20 Songs About Hurricanes

Hurricanes are big, swirling storms with really fast winds. They’re scary and can cause a lot of damage whenever it visits. Lots of musicians use hurricanes in their music to express strong emotions, like love, situations, or beliefs.

Whether it’s a ranging rap or a strong pop tune, this list of hurricane-inspired songs will blow you away.

1. “Rock You Like A Hurricane” by Scorpions

Are you ready to be blown by a Hurricane? This dynamic rock song from the Scorpions packs so much energy that you will surely feel its power.

As the first single from their ninth studio album “Love at First Sting”, “Rock You Like A Hurricane” is dubbed as one of the 40 greatest metal songs.

2. “Hurricane” by Luke Combs

This country tune is an amusing modern love song. It talks about a man who had a hard time getting over his previous lover who hurt him like a “Hurricane”.

He tries really hard to move on, but just when he thinks he has, she comes back and messes things up all over again. The song is about the struggle of getting over an ex, especially when they keep coming back.

3. “Hurricane Eye” by Paul Simon

This pop-rock song is talking about being wise in choosing your relationships. The narrative begins with a girl who is interested in a guy who is just bad news.

She knows the risks but still goes for it. The track shows how loneliness can make us do silly things, like picking fun now even if it means being unhappy later.

4. “Like A Hurricane” by Neil Young

Neil Young wrote this song after hurting his throat. He saw a pretty lady in a bar, and she became the muse for the song.

The lyrics show how much he really likes the woman, even more than he expected. He said it felt like a strong hurricane hit him, and you can hear that in how the electric guitar sounds in this part.

5. “The Tide Is High” by Blondie

Blondie is recognized for its original songs, yet this song is a cover of The Paragons’ 1967 classic. The band recorded this song with a reggae vibe that included strings and horns.

The song is about love and patience, telling the story of a man who’s ready to wait to win back the woman he loves.

6. “Riders On The Storm” by The Doors

This special song by The Doors, mixing psychedelic and jazz-rock, offers a unique listen. It has thunder and rain sounds, and an electric piano that sounds like rain.

The song his about a man pleading for his girl’s deep love, promising to be with her through thick and thin.

7. “Surfing in a Hurricane” by Jimmy Buffet

The tune’s theme revolves around surfing, hence it’s classified as a surf rock song. The singer recorded it after they went surfing, and you can feel the excitement in the lyrics.

Some parts also talk about taking risks in the sport, as the singer thinks you need to be brave to ride hurricane waves.

8. “Waiting for the Hurricane” by Chris de Burgh

This pop song is about going on vacation only to discover that a hurricane is on its way. It talks about the panic that happens.

People try to leave for safety, flights get canceled, fishing boats go back to the docks, and events are postponed until the weather is better.

9. “Hurricane” by The Fray

This rock song is about a guy’s thoughts on a woman he likes. He sees her as strong and not easily swayed. He sees her as strong and determined, like a powerful hurricane, even if she is petite.

Even though he’s nervous, the guy really wants to know her better and become closer. And as the song ends, it is implied that he has made up his mind – he took the plunge and approached the girl.

10. “Hurricane” by Jazzyfatnastees


Here is a song inspired by the real-life story of Rubin “Hurricane” Carter. The catchy song is from the movie “The Hurricane,” which honors the fighter’s life. The song’s story shows that Carter had a tough life, and the words help you feel and understand his struggles.

11. “Hurricanes” by Dido

Dido’s husband Rohan Gavin, whom she adores, is the subject of this ballad. It’s about her determination to confront whatever life throws at them as a couple. She professes her determination to go to any length to protect their love.

This song shows that love stays strong even when faced with tough challenges, like “Hurricanes”.

12. “Hurricane Drunk” by Florence and the Machine

Have you ever felt really sad and had lots of negative thoughts? If you have, “Hurricane Drunk” will put those feelings into words if that’s the case.

The song is about a breakup that has left the protagonist devastated. To cope, he decides to drink to forget his sorrows. This song is quite relatable because, at some point in life, we all feel as if we have hit rock bottom.

13. “Some Kinda’ Hurricane” by Peter Criss

This rock song is about a woman who left a strong impression on a young guy. The woman has a mysterious charm, making her very attractive in the story.

The guy is completely captivated by her and thinks of her as a hurricane that knocked him out. The woman, however, vanishes without a trace after spending some time with him.

14. “After the Storm” by Mumford & Sons

Life is full of storms and we all face challenges. This folk-rock song discusses doubts and worries in life.

The track tells us to keep going despite challenges. We should stay strong and move ahead because things will improve “After the Storm”. 

15. “Here Comes The Rain Again” by Eurythmics

This new wave and the synth-pop tune is from the third album titled “Touch”. It explores feeling sad without a clear reason, which could be triggered by factors like the weather, memories, or situations.

16. “After the Hurricane” by Jazmine Sullivan

This R&B song is about an awkward time between a man and a woman who are in a romantic relationship but it seems to be turning sour.

The man decides they should break up, which deeply hurts the woman. You can feel the hurricane hitting you as she cries her heart out.

17. “Hurricane” by Charles Bradley

This R&B track by Charles Bradley is from the album “Victim of Love”. This song aims to raise awareness regarding the state of the planet. The lyrics imply that Earth is in bad shape and forces of nature come our way to give out a warning.

18. “Hurricane” by Bette Midler

From the album “Thighs and Whispers” in 1979, this song portrays a strong attraction to someone. The singer openly yearns to be with this person, truly believing they are meant to be together, and actively goes after them.

19. “Highway Star” by Deep Purple

From the 1972 album “Machine Head,” this hard rock and heavy metal song stands out for its unique theme. Instead of the usual love topics, it’s all about someone’s love for a car. The music is known as speed metal, and it is a favorite among speed freaks.

20. “Hurricanes” by The Script

This pop song is about two people who love each other a lot, even though they’re quite different. They pursue their love despite their differences and are well aware of the challenges that may arise as a result of their actions. Their opposing personalities are described as a hurricane in the lyrics.

Final Thoughts

Hurricanes are forces of nature and are often used as a metaphor to represent emotions, situations, and many other things. They are an effective way to describe something you have a hard time explaining. These hurricane-themed songs remind us of the strong emotions people can feel. Remember not to react strongly when you’re feeling stormy inside!