbolic and aim for listeners to accept difficulties and move forward. Whether it is matters of the heart, career aspirations, or navigating life’s twists, these tunes inspire you not to lose faith. When things seem barren, remember, your oasis of success is closer than you think!