20 Songs About High Heels

If there is one secret that most women know, it’s that heels don’t just add a few inches to your height. High heels can make you look sexy and classy.

Wearing heels also means party time! It catches the joy of dressing up and what’s a party without high heels-themed songs? Here are 20 songs that revolve around this theme and their meanings.

1. “High Heels” by JoJo 

Being in a relationship is a precious experience, but when betrayal rears its head, it’s time to take a stand and walk away. JoJo’s song beautifully captures the courage of leaving an unfaithful lover behind. She reminds us not to waste time on those who don’t deserve our trust and love.

2. “Head Over High Heels” by Dolly Parton 

Dolly Parton wows listeners with this lyrical single from her first country album in over 25 years, Pure & Simple. This track talks about getting ready to go out on a date with her new man. Dressed to impress, she fully intends to “woo and undo” him.

3. “High Heels” by Melanie C, Sink the Pink 

In “High Heels,” Melanie C (Sporty Spice) redefines high heels from a symbol of single women’s nightlife to a celebration of freedom of expression.

The glittery over-the-top dance number has a festive vibe and sheds light on the importance of self-love. She gets it right when she tells everyone “you gotta love yourself above everyone else”. 

4. “Red High Heels” by Kellie Pickler

This country song represent all the happy and independent woman who breaks free from a nasty relationship. The lyrics urge the listeners to know and be aware of their worth.

5. “High Heels” by Mando Diao 

This alternative indie-rock tune is about a man who is mesmerized by a lovely woman. To declare his love, he sings again and over, “high heels have had me falling down on my knees”.

6. “High Heel Rasta” by Trainhead 

“High heel Rasta” is a song by Trainhead from their 2017 album Love Songs To Raise Your Kids By. This song appears to be about a seductive but perilous woman, known as the “lady of the night”.

7. “High Heeled Shoes” by The Kingston Trio 

The song “High Heeled Shoes” was performed by The Kingston Trio and tells the story of a young couple – a wealthy, stylish woman and a man who is haunted by self-doubt in her glamorous presence.

In a surprising twist, the couple eventually find themselves drifting away on the woman’s multimillion-dollar yacht named “High Heels.”

8. “8-Inch High Heels (feat. Galaxy Rose)” by Yukon DeRosa

This song is about going out with your girlfriends and not caring what other people think of you. It particularly highlights DeRosa’s journey in embracing their sexuality and gender identity despite facing adversity.

They just want to reclaim their true selves, strutting confidently in 8-inch heels.

9. “Cha Cha Heels” by Eartha Kitt & Bronski Beat 

Kitt sings about her eagerness for a night out on the town in this peppy dance song. To highlight that she just wants to have fun and dance, she sings “gimme gimme cha-cha heels, all I want is cha-cha heels”.

10. “Red High Heels” by Jane Siberry 

This fairly gloomy song is about the singer’s present troubles. Amidst despair and icy surroundings, she embraces “red high heels” as a metaphor for a brighter pursuit in life.

11. “High Heels” by Keri Hilson 

Keri Hilson sings about a night out in town and dancing with a man who finds her appealing.

The only issue? She’s been wearing high heels, which are killing her feet! She sings about how she loves the way she looks in high heels but hates the way they make her feet feel. Ah, looking good comes at a heavy price!

12. “High Heels” by Demented Are Go 

High Heels is a song written about a “lady of the night” who works on the streets. She’s basically telling you not to mess with her because her high heels aren’t just for show; she’ll stomp on your face if she has to.

13. “Hell On Heels” by Pistol Annies 

“Hell On Heels” is a song that talks about a gold digger who has used men for their monetary value.

The lady has acquired property, cars, a yacht, and more, driven by her relentless pursuit of wealthy men. The country band snigs, “I’m hell on heels, baby, I’m comin’ for you.”

14. “High Heel Shoes” by Lektromelodica

Written and performed by the Philadelphia-based band Lektromelodica, this song is about a woman who has recently broken up with her abusive ex-husband.

In this uplifting tune, she escapes the clutches of a manipulative and controlling partner, embracing her newfound freedom by going out and wearing her finest clothes, slipping into her most expensive pair of high heels.

15. “High Heels (feat. Yooo DQ)” by Cello 

This rap/hip-hop hit is about a woman who the singer finds attractive. Cello is captivated by her graceful confidence, as she embraces her beauty and strides in high heels, leaving him utterly mesmerized.

16. “High Heel Shoes” by Melky Sedeck 

“High Heel Shoes” is about a woman who has had enough of cheaters and players, and she no longer wishes to participate in such ridiculous games.

She sings over and over “I’m the girl in the high heels who’s walking with the guys who don’t have anything to lose. These shoes are going to walk all over you one of these days”, in order to demonstrate this.

17. “Hell on High Heels” by Mötley Crüe 

The heavy metal band wrote this song about prostitutes and “ladies of the night”. This is quite apparent when listening to the lyrics that warn “better wear your rubber boys if Betty is your date tonight”.

18. “High Heels On” by The Heels 

This empowering song showcases a woman who has just gotten out of a very abusive and manipulative relationship, this just proves that women are standing up for themselves and we are here for it!

The lyrics show how she has dealt with so much, but now she has her high heels on because she’s not running anymore. She’s reclaimed her strength and resolved never to be broken again – that man is forever gone from her life.

19. “High Heel Sneakers” by Charlie Crake

In this cute tune, Charlie Crake encourages his lover to put on their high heel sneakers and style their hair so they can go out of town together. He thinks she looks beautiful and plans to carry his boxing gloves in case anyone wants to get into a fight over her!

20. “High Heel Sneakers” by Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins

Another cover of the song High Heel Sneakers, this version was released in Johnny Cash’s 1973 album Live At Osteraker Prison. Cash sings about telling his partner to put on their heels because they’re heading out for a night of fun. 

Final Thoughts

High heels have a lot of symbolic value and musicians know how to play the word to make a befitting tune. Some musical pieces sing about how wearing high heels makes them feel confident while others sing about how it is often associated with seduction or prostitution.

However, many songs about high heels are open for interpretation and appreciation by everyone. They come from a variety of musical genres so you have a little bit of everything to enjoy!