20 Songs About Fake Friends

Friends are priceless, but fake ones are terrible. We all seek ways to vent our frustrations about fake friendships, whether it’s crying or seeking revenge. Artists have been channeling their emotions for ages, capturing the pain, betrayal, and lack of trust that come with insincere connections.

Let’s explore this list of songs about fake friends and their stories.

1. “False Prophets” by J Cole

Some listeners would probably jump to assume that this song is clearly written as a “diss-track”. The general concept of this track by Cole was to call out rappers who were at the peak of their game but had let their ego take control and become consumed by their own image.

The artist regrets idolizing this person and realizing that their authenticity was a façade.

2. “Fake Friends” by Kidd Kidd

Another rap diss-track, Fake Friends by Kidd Kidd hits all the right feels. In this rap, Kidd Kidd is taking a shot at all those fake friends and women who entered his life because he was famous. He depicts how difficult it is to find real people when you are a celebrity.

3. “Fake Love” by Drake

Fake Love by Drake takes a step back from his usual rap feel and takes a more R&B tune. Drake uses the song to depict the difficulties he faces when it comes to letting people into his inner circle because of his celebrity status.

4. “Backstabber” by Eminem

In this rap song, Eminem is talking about a backstabber who looks a lot like the Joker (coming from a psychiatric ward, green hair, etc). Throughout the track, Eminem uses his words to convey that this backstabber steals girlfriends.

Give me your girlfriend, or I’m gonna kill ya” give you the impression that Eminem wrote this after personally dealing with a friend stealing his woman. The entire theme of the song is very intense, as if Eminem is determined that this man pays for what he’s done.

5. “Bad Blood” by Taylor Swift

As one of the most popular tracks in Taylor Swift’s ‘1989’ album, the song talks about being betrayed and dragged down by someone you trusted. The song emphasizes the deep hurt caused by the other person’s actions, as well as the realization that the damage is irreversible.

6. “Deep Fried Frenz” by MF Doom

Another rap track, Deep Fried Frenz by MF Doom combines the indictment of fake friends and sycophants. He uses this to produce an amazingly cautionary message to people trying to achieve personal fame.

He talks about identifying true friends and the dangers of fake ones. He finishes the song by asserting his awareness of genuine people in his life and rising above the negativity.

7. “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things” by Taylor Swift

Another Taylor Swift song, this one is also littered with sub-text, and fans have been speculating the meaning behind every last word. The track subtly takes a dig at a particular person or couple, leaving listeners intrigued about its true meaning.

Lyrics such as “And therein lies the issues, friends don’t try to trick you, get you on the phone and mind twist you” directly reference the troubles caused by Kim Kardashian and Kanye West in an effort to harm Taylor’s career.

8. “You’re No Different” by Ozzy

During the 1980s, Ozzy Osbourne faced relentless media scrutiny, being labeled a Satan worshipper and blamed for corrupting American youth. In response, Ozzy wrote a song reflecting on this judgment and triumphing over it.

He highlights that those criticizing him were not exempt from their own flaws and controversies. The song aims to level the playing field, revealing that even the harshest critics are not inherently superior.

9. “Low” by Kelly Clarkson

This song filled with heartbreak not because of a lost lover, but pain given by a bestfriend. The lyrics reveal the pain of a friendship ending without a clear reason, whether it was due to betrayal or backstabbing. The singer was caught off guard and unprepared for this loss.

10. “FAB” by Jojo

The song FAB by Jojo is an anthem for anyone who’s ever been on the receiving end of a fake friendship. The title is literally an abbreviation for “Fake-Ass B*tches.”

She had been growing increasingly frustrated with some so-called fake friends of hers and decided to work out to cool down. She wasn’t expecting that to be the exact place that the ideas for FAB would strike, but thank goodness it did because now we all have this killer song to listen to!

11. “You’re No Good” by Linda Ronstadt

This song begins with Linda depicting a guy who hit her, but throughout the song, she also places blame on herself. The entirety of the song explains what both parties had done wrong in the relationship, and afterwards as well.

12. “Fake Friends” by Martinez Twins

This is a diss-track steeped in drama! For those who don’t know, the Martinez Twins originally shot to fame through platforms like Instagram and Vine. The twins were also a well-known part of Jake Paul’s notorious “Team 10”.

This song convey a sense of betrayal and frustration towards people who try to take advantage of their popularity for personal gain.

13. “Cry Me A River” by Ella Fitzgerald

Another beautiful song depicting heartbreak, Ella Fitzgerald leaves us to feel the pain of a woman who “cried a river” over a lost love. This song tells the story of one person who’s fallen out of love with the other, leaving the dumped person to cry a river of tears.

Just when they start to heal and consider moving forward, their ex reappears nonchalantly. The amount of bitterness is there and getting back together isn’t an option.

14. “Super Rich Kids” by Frank Ocean featuring Earl Sweatshirt

This song by Frank Ocean highlights absentee parents who are too focused on earning their riches instead of raising their children. The song mentions the typical rich kids having fake friends and a materialistic lifestyle.

15. “Walk” by Pantera

When Pantera achieved success, their old friends started treating them differently, assuming that fame gone to their heads. Lead singer Phil Anselmo revealed that he wrote the song “Walk” during this period of increased attention. “Walk” served as a message for them to disregard their misguided perception. Even Phil Anselmo doesn’t have time for fake friends!

16. “Positively 4th Street” by Bob Dylan

This track is an ode to his experiences where he talks about fake friends and critics, particularly during his time in Greenwich Village. He candidly shares how he used the song as a means to cope with the jealousy he faced from fellow artists who ended up resenting him for all of his success.

17. “Real Friends” by Kanye West

Real Friends, is one of Kanye West’s more emotional tracks. Kanye gives us an insight into the pain that he has experienced in the past and present, at the hands of both family and friends, since coming into fame.

18. “F**k you” by Lily Allen

This quirky tune from Lily Allen is a big example about never being afraid to voice her opinions against intolerance. It boldly stands up to fake friends and those who make life difficult, giving them a clear middle finger and saying goodbye.

19. “F**k Fake Friends” by Bebe Rexha (feat. G-Eazy)

Another great song about the disadvantages of fame and success, Bebe Rexha and G-Eazy team up to deliver this amazing track to diss all the fake and toxic people they’ve both encountered since becoming famous; in particular, since living in Los Angeles.

These two repeatedly sing, “and I ain’t got the time, money on my mind. I’ll say it to your face, f*ck fake friends”, showing they’re moving on and above these sort of people.

20. “Fairweather Friends” by Vanessa Carlton

The central theme in Fairweather Friends by Vanessa Carlton is betrayal. The lyrics describe a sense of disillusionment towards someone who prioritizes fame and superficiality over genuine connection. The song reflects on the friend’s shallow behavior, contrasting it with their own experiences of loneliness and disappointment.

Songs that talks about fake friends allow us to feel so many different emotions. Some uplift us, encouraging us to brush off the negativity, while others make us pensive, embracing the sadness and regret of a lost friendship. Fake friends may come and go, but we will always have music to help us through any hard times we may face.