Where Can You Stream Garth Brooks Music Online?

You can stream Garth Brooks’ Music on Amazon Music. You cannot download or stream Garth Brooks’ songs on iTunes, Spotify, or Apple Music.

Garth Brooks is not the only artist to withhold their music from popular streaming platforms like iTunes, Spotify, and Apple Music. He joins a long list of artists who have held out these platforms for one reason or another.

Instead, his music can be found on Amazon Music. This is because no other streaming platform, other the Amazon Music, aligns with his compensation, music distribution, and ownership policies.

Where to Stream Garth Brooks’s Music

Garth Brooks has been on Amazon Music since he entered into an exclusive streaming deal with Amazon in October 2016. With Garth Brooks’ deal with Amazon, he was offered the full package which includes streaming, album downloads, and physical CDs. 

In an interview during the SXSW Festival, Garth admitted that he had a hard time wrapping his head around streaming music on demand. Garth initially had concerns about the diminished album and listening experience if users could skip songs. Throughout his career, he valued radio play, which helped his career flourish.

Garth Brooks’ decision to partner with Amazon and Amazon Music was greatly influenced by the fact that he believed they shared the same views and vision. He applauded Amazon on its commitment to quality and how it values service to its customers as well as prioritizing the artists and creators when it comes to music.

Why are there no Garth Brooks songs on iTunes?

Garth Brooks values his music, and he chose an exclusive streaming contract with Amazon as his views and vision match theirs. He has nothing against Spotify and had nothing but nice words for Spotify co-creator and CEO Daniel Ek. He said that he met and talked with Daniel Ek who he thinks is a sweet and great person.

He thinks that he gets a lot of crap though. “His parents were both street musicians – he’s a good guy who understands music, and I think he wants to help and believes 100 percent he’s helping,” he said in his interview during the SXSW Festival.

With Apple and iTunes, he said that it’s a totally different story. The rules that they have come up with are different and their own, so if you were already established, you need to adapt. Garth Brooks has no plans of changing just to fit their rules.

More about Garth Brooks

Garth Brooks was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma on February 7, 1962, and has sold over 100 million albums worldwide.

His first album “Garth Brooks,” which he self-titled, was released in 1989 by Capitol Records. Garth Brooks began recording another album to be called “Garth Brooks 2”. His first single from Garth Brooks 2 was “If Tomorrow Never Comes” which Garth released in 1990. 

With the single “If Tonight Never Comes”, Garth Brooks won Single of the Year at the 1991 Academy of Country Music Awards and became a major radio hit throughout the United States and Canada. The Garth Brooks 2 album would go Platinum in two months, and Garth’s single “The Dance” from Garth Brooks 2 became the number 1 country song of 1991.


Garth Brooks is a talented and multi-awarded American country music singer. With a lot of artists adding their music to popular streaming platforms like iTunes to get more people to listen to their music, it is rare to find someone like Garth Brooks who stands by his principles and decides to only stream his music on Amazon Music, a platform that shares his views and visions. 

Though he respects and has nice words for other streaming platforms, we might just have to listen to his songs on Amazon Music as adding his music to other streaming platforms might not happen anytime soon.

Garth Brooks Featured Image by: U.S. Department of State from United States, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons