20 Songs About Native Americans

There is a long history of songs about Native Americans, dating back to the early days of the country. Native American music has been influenced by a number of factors, including the region in which they live, their tribe’s history and traditions, and even popular culture.

Native Americans have been the subject of many songs over the years, both old and new. They have been written about in different genres of music, including country, folk, and rock.

While some songs are critical of the way natives have been treated, others celebrate their culture and heritage. Here are 10 songs about Native Americans that you may not know.

1. “Indian Outlaw” by Tim McGraw

Starting off our list is a song that was released in 1994 by country singer Tim McGraw. “Indian Outlaw” tells the story of a Native American man who is living on the run from the law.

The song was a huge hit, reaching number fifteen on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. It’s a catchy tune that paints a picture of life on the run, and it’s also one of McGraw’s most well-known songs.

2. “America the Beautiful” by Jody Brown Indian Family

The next song is one that is often sung at patriotic events. “America the Beautiful” was released in 2003, and it has been performed by a number of different artists over the years.

In this version, the song is performed by the Jody Brown Indian Family, a Native American musical group. You can find it on the Life Is Good album.

3. “Johnny, Kick A Hole In The Sky” by Red Hot Chili Peppers

Red Hot Chili Peppers are a rock band that was formed in the early 1980s. They have released a number of hit songs over the years, and “Johnny, Kick A Hole In The Sky” is one of them.

The song is about the inhumane treatment of Native Americans. It’s a powerful song that still resonates with people today.

4. “The Queen” by Iceis Rain

“The Queen” is a song by Icesis Rain, who is a drag queen. The song is about living in poverty but doing what you can to survive.

Despite the difficult circumstances she faces, she remains strong and proud. The song is a moving tribute to all of the indigenous people who have been oppressed throughout history.

5. “Kill Your Mama” by Alicia Keys

This next song is by Alicia Keys, and it’s called “Kill Your Mama”. The song is about the mistreatment and injustices they have faced.

It’s a powerful and moving song that highlights the struggles that they continue to face today. You can find it on her HERE album which was released in 2016.

6. “For Dallas” by Fawn Wood

Fawn Wood’s song “For Dallas” was released in 2015 as part of her Kikāwiynaw album. This now has over 300k views on Youtube and can also be streamed on all major music platforms out there. It’s a beautiful Acapella inspired by the native voices of North Americans.

7. “Native Son” by Bryan Adams

“Native Son” is a song by Bryan Adams that was released in 1987. The song is about a young Native American man who is struggling to find his place in the world. You can find this on his  Into the Fire album which can also be streamed on other music platforms.

8. “For My People” by Litefoot

Litefoot’s “For My People” is a song that was released in 1996. The song is about their struggles and how they are often misunderstood. You can find this song on his Good Day to Die album which can be streamed on all music platforms.

9. “Scarlet’s Walk” by Tori Amos

The next song on the list is “Scarlet’s Walk” by Tori Amos. This song is from Amos’ album Scarlet’s Walk and was released in 2002.

The song is about the journey of a Native American woman named Scarlet in the late 1800s. This now has over 30k views on Youtube so be sure to check it out.

10. “Above the Mother Earth” by Mary Youngblood

Mary Youngblood is a Native American flutist and this song is from her album Beneath the Raven Moon. This track was released in 2002 and is one of her most popular tracks with almost 70k views on Youtube. “Above the Mother Earth” is a beautiful song that speaks about the connection of all things.

11. “Sunrise” by Grateful Dead

Next on the list is “Sunrise” by the Grateful Dead. This song is from their album Terrapin Station and was released in 1977.

“Sunrise” is a beautiful song that speaks about the natives’ spiritual belief of the sun being the giver of life. You can stream it on all music platforms out there.

12. “Native Blood” by Testament

Testament’s “Native Blood” is the next song on our list. This song is from their album Dark Roots of Earth and was released in 2012.

“Native Blood” is a song about Native Americans fighting for their land and culture. The music video has over 4 million views on Youtube, so be sure to check it out.

13. “Seminole Wind” by John Anderson

This next song is a country song by John Anderson. “Seminole Wind” is from Anderson’s album of the same title and was released in 1992.

The song is about the Seminole tribe of Native Americans and their forced removal from Florida in the 1800s. This is a sad but beautiful song that tells their story.

14. “Run to the Hills” by Iron Maiden

“Run to the Hills” by Iron Maiden is a heavy metal song that is about the mistreatment of Native Americans by the whites.

The song is from their album The Number of the Beast and was released in 1982. This is a great song if you’re a fan of metal music with a great story to tell.

15. “Pocahontas” by Crazy Horse and Neil C. Young

The next song is a duet between Crazy Horse and Neil Young. “Pocahontas” is from their album Unplugged and was released in 1979.

The song is about the Native American princess Pocahontas and her miserable journey. It has been covered by popular artists over the years including Johnny Cash.

16. “Creek Mary’s Blood” by Nightwish

Nightwish is a Finnish symphonic metal band and “Creek Mary’s Blood” is from their album Once. This song was released in 2004 and is about the genocide. It is a very powerful and emotional song that will stay with you long after you hear it.

17. “Manhattan” by Kings of Leon

Next on the list is “Manhattan” by Kings of Leon. The song is a reminder of the Native American tribe that once inhabited the island.

Their frontman explained that Manhattan is actually a native word that means “island filled with hills”. This track was released in 2008 as part of the Only by the Night album.

18. “Cherokee” by Europe

Europe’s “Cherokee” is a 1986 single that pays tribute to the Native American tribe of the same name. The lyrics talk about a “warrior spirit” and how the Cherokee were forced to move west.

This song was included in the band’s The Final Countdown album which can be streamed on all music platforms.

19. “Indians” by Anthrax

“Indians” by Anthrax is a metal song that was written as a tribute to Native Americans. The lyrics talk about the history of the natives and how they were mistreated. This song was released in 1987 and can be found on the Among the Living album.

20. “Warriors Dawn” by Slough Feg

Finishing off the list is “Warriors Dawn” by Slough Feg. It’s a great song that will teach you what it’s like to be an Indian back in the day.

You’ll learn about their traditions and how they fought for their land. You can stream it on all music platforms out there.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the best songs out there that are about Native Americans. If you want to learn more about their culture and history, then you should give them a listen. They will teach you a lot about the people who once lived on this land. Thanks for reading!