20 Songs About Firefighting

Firefighters are the heroes in our society. They are respected members of our communities who rush into burning buildings to rescue people trapped in dangerous situations.

Because of their heroism and bravery, it’s not surprising that firefighters have been the subject of many songs over the years. Some are celebratory, while others focus on the dangers of the job. Here are just a few examples of songs about firefighting.

1.”Burning Down The House” by Talking Heads

This song is about a firefighter struggling with the emotional toll of his job. He’s haunted by the memories of the people he hasn’t been able to save, and he’s considering leaving the profession. The song’s lyrics describe his descent into madness and emotional turmoil, and they portray a man who is on the brink of collapse.

2.”Fireman” by Lil Wayne

This song is about a young man trying to become a firefighter. He talks about the challenges of the job and the importance of protecting others. In the track, he also describes his past as a drug dealer and how firefighting is helping him turn his life around.

3.”Comfortably Numb” by Pink Floyd

This song captures the numbness of a dangerous job. It tells the story of firefighters who shield their emotions from the daily horrors they encounter. They build walls to protect themselves from the weight of their experiences.

4.”The Fireman” by George Strait:

This song is about a firefighter retiring after 30 years of service. He talks about the importance of the job and how it’s changed his life. The lyrics give words to his devotion and sense of duty as he is always there when people need him. He also thanks the other firefighters who have helped him over the years.

5.”Fire” by The Ohio Players

A different take on the profession, this song is about a man who is seduced by a woman and compares it to the dangers of firefighting. She tempts him with her promises of adventure, but in the end, destroys him. The song’s lyrics allude to the dangers associated with being a firefighter and how it’s easy to lose oneself in flames.

6.”Firehouse” by Kiss


This song is about a firefighter who longs to be at home with his wife and children. He talks about the sacrifices he has made over the years, putting his family second to his work as a fireman. However, he vows to make changes in the future. He also thanks his fellow firefighters for their support.

7.”We Are All We Have” by The Casualties

This song is about all the hard work and dedication of firefighters in a small town where they are under-appreciated and taken for granted. The lyrics talk about their commitment to serving the community and how they put themselves in danger daily.

8.”The Fireman’s Prayer” by Dennis Beyer

In the old West, firefighting was unappreciated because fire services were not as developed as they are today. This song pays homage to the unsung heroes who risked their lives without recognition. It honors the firefighters who bravely fought and sacrificed everything.

9. “Shine Your Light” by Robbie Robertson

This song is about the bravery of firefighters and how they never give up in the face of danger. The lyrics talk about how they are always there to help others, no matter the cost. The song is a tribute to the men and women who risk their lives every day to save others.

10.”Sleep Now In The Fire” by Rage Against The Machine

Firefighting is a dangerous and unpredictable job. These brave men and women fight even for those who don’t want to change their ways and try to defend them against those who would destroy them for no reason at all. This is a song honoring their courage and resolve.

11.”Fire Burning” by Sean Kingston

This song is about a man who wants to be a firefighter and help others in the community. He vows to fight fire with fire and protect those around him from any danger that may come their way. He also mentions how being a firefighter has helped him become more confident.

12.”Big Red Truck” by John Riggins

A farmer falls in love with a firefighter after meeting her at an accident scene as she is rescuing someone from their burning home. The lyrics tell the story of how they struggle to stay together given that they live in different worlds. The song is about second chances and that love can conquer all.

13.”House Fire” by Tyler Childers

This song is about a farmer who notices fire trucks racing past his home during a nearby house fire and wonders about their involvement in it. It’s not until later that he realizes that one of the firefighters lost his life trying to save someone. The song shows the tragedy of losing a firefighter in the line of duty and how it affects the community.

14.”Raging Fire” by Phillip Phillips

In this track, a man chases his firefighter dream, grappling with the weight of responsibilities. Fire becomes a symbol of hope and solace during tough times. Juggling various aspects of life proves challenging, yet the fulfillment from his job makes it worthwhile.

15.”Incinerate” by Sonic Youth

This song is about a firefighter who struggles with his job and how it’s taking a toll on him emotionally and physically. The song talks about how firefighting has an entirely different meaning for the protagonist now since they’ve had their loved one die in the line of duty.

16.”The Housefire” by Turnpike Troubadours

This song tells the story of a farmer whose house burns down in a firefighting accident. It explores how the family rebuilds their life from scratch and highlights the support they receive from their community. It honors the resilience of families affected by fire and their determination to start anew.

17.”The Firefighter Song” by Pete Smith

This song is about a man who works in the firefighting department and struggles with his job because of everything it entails. He talks about how much he loves his community but hates what his career forces him to do. The song is about the emotional toll firefighting can take on someone and how it’s not always easy to be a firefighter.

18.”In The Shadows” by Red City Radio

Like a number of songs on this list, this song is about a firefighter who is haunted by what he’s seen and how it’s affecting his personal life. He talks about how it’s hard to be around people because all he can think about is the lives he has witnessed being lost over the years. The song reflects on the challenges of being a firefighter because you are surrounded by so much tragedy. 

19.”Kiss of Fire” by Louis Armstrong

In this song, you’ll discover love and hope. Our singer has fallen for a female firefighter and wants to be with her forever. The lyrics praise her firefighting uniform and acknowledge the challenges she’s overcome. It’s a song that celebrates the romance between a firefighter and their partner.

20.”Ten Little Firemen” by Bus Songs

This song is about a group of firefighters who are called to put out a fire, but they all get lost along the way. It’s up to the last firefighter to save them all and make it back to the station safely. The song is about the teamwork that goes into being a firefighter and how one person can’t do their job alone.


Firefighting is a demanding yet rewarding profession that firefighters bravely embrace. These songs beautifully capture the bravery and selflessness of firefighters, shedding light on their daily challenges. They pay homage to those who risk their lives, carrying the emotional weight to safeguard our communities and ourselves.