20 Songs With Pink in the Title

Songs with pink in the title are a rare gem since there aren’t many of them, but fret not! Your luck has turned, as we’ve curated an exclusive collection of 20 pink-themed songs, tailor-made for your enchanting pink dream playlist.

Whether it is about the feminism, kindness, love, or just the color, these pink tunes scream girl power!

1. “Four Pink Walls” by Alessia Cara

Alessia Cara’s “Four Pink Walls” is about a girl who has been isolated for most of her life but secretly wants to explore; the four pink walls represent societal expectations for women. This expectation is holding the singer back and she wants to be on her own and discover her full potential.

The song has a happy ending where the girl achieves her desires and gains freedom. Reflecting on her past, she cherishes her old self while embracing the newfound liberation.

2. “Pink Cookies In A Plastic Bag” by LL Cool J

This tune contain ambiguous lyrics and seems to be talking about a love story about a guy who adores a beautiful girl. The “pink cookies in a plastic bag” mentioned in the song symbolize the essence of womanhood and the songwriter goes on to say that they are being crushed by buildings. 

With potential sexual innuendos and a focus on physical intimacy, the track depicts a moment and not a story wherein you cannot tell what happens next because the singers use pink on repeat throughout the song.

3. “Pretty in Pink” by Psychedelic Furs

This song about a girl who likes to wear pink because she feels pretty in it. Many listeners believe there is a deeper meaning as the girl seems to be doing a lot of things to have suitors who can bring her flowers and give her attention.

The lyrics, “The one who insists he was the first in the line, Is the last to remember her name” implies that the girl only won men’s fleeting attention but lack of genuine love.

4. “Pink Glove” by Pulp

“Pink Glove” by Pulp is one of those songs that talk about wearing something to please your partner. Everyone has a role to play in relationships and sometimes we have to choose what we want to do ourselves and to what extent can we keep our partner happy. 

5. “Pink Houses” by John Cougar Mellencamp

“Pink Houses” is a patriotic song about the existence of poverty and implies that only the rich get to live the American dream. The pink houses are households struggling with bills and finances. 

The singer seems to lament how some people can just take leisure vacations while others suffer. He blames the country for this disparity, where only a privileged few reside in opulent mansions while many endure life in small pink houses.

6. “Geek In The Pink” by Jason Mraz

This Jason Mraz song is about a shy boy who tries to impress a girl. He believes that he is too skinny and too geeky for the lady in question and pink appears to represent the lack of self-esteem. However, the guy still wants to take a shot to overcome his lack of confidence.

7. “Pink Bullets” by The Shins

The Shins’ song “Pink Bullets” doesn’t reference pink bullets at all (except in the title), but it has more to do with the background of the track. The lyrics tells us the pink bullets marked the end of a happy marriage, one that appeared to be going well but ended in a bitter divorce.

8. “Pink Champagne” by Ariana Grande

“Pink Champagne” by Ariana Grande is about a workaholic who is tired of hustling and just wants to party. The protagonist decides to head for New York to do some crazy stuff. The pink champagne symbolizes luxury and is used to indicate how much success the singer has achieved. 

9. “Pink Cadillac” by Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen’s song “Pink Cadillac” is about being in love with someone who literally gets on your nerves. Springsteen seems to continue to be with her because of her pink Cadillac. While many believe this implies material wealth, many listeners also feel that the car has been used as a euphemism for physical intimacy. 

10. “Pink Lemonade” by James Bay

This track by James Bay is about a girl who is unhappy with her ex and chooses to ignore him. In this track, the protagonist opts for pink lemonade over drama-filled conversations with her ex, embracing relaxation and good times instead.

11. “Pink Up” by Spoon

“Pink Up” by Spoon is one of those ambiguous songs that talk about a family who wants to leave their parents behind while they are on a train to Marrakesh. The enigmatic ‘pink up’ reference embodies the frustration felt when parents realize their children are fleeing.

12. “Sink The Pink” by AC/DC

This song is about a man who is being emotionally and physically abused by his fiancée, and it appears that despite being hurt, he is unable to stand up for himself. The statement “sink the pink” implies that the guy should leave the girl behind since he will have a better future with someone else.

13. “Pink” by Aerosmith

“Pink” by Aerosmith is about a guy who adores the color pink because it represents so many things: love, passion, care, wine, cherries, and so on. The lyrics imply that people who are in love see the world through rose-colored glasses.

14. “Easter Pink” by Future

Future sings about a guy who is enamored with life’s luxuries and is talking about diamonds and being with a lot of women. The easter pink color in the song represents the guy’s status, implying that he can do whatever he wishes in life.

15. “Pink Moon” by Nick Drake

“Pink Moon” by Nick Drake seems to have an unclear meaning if you look at the lyrics but it is really about the growth and progression of someone who is sick of being left behind. The pink moon represents freshness and improvement, something that the singer wants to achieve.

16. “Pink Cashmere” by Prince

“Pink Cashmere” by Prince pays tribute to the strength of a man’s love who is willing to change himself for his girlfriend. He learns to dance just to prove his love. The coat of pink cashmere embodies warmth and love and the effort that the guy is willing to put in to make the girl fall in love.

17. “Pink Sunglasses” by Miranda Lambert

Miranda Lambert’s song “Pink Sunglasses” is about a girl who is sick of fights and disagreements and wants to see the world in a new way. The pink spectacles offer a different perspective, one that is far more relaxing for a soul striving to appreciate life.

18. “Pretty Pink” by David Banner

“Pretty Pink” by David Banner is a sign that anyone who has fallen in love can relate to. The protagonist is attracted to a nightclub girl and wants to be with her. The pretty pink signifies a beautiful feminine girl who attracts a lot of guys.

19. “Pink & Blue” by Outkast

“Pink & Blue” by Outkast is a somewhat controversial song because it tackles the issue of an underaged guy trying to be in a relationship with a mature girl. Pink and Blue represents femininity and masculinity, something that is necessary in order for a new love to blossom.

20. “Lily The Pink” by The Scaffold

“Lily The Pink” by The Scaffold is another controversial song because it is praising the inventor of an illegal drug (the one that results in a euphoric feeling). Lily the pink represents the creator (or the distributor) of this illegal drug, and how she has saved all of humanity from depression.


These 20 songs with pink in the title, with each melody holds a unique story that will appease your diverse taste in music. Pink is an outstanding color and it represents femininity and warmth that is badly needed in the world right now.

Although some of these songs are controversial, a lot of them sees pink as an attractive color that inspires people. Give these pink-tinged songs a listen to improve your playlist!